Andy’s girlfriend pays off restitution

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Ok, it’ late and I’m tired, but quickly wanted to post that Andy finally admitted where the money came from to pay off his restitution. In the rambling Facebook post that follows, Andy explains that his girlfriend paid off his restitution for him…because after all Andy doesn’t make much if any money and can’t afford to do it himself.

According to Andy, she paid the final $7,000 after a warrant was issued for his arrest and officers went to his apartment to apprehend him. How sad (not).

Anyway, that’s the final word on case #111701135. Any of course still owes around $16,000 to the Utah Department of Securities for his illegal tock scam, but we all know he’ll never pay that. He still insists he’s innocent, so…

Rambling post follows in raw form:

This recording is

court secretary confirming 03.22.2019 Judge Connors terminating my case. FYI- I did not want my case terminated because I knew as long as I kept my case LIVE I would eventually get to speak to Judge Connors remember when I was my own attorney they made me look crazy to Judge Connors by sending me to a BS 90 day evaluation where I told corrupt Unit-4 director MIke Cox @Daryl Acumen. I told all employees at Utah State Hospital about wiser technology and then I told all AP&P officers but they kept pretending and passing me to another Probation officer I will post screenshots of AP&P cards in comments section asap. -> I didn’t want

Sindy Manzano

to pay off court $7,000 restitution Feb 2019 but she was scared because PO Hentish sent over two police officers to her apt to harass her and the kids so she would think AP&P was going to send me to prison if the money wasn’t paid Feb 2019 and she gets taxes for our girls so my girls went with mom and paid off court so I could terminate and Troy Rawlings couldn’t put Daddy back in jail with 13 fake probation violations that were ultimately dropped, my wife

Sindy Manzano

freaked when I told her

Davis County Sheriff’s Office

DA put me in a cell with a guy that had a swastika on back of his head so I can’t blame her for paying off court Feb 2019 without telling me but now I had to go see Judge Connors for the last time 03.22.2019 and new prosecutor, Arringtion, etc. threatened my wife’s Daca status if I tried to speak in court but I believed Judge Connors knew something was up because in 03.22.2019 court video you see Judge Connors say “Do you public Defender Arrington or new prosecutor have anything to say before I terminate this case” both Arrington & new prosecutor Troy Rawlings fit in looked down the whole time and said “No” they were scared I was going to explode and I should have exploded but I thought Judge Connors is noticing somethings wrong but NOTHING and seven days later Samantha Josephson was killed because she got in the car thinking it was her


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The three victims that wee the inspiration for this blog have all been paid back in full. I’ve confirmed that they all received their restitution checks in April.

Andy Esquivel is apparently working and has filed a petition to have his charges reduced (see link below).


It is not likely that Judge Connors will grant this request baed on Andy’s reasoning though. Andy states in his official request letter that “…your courtroom is corrupt by racist attorneys & prosecutors I have chronicled everything at WiserTechnology My private $500 an hour lawyer Holje said ‘Don’t f**k with the brotherhood’ Allen Brady has recordings of Holje, Albright, Arrington, etc…”

Allen Brady is basically homeless. He’s been squatting on homes in Arizona and defrauding the owners while he moves form place to place. I’ll post details later when I have time. It’s almost as sordid a story as Xtagged.



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Andy EsquivelThe state of Utah has intercepted Andy Esquivel’s 2018 tax refund on February 27th and used the cash to pay off the victims of his Xtagged scam. Because of this blog, Andy’s victims have been repaid in full with interest!

Thanks Andy, on behalf of Ryion, Kyle and Chris. This website will remain in perpetuity as a monument to your fraud and to the stupidity of your accomplices.


Andy Esquivel invents lockable Pez bottle dispenser for dangerous meds (while in a mental institution)

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Andy just posted the details of another one of his silly inventions on his Facebook page.  Here are the details, un-edited. Note: this ridiculous idea came to Andy while he was locked away in a state mental institution.

Sean D. Reyes I will replace this picture with video of me opening poor mans patented sealed envelope I sent myself of pill bottle invention @ Utah State Hospital May 30, 2014 but you must hear the story behind the invention first. When corrupt Davis county public defenders & prosecutors held me in jail for 119 days before sending me to corrupt Utah State Hospital director MIke Cox. I knew of another Davis county inmate that was ordered to U.S.H the same day as me but they transported him within a week not 119 days and you know what happens at 120 days, I get the right to ask Judge “what’s up” & I did write Judge Connors a letter @ 114 days I do have copies of all the letters I wrote Judge Connors because I had inmates make human copies that I sent to Judge Connors from within the jail & I kept all the originals and sent them all out with inmates (Vince Rosana Hernandez etc.) that got released & Allen Brady would give them a ride home as a thank you. So when I finally got transported to U.S.H I was screened by Dr. Z, I can’t put full names at this time Dr. Z gave me test and I easily passed so she gave me another, I PASSED! Dr. Z then looked at Mike Cox and said what’s going on why is Mr. Andres Esquivel here, Mike said try ******* test and she did so, I PASSED! Dr. Z then starts to argue with Mike Cox and I was told to go back to my room. I was telling everyone that worked @ U.S.H “I am innocent I have been on the news for my inventions you all can see news videos @” and they were pulling out smartphones instantly except for Mike Cox of course & to make a long story short Dr. Z proved to me I could trust her & at 60 of the 90 days evaluation Dr. Z was replaced by Dr. Vitco but Dr. Z had given me a treat & told me if they try to give me meds say no and ask to see the USH board, you can get board minutes & I was put in the same room as ******** the man whom I invented pill bottle with May 30, 2014 I found him immediately upon my arrival to USH and I asked him if there were no beds available because that’s what MIke Cox was telling Sindy Manzano, Jobita Berriel, Allen Brady every time they called USH & asked why I was still in jail and ******** laughed and said that was a lie by MIke Cox. Beds were available the whole time but the sad thing is ******* should not have had a bed himself and I will tell you why, ******** would never give me his last name he would say can’t it’s against the USH rules & he was right I asked the desk workers and they said only first names with patients. ******* had job in cafeteria & got an extra hour outside to play with his baton & a lot of extras that don’t need to be mentioned at this time & when I asked him about it he said Mike Cox hooked it up for his dad a speaker at BYU and I knew I needed to find out why. So I decided to prove saying “Desperation breeds creativity” and ******** asked, “What is that DBC?” BINGO! I told ******* it’s the mother of invention, wanna try and he said YES! So I asked him why he went to jail and ended up at USH, ******* then preceded to tell me his case step by step “I took 12 ambien pills & I stabbed my friend with a seven inch knife” I was like wow let’s invent something so that this does not happen to anyone else & the first thing that entered my mind was a PEZ dispenser. I remembered that my grandma Ofelia Esquivel would get mad at us as kids for eating all the PEZ candy within minutes of her giving us PEZ dispenser haha and I told ******** think of a PEZ dispenser that locks with your smartphone app so your kids can only access one when you unlock or say its time to enjoy a candy one at a time or two if you approve but on an adult level and his eyes went BOOM a pill bottle like that would make millions and I told him I will share this invention with you but we must draw up idea, make contract and sign our full names so we can make poor mans patent and self mail from hospital. Please note zip code of USH and the zip code stamped on envelope I will explain what MIke Cox was doing on Facebook live 10.31.2018. After we received letter back from MIke Cox ******** trusted me and told me his dad made arrangement with MIke Cox to keep him in USH as long as possible because he knew ******* was going to be sentenced to seven years in prison & USH time is time served so ******* could avoid going to prison. (More to come, I have phone call)


Sentencing set for 9/18

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At a court hearing on September 4th, Andy Esquivel admitted to all allegations enumerated in the order to show cause submitted by the prosecutor at his last hearing.  Andy of course gave the court some bullshit sob story about having vertigo, suffering from “panic attacks” and not being able to work full time, but the court wasn’t having it.  Judge Connors gave Andy a direct order to produce a financial affidavit and a plan to pay off restitution five (5) months ago.  He did not comply.  The prosecution asked for 30 days in jail to “get [Andy’s] attention” and to revoke and restart probation.  The prosecutor made it plain that Andy “has not made restitution payments a priority in his life”.

The fact is, Andy stole a lot of money – $20,000 from these victims alone!  No sob story is going to change the fact that he has taken money illegally and needs to pay it back to stay out of jail.

Judge Connors told Andy point-blank that he will send him to jail for failing to comply with a court order to produce a financial affidavit and a plan alone! A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for September 18th at 9:15am.  At that time, Andy needs to produce a plan to pay back restitution in full or he will be going to jail…period!

Courtroom audio attached to this post for your enjoyment.  It’s pretty pathetic.  How sad must it feel to be a broke, barely employed, convicted felon with no skills, no education, four kids living with you and three more who won’t speak to you, a persistent substance abuse problem, more bills to pay than you can afford, and nothing to look forward to in your life except more heat from the courts. Poor Andy’s life sucks so badly that he is forced to live in a constant state of mental delusion, pretending that the FBI and Attorney General give a damn about his life.  …poor dumb schmuck!


Andy in violation again…

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Here’s the latest violation report fro Andy Esquivel.  Once again, not paying his restitution.  Court review coming up real soon.  Bad timing.


New, more powerful server…

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The last time we upgraded the server was July 22, 2015.  I decided to opt for another upgrade…

This site is now sitting on an 8-core 3.8Ghz dedicated server with 16GB of ram, a 500GB primary SSD and a 1-terabyte secondary drive.  For comparison, note that (when I owned it) was hosted on a dual-core 2.4ghz dedicated server with twin 250GB drives and 8GB of ram.  Needless to say, the new server is MUCH more powerful!


Andy’s probation being revoked

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Well, it’s official: Judge Connors today signed an order putting Andy on notice that his court probation is being revoked.  The order to show cause states flatly that Andy has not complied with the terms of his probation, has not paid required restitution, has not complied with lawful court orders to provide financial disclosures and a plan to pay victims back, has shown nothing but contempt for the court and it’s officers, and now has 90 days to “show cause” why his probation should not be revoked.

If Andy cannot explain to the court why his probation should not be revoked by September 4th, 2018 at 8:30am, then the original sentence will be imposed on Andy and he will be facing up to five (5) years in prison for the two felony counts of securities fraud that he plead guilty to.  No “misdemeanors”, no “payment plans”, no deals…period!

The court gave Andy a lot of rope.  They put him on probation with AP&P, but he screwed that up by antagonizing probation officer after probation officer until Roman Hentish finally called him out on his crap.  The court then agreed to court supervised probation, but Andy couldn’t handle that either.  Now, it’s finally over.

Order to show cause

Andy and his minions remain in denial.  witness this recent post by one of Andy’s Facebook friends…

It is obvious from posts like this one that the delusions continue. Of course none of Andy’s cronies shows up for court onJune 5th, and even if they had, demanding that I be “called to court” would have done nothing to save Andy.

It is very likely that Andy Esquivel will eventually g to jail for his crimes.  If he’d simply cooperated form the start, he’d already be released and he could g on with his life…but he didn’t.  Andy still insists that he “didn’t sell no securities”, even though his court pleading clearly states that he did.  The mental illness couldn’t be more clear.

And so we’re coming to the end of this saga.  It’s been fun to write about, but I’m glad it’s almost over.



April 3rd Hearing Audio released

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Yesterday the courts released the latest courtroom audio for the probation review hearings of Andy Esquivel.   To put it mildly, the court is starting to lose patience with this pathological lying sociopath.  Here’s the latest case update [PDF] and here’s the audio from the April 4th hearing [MP3]

In a nutshell, Andy hasn’t been making his payments.  He claims that he stopped making payments because he was forced to pay $1,000 per month in child support, but that’s a lie.  He was making $500/mo. child support payments, but that stopped in January.

Andy’s attorney tried to plead for leniency, but that was doomed from the start because unfortunately for Andy, the prosecutor brought a screen shot of a Facebook post Andy made after the last hearing in which Judge Connors cut Andy a little slack and it was damning to say the least.

After the prosecutor read this ridiculous post, in which Andy threatens to open up a can of whup-ass on the prosecution and brags about taking the court for a ride with a made-up story about his daughter needing emergency surgery, the prosecutor asked the judge to order that Andy hand over complete financials, tax records, and a written plan as to how he intends to pay his victims back.

Andy tried to explain his way out of this hole, but it was too late.  Judge Connors had finally had enough!  The Judge ordered Andy to comply with the request of the prosecution and to do so by June 5th, 2018 or else.  At the end of the audio you can hear Andy gulp audibly as he realized his probation was about to be terminated, his plea deal invalidated, and that the full weight of his crimes will soon be on his shoulders to bare alone.

Time is up for Andy.  On June 5th, he needs to start getting serious.  The court has played games with this con-artist for seven years and they’ve finally decided not to play anymore.

…Stay tuned!



Andy skips payment – now in violation…again!

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Andy is now in violation of his probation…again.  In September, the court gave Andy a two-month reduction in his restitution payments from $500 to $250 per month.  He paid in September to avoid going to jail right away and promised to pay $250 in October, then to go back to $500 in November.  The court agreed to give Andy a temporary reduction because Andy claimed his daughter had a “orthodontic emergency”.

Bottom line, Andy skipped the reduced October payment and is not late on the November payment as well.  That’s a bad thing.  According to the violation report, Andy has until October 4th to come current or he will be forced to appear again before Judge Connors and explain why.  Note: “explain why” will be an especially difficult task this time because (a) the judge displayed incredible leniency in granting Andy a two month reprieve in the first place and (b) Judge Connors said very clearly in the last hearing that Andy needs to accelerate his payments and/or come up with a way to pay the full restitution in bulk soon or else.  Andy walking into court and claiming that he needs even more time and more leniency to pay his obligations isn’t going to go over very well.

Here’s the violations report [PDF].

I’ll post again after October 4th when the court decide what to do next.  It’ll probably start with a warrant for his arrest.

UPDATE: Andy called the court on December 4th (just in the nick of time) and explained that ORS is now garnishing 50% of his wages and so he can’t make payments anymore.  Andy was told to contact Judge Connors if he’s seeking a different order to pay (not likely to be approved) and to contact his attorney to prepare for his next court date.

Andy’s attorney explained that Andy will likely now be referred to the Office of State Debt Collection while Judge Connors decides what else to do with him.  The likeliest outcome here is that Andy will spend some time in jail (I’m thinking 3-6 months) for violating the conditions of his probation (again) and then OSDC will garnish the remainder of Andy’s meager salary (if he still has a job when he gets out of jail) to satisfy his obligations under case 111701135.

In the meantime, Andy STILL has not contacted the Utah Department of Securities (the “SEC” as Andy calls them) to make arrangements to pay the $16,250 he owes them for his securities fraud.  It seems the steaming pile is growing on top of Andy every minute.  If both debts go to OSDC before Andy works out a payment arrangement that he can adhere to, it will likely mean even more garnishments and more fees and Andy won’t see half his paychecks again until he’s 50!

UPDATE: Another violation letter was mailed to Andy Esquivel and Judge Connors has been notified of his most recent violation status.  Andy is no longer making child support payments, but has not yet resumed his restitution payments.  This will all likely come to a head at his next review hearing.


Andy Esquivel case update

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This is an update for those who are still following the case.  You’ve already heard the audio file form the last hearing in which Andy lied to the Judge about his daughter having a medical orthodontic emergency and got a two month reduction in his payments to $250 but here’s the official court minutes file:

Review Hearing [PDF]

You’ll also note we’re tracking all of Andy’s account balances in the upper left hand corner now.  Andy has been making his court ordered reparations payments regularly and has even started paying back child support.  His total balance is about to drop below $45,000.

We expect Andy to be out of trouble with the courts financially by around mid 2020.  At that point, only the $16,250 he owes theUtah Department of Securities will remain…unless of course we as blog administrators decide to alert the SEC again so that they can continue their investigation. Because Andy’s fraud crossed state lines, this case technically falls under federal jurisdiction.  Also, the $50,000 that Allen Brady helped Andy steal from his mother Georgia Brady makes this a federal crime.

…but we’ll see.


Andres “Andy” Esquivel FINED by Utah Department of Securities!

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I am ashamed to admit it, but I completely111701135-mugshot1 dropped the ball on this one.

As everyone who’s been following this blog knows, years ago three scam victims of Andy Esquivel banded together and filed a complaint alleging that Andy improperly sold them shares in a scam he was running at the time called “Xtagged”. This blog was instrumental in organizing those victims and served as a central distribution point for all evidence against Andy and his accomplices.

We all know the results: Andy plead guilty to two 3rd degree felony counts of securities fraud, spent some time in jail, a little more time in a mental institution, and was eventually ordered to pay his victims back over $13,000 plus interest. The outcome of case #111701135 has been the central theme of this website for years, but there’s a little known side story that everyone (including this author) completely forgot about.

You see, BEFORE the Davis County Prosecutor’s office formally filed charges against Andy, in fact before any of this was even in the hands of the Davis County Prosecutor, it was first handed over to the Utah Department of Securities.  That’s right, for those of you who don’t remember, the ORIGIN of this case, immediately after the Bountiful police department, was a state agency specifically charged with enforcing state securities and exchange law.

The Utah Department of Securities (UDS) reviewed the evidence handed over to them by the Bountiful police department very carefully and made a recommendation for prosecution to the Davis County Prosecutor’s office.  Before the first hearing was ever held in case #111701135, Andy was required to appear before the Utah Department of Securities and to try to explain why he shouldn’t face disciplinary action by that agency.  Andy met with the UDS and along with Allen Brady, made a complete fool of himself.  Video and blog posts about that meeting can be found elsewhere on this website.

The UDS proceedings were ultimately put on “hold” pending the outcome of the criminal case against Andy.  Everybody forgot about it, including me!  I did make note the Utah Raves thread that was the predecessor of this website explaining that UDS would be holding a hearing immediately after the case was resolved to determine what acton (if any) should be taken against Andy, but that was the last time anybody has said or posted anything about those proceedings…until now.

Hold onto your hats and sit down!

Unfortunately for Andy, the Utah Department of Securities DID NOT FORGET ABOUT HIM!!!  Just as they informed Andy back in 2011, UDS did in fact hold a hearing immediately after Andy filed his plea deal in Davis County’s 2nd District Court.  That hearing was held on March 25th, 2015 @ 9:00am and Andy failed to attend.

On March 25th, UDS Enforcement officer David Hermansen filed a “recommended order on motion for default”, to which the presiding judge responded in the affirmative.  On March 26th, that motion was granted and a default order was filed.

Recommended Order on Motion for Default [PDF]

Order on Motion for Default [PDF]

What the order states in brief is that (a) Andy Esquivel did in fact knowingly sell “securities”, (b) that those “securities” were fraudulent, and (c) Andy is responsible for the consequences of his actions.  The Utah Department of Securities therefore ordered that Andy pay $16,325 in penalties!  $3,250 was due immediately, while the remaining $13,000 could be reduced on a dollar-for-dollar basis by proof Andy Esquivel was instructed to provide within 30 days of reparations payments made to his victims.  In other words, by April 25th, 2015 (two years and seven months ago), Andy was required to prove that he had payed something to his victims or he would be liable for the full $16,250.  Andy never provided any such evidence, because at that time he had in fact not paid a dime in reparations to his victims.  Thus, the full judgment currently stands.

In addition to the financial penalties against Andy, he is barred forever from selling securities in Utah or having any dealings whatsoever with licensed securities dealers.  That means all the fundraising efforts Andy is currently undertaking for Smiley Heroes are illegal and will very likely get him further disciplinary action by UDS.

Before I wrote this post, I was under the impression that including child support, Andy Esquivel owed approximately $29,291.03 in various judgements and fines for his criminal activity.  Now I understand that the actual amount is $45,541.03!

Andy, if you are reading this, do yourself a favor and contact the Utah Department of Securities at (801) 530-6628 immediately to make arrangements to satisfy this judgement.  Reference case#SD-11-0033.

I will be updating the total owed on the homepage to reflect this new information.  I’m sincerely sorry for not following up on the UDS case against Andy.  I don’t know why it slipped my mind.  At least we know exactly how deep of a hole Andy managed to dig himself into.  At the rate he’s going, it will take him nearly eight (8) years to dig himself back out…good luck!



Andy Esquivel – 9/26/17 court appearance

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Andy had his September cour111701135-mugshot1t appearance yesterday.  We’ll post the court audio from this hearing and the February 28th hearing as soon as they arrive form the court.

Case update [PDF]

Andy has been reasonably good about making his monthly payments, although he’s been consistently two weeks late.  He seems to be making payments with his girlfriend’s bi-weekly paychecks (there is no evidence that Andy ever got a job) so the payments have been arriving on the firs Friday of the month following Andy’s due date.  Andy did make a concession to the court on Tuesday by making a partial payment of $250 after his hearing.

As I write this, Andy owes $8,368.02 in restitution and fines from his two felony fraud convictions and $20,923.50 in back child support.  Both numbers are coming down steadily, which means that as Andy nears his 50th birthday he’s staring to grow up a little bit.

Keep up the good work, Andy!  We’ll keep tracking your progress until you finally pay off everything you owe sometime in the year 2019.

UPDATE: Here’s Andy’s explanation of what happened Tuesday…

“I provided a signed letter from Sindy ManzanoPrez Esquivels mother to my attorney that read “I have asked my husband for $500 for my daughter Prez Esquivel for orthodontist.” Now the PROSECUTOR says and I quote “Your honor braces, that’s cosmetic come on, these guys need to get paid its been since 2011 we want $500.” My attorney got pissed and says “Your honor, Andres Esquivel is not asking to miss a month just at least meet him half way $250 this month and $250 next month.” Judge ruled in my incompetent favor… Now I know Allen Brady is going to add Sean Reyes, FBI and media so let me explain to you why this is a story. I knew it was cosmetic and my request should have got shot down. Here’s the GOD part of this great day, ITS NOT FOR braces its for a retainer for an underbite to help my daughter talk clearer when she does interviews for Smiley Heroes. She WORKS for free she deserves this but I can’t say that because prosecution won’t tell judge Connors that the incompetent man that we sent to a 90 day evaluation has been on Fox13 news again for his inventions that he created while we incarcerated him. And not just that, I really wanted to do this for my daughter’s birthday next month so thank you God for touching Judge Connors heart and keeping me from opening a can of wup ass on that prosecution team because my daughter was going to get her retainer.”

UPDATE: The courtroom audio of Andy Esquivel’s 2/28 and 9/26 court hearings are now available.  See the links below:

No real surprises in the courtroom audio:  

In February, Andy’s attorney admitted to the court that Andy didn’t have $13,000 to pay the reparations and fines he owes.  The court therefore accepted an agreement reached with the prosecutor to allow Andy to make payments of $500 per month and to set a review hearing for September, before his probation period expired in October and Andy was sent to prison.

In September, Andy asked the court for a temporary payment reduction to $250 to pay for “emergency orthodontic surgery” for his daughter, at which the prosecutor scoffed that (duh) braces are not an emergency and the victims have been waiting since 2011 to get their money back.  Judge Connors granted the temporary reprieve, but made an ominous statement to Andy in the process.  In light of the fact that this case has been dragging on for over six years and that there’s still “…just over $9,000” left to pay in fines and restitution, Judge Connors told Andy in effect that his time is short.  He stated flatly that “…this is an old case – we’ve got to wrap it up.”  He added “…I encourage you to be out trying to find some way to to take care of this in a lump sum payment soon.”  

Clearly (very clearly) the court is running out of patience with Andy Esquivel and with this case.  Andy’s $500per month token payments are not going to tolerated for much longer.  Andy tempted fate by pissing of this probation officer.  He then baited the dragon by announcing to the court that he intended to come up with a wad of cash by last February to get this whole business taken care of once and for all.  He’s been on a very short leash, but until now he hasn’t quite comprehended just how short that leash is.  I warned Any on this blog that it was unwise to play games with the court…especially ‘chicken’.  If Andy had never brought up the possibility of a lump-sum payment, the court might never have thought of it as a possibility.  If Andy had followed the simple and reasonable direction of Probation Officer Roman Hentish, he would have had an advocate with the court who could plead his case and argue for leniency.  As it stands, Andy is facing eminent prison time if he does not turn up the heat and get his act together rapidly!

It’s a shame really.  Andy is finally making a serious effort to atone for his previous mistakes, but it’s too, too late, and after too many second chances for the court to want to hear it.  it’s time to pay the fiddler Andy.  You made your prison mattress, now you get to sleep on it.



Andy missed (another) payment

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111701135-mugshot1This is getting redundant.  Andy missed his March 24th $500 payment to the court.  Nothing unusual here – Andy never complies with any arrangement he makes with the court.  I’m wondering how long he can keep this up before he’s held in contempt.  It’s just a matter of time before they file another warrant for his arrest and drag him before the judge to explain.

It must suck to be broke and unemployed.

UPDATE: Andy made the payment (late) after all.  His new balance is $32,779.82 – including child support.  We’ll keep tracking both.


  • Child Support = $20,434.88.
  • Restitution & Penalties = $8,384.57
  • Utah Department of Securities = $16,250.00

Andy makes another payment arrangement

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Here we go again..

Let’s review:

  • Andy plead guilty to securities fraud.  He agreed to pay his victims back with interest.
  • The court assigned Andy a probation officer to make sure he complied with his promises to the court.
  • Andy failed completely in his obligations to the court and was dropped from AP&P.
  • The court gave Andy a second chance, placing him on court monitored probation.  Andy agreed to pay $500 per month.
  • Andy failed to pay $500 per month because he’s broke and can’t find a job.
  • Andy gets $1500 behind on his payments and the court issues a $5,000 cash bail warrant for his arrest.
  • Andy shows up for court and promises to pay the $13,000 he owes the court in full by the end of February.  Andy claims his “new boss” is going to pay the bill.
  • Andy shows up for court at the end of February without the money.  Instead he pays $800 and begs for mercy.
  • The court offers Andy a do-over, allowing him to pay his restitution, fees, fines, and interest in 25 payments of $500 plus a final payment of $195.  It sets a new hearing date of September to see if Andy is in compliance.
  • IQ Test: What do you think is going to happen in September?

Poor Andy.  One of these days he’s going to realize that he can’t string the courts along forever.  Sooner or later he’s going to have to get a job and pay what he owes. it’s not that much money.  You would think he would just pay the bill and be done with it.  Oh well.

The latest case log can be found here [PDF]


Andy keeps digging…

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There’s an old saying “If you fin111701135-mugshot1d yourself in a hole, STOP DIGGING!!!”  Andy Esquivel is in it about as deep as you can get without hitting water, and yet he still refuses to face the facts.  

Andy is flat broke. He is unemployed.  He lives with his mom.  He’s collecting a few hundred dollars a month in unemployment (see this unemployment report which Andy filed with the court in November).  He’s got judgments against him of over $37,000, including $24,000 in back child support.  He’s been convicted of two felonies and has only narrowly avoided jail time.  Yet in spite of all this, Andy keeps playing with fire!

In Tuesday’s hearing before Judge Connors, Andy was presented with the facts.  He owes over $13,000 in restitution and fines, he was allowed to make payments of $500 per month, he failed to make those payments (because he couldn’t afford it) and now he’s $1,550 behind. The judge is giving Andy a lot of rope.  He gave Andy one last chance to make arrangements with the court after Andy blew off his probation.  Andy was in a pickle.  He needed to explain to the Judge how he was going to catch up in order to keep from going to jail.

Andy’s solution?

Promise Judge Connors that he’ll have the entire $13,203.71 (and counting) paid off within the next 45 days.  Here’s a guy who crying to ORS because he can’t afford to pay $460 a month in back child support, has no verifiable employment, doesn’t own a car (and doesn’t even have a valid Utah driver’s license, so he couldn’t drive one if he did), lives off of his girlfriend, and yet he’s promising the court that he can come up with $13k in a little over a month?  Not only that, he’s literally betting his freedom on it.


So on February 28th, Andy is going to walk into a 2nd District courtroom and explain to the prosecutor and the Judge why (a) he lied to them about being able to cough up a wad of cash thick enough to choke an elephant, (b) why he hasn’t been making his agreed upon payments for the last four months, and (c) why they shouldn’t violate him to jail immediately and throw the key into the Jordan river.

GOOD LUCK with that, Andy.  

Here’s the courtroom audio for those who are curious.

January 17th review hearing audio [MP3]

Andy apparently thinks this can go on indefinitely.  He seems to have convinced himself that if he throws out enough BS and plays dumb long enough, the court will eventually get bored and let him walk.  Unfortunately for Andy, courts are patient and courts are final.  He may be getting a lot of rope, but that’s not for him to escape with – it’s for him to hang himself with.  At some point (after the very last bit of doubt has been erased) the courts will clamp down and Andy will feel the sting.

In the meantime, Enjoy your freedom, Andy.  You have 42 days to prove you’re real (which you’re not).  After that, this blog is going to get really entertaining.

UPDATE: Andy showed up with eight hundred bucks ($800).  Court audio coming soon.


Andy’s Child Support Case

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As everyone who has been readin111701135-mugshot1g this blog knows, Andy Esquivel is a deadbeat dad.  He has seven (7) illegitimate children by at least three different mothers and he refuses to take financial responsability for any of them.  The four he lives with are supported financially by their mother because Andy refuses to get a job.  One was taken from him by the state and placed in protective custody (later adopted) and his two oldest kids have been cared for by their mother with absolutely no financial support at all from Andy.

A few years back Andy was arrested and forced to stand trial for failure to pay back child support in Colorado.  Rather than pay the required fines and serve court ordered community service (too much like a job for Andy) he fled the state and now lives in Utah.  Two separate cases were filed against Andy for back child support here,  One in Davis County, where Andy originally settled, and another in Salt Lake County, where he fled to avoid harsh probation terms for the three felonies that are the subject of this blog.

As of this writing, Andy owes $24,184 in back child support (leniently calculated as if Andy had earned minimum wage for the first 18 years of his first two children’s lives).   He has been making payments lately (no choice there since he’s collecting unemployment and the state garnishes those payments to satisfy past judgments from state agencies like ORS), but those have barely made a dent in the amount he owes.  For more details, see this unemployment report which Andy filed with the court in November which shows that ORS is taking half of Andy’s unemployment.

Here are the case files for the two child support judgments against him:

Salt Lake County [PDF]

Davis County [PDF]

Andy is somehow convinced that the child support case against him is part of a conspiracy orchestrated by this website.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We didn’t have two kids out of wedlock, and we didn’t force Andy to ignore his financial obligations as a father to his two oldest children.  This website in fact has nothing whatsoever to do with Andy’s child support woes, we just report them as a matter of fact.  That said, here is a video link Andy recently posted of himself trying to talk his way out of his obligations:

Andy talking to ORS [FLV]

In this video you can hear Andy trying to convince ORS that he sent them a check for $5,000.  In reality, Andy never sent the check, he merely posted a picture of a check online and argued that he should get credit for the posting.  Apparently, Andy doesn’t realize that posting a picture of a check and mailing it to the state agency responsible for collections are two entirely different things.

Andy also reveals in this video that he hasn’t had a valid driver’s license since 2012.  No wonder he can’t find a job – it’s hard to convince an employer to hire you when you can’t even drive yourself to work.

It is a shame that Andy finds it so hard to come up with the money to satisfy all the judgements against him ($37,386.95 in total, a small fraction of the amount he’s stolen or neglected to pay), but it’s his own fault.  If Andy Esquivel would simply get a job his life would be a heck of a lot easier.  Unfortunately, Andy is allergic to work and refuses to obtain gainful employment anywhere.  He’s full of excuses and lies, but sadly lacking in common sense.  

Andy, here’s a hint for you (since I know you read this blog) – if you get a job, ORS might take a little more money, but it’ll be a much smaller percentage of your paychecks.  Just go to work like everybody else.  In almost no time at all, you’ll find that your victims are all paid back, the court is satisfied, and ORS might even cut you a break on your payments.  Grow up and the world will work with you!  Keep being a jerk, and it’ll only get harder to stay out of jail.



Another day, another warrant…

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Those of you who have been fol111701135-mugshot1lowing this blog for the last…I don’t even remember how long ago this started…anyway, Xtagged fans will wonder why I even bothered to post this because it’s so redundant.  That said, another warrant has been issued for Andy Esquivel’s arrest.  Ho-hum, what else is new?

The warrant was issued yesterday by Judge Connors because Andy neglected to show up for his January 10th case review hearing.  Cash bail has been set at $5,000, which means Andy cannot bond out.  He has to cough up $5,000 in dead Presidents or they’re going to lock him up until Judge Connors has time to ask him face-to-face why he isn’t complying with his court managed probation.

For those of you who don’t read this page often, let’s review how we got here:  Andy plead guilty to two felony counts of securities fraud.  He was sentenced to two five-year jail terms, which were suspended on condition that Andy comply with certain conditions of his probation.  Those conditions included (a) getting a job and (b) paying fines, restitution, and interest.  Andy was assigned a few probation officers, but he screwed that up by giving his PO the finger online.  The court was lenient and allowed Andy to continue court-managed probation, but the terms were strict – pay $500 per month OR ELSE!!!

A hearing was set for January 10th to review Andy’s progress.  Unfortunately, Andy has made no progress, so it was more than likely that Judge Connors would have greeted Andy with handcuffs and at least six months in jail.  Andy could have shown up and plead poverty (after all, he’s currently collecting unemployment), but he chose to skip court altogether and take his chances.  He is currently $1,550 behind on his payments to the court, which is a bad thing.

“The Defendant is not present and is $1550 past due on his financial obligations. The Court orders a $5000 cash only bench warrant for his failure to appear.”

Court Audio from January 10th hearing [MP3]

Another review hearing has been set for January 17th, at which time Judge Connors will probably order Andy in absentia to serve a bunch of time in jail.  He’s collecting unemployment checks right now, so it isn’t as if the state will have any trouble picking him up for his date behind bars.

Personally, I don’t know what Andy is thinking.  This isn’t so hard – get a job, pay your child support, pay your fines, and pay your victims back.  It’s only $500/mo. so I don’t understand why this is so hard.  Andy’s life would be so much easier if he would just bite the bullet and get in line.  Unfortunately Andy just isn’t willing to grow up.

Here is the case file [PDF] for those of you who want to review the latest.  Also, here is the warrant [PDF] issued by Judge Connors in case anyone is curious. 


As you can see below, Andy has responded to this post, both here and on Facebook.  It’s pretty funny actually – on the one hand, Andy claims that he’s too broke to pay his fines and reparations because he doesn’t have a job, is collecting unemployment, and half his unemployment is going to pay back child support.  On the other hand Andy claims to have a full time job working “graveyards” as his excuse for not showing up to court on January 10th. 

Andy, you can’t have it both ways.  Either you have a job or you don’t.  For my money, I’m betting you’re unemployed.  The fact is, you can’t collect unemployment if you are working “full time”, and you yourself admitted that you’re collecting unemployment, so…

I understand your dilemma.  If you’re working, then you can afford to pay the court the money you owe.  If you’re not working, you can plead poverty to the court, but you can’t afford to feed your family and you risk going to jail for a very long time.  It’s a risky game you’re playing.  I for one suggest you (a) get a job and (b) tell the court exactly where you are working (c) provide proof of your gainful employment and (d) start paying your fines.  It’s the only way you’re going to stay out of jail.


Andy in debt collections – about to be arrested (again)

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111701135-mugshot1Well, our friend Andy is at it again.  Apparently he doesn’t understand how serious this situation is.  

According to court records, Andy is now in violation of the court order that he continue to pay the courts both restitution and fines (which he agreed to in order to avoid going to jail when he violated his probation for the last time) and is now on a path that will lead him back to jail.

According to the courts, Andy now owes $800 in back payments.  He’s missed the last few and his last attempt to pay the court actually resulted in a bounced check! (dude, who bounces a check to the court?)

Case report [PDF]

Court Collection Letter [PDF]

At any rate, Andy must pay his past due balance immediately or the case will be referred back to the judge (who no doubt by this time is getting tired of continuously reprimanding Andy).  A warrant for Andy’s arrest will be issued, he’ll be found in violation of even his last ditch court managed probation, his drivers license will be suspended (assuming he even has a license) and even if Andy makes bail, the judge will likely send him to prison for the next few months to demonstrate to Andy that the court is serious.

Hey Andy, I know you read this so I’m going to give you a little hint – stop jacking off with your stupid smiley hero cartoons, GET A JOB, pay your fines and restitution, take Judge Connors seriously, and stop scamming people!  If you do that then maybe you’ll be able to live a normal life with your five illegitimate kids and that little illegal immigrant you refuse to marry.

At any rate, it’s clear by now that Andy Esquivel will never learn.  The guy is a glutton for punishment who keeps kicking the beehive thinking this time he won’t get stung.  Good luck with that buddy.



Andy Esquivel videos (complete list)

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Below you will find a complete list of Andy Esquivel’s hilarious scam videos…all 94 of them!  I tried to sort them from most to least ridiculous, but frankly my head started spinning so I gave up.  The best ones are at the top, but there are some gems towards the bottom as well.  We’ll try to post full reviews of as many as we can as soon as possible.

  1. Buzz/Wiser Frog Video – Andy Esquivel depicted as an animated frog claims to have sold Xtagged and to be launching a fake energy drink.
  2. Mariah Carey – Andy Esquivel in a drunken stupor pretends to launch the Buzz/Wiser energy drink while dancing in front of a screen projection of Mariah Carey.
  3. Toy Car – Andy Esquivel demonstrates the “prototype” of his ficticious ‘Wiser Car Cover’ on his daughter’s toy Mustang.
  4. Radioactive Fingernail Polish – Andy Esquivel demonstrates the Wiser Pad, which is an Android tablet he bought and then pretends to have retrofitted with radioactive fingernail polish activatedscreen
  5. Andy speaks from Jail – Andy Esquivel explains that he’s in jail by his own will and is being committed to a state mental hospital to prove he isn’t insane (even though any sane person would conclude the opposite on both points).
  6. Die-Google-Die part II – Andy Esquivel explains his Die-Google-Die campaign and how Smiley Heroes is going to save the world. new!
  7. Xooplay App “Live!” – Andy Esquivel shows off a background image on his Android tablet and pretends it’s a new sex app he’s developed.
  8. Andy Esquivel loses his mind – describes crazy apps that only a drug addict or a psychotic could imagine.
  9. Psychedelic Andy – Andy Esquivel releases a new psychedelic music video showcasing his new evidence.
  10. Andy’s Spy-cams – Andy Esquivel explains his spy-cams and rants about how the entire state of Utah has been “manipulated”
  11. Car cover-up – Andy Esquivel tries to explain his way out of being caught promoting a fake car cover.
  12. King Christ – Andy explains his King-Christ religious movement and the fake products and charities that support it
  13. Andy explains the fog – Andy Esquivel tries to talk himself out of the fraud documents posted on this website with his signature on them.
  14. Andy sells Xtagged to fix healthcare – Andy Esquivel claims to have sold Xtagged for $2.5 million dollars to the unemployed son of a police officer and to be using the proceeds to fix healthcare.
  15. People have died – Andy Esquivel rants about thread and accuses me of everything from being a scam to killign people.
  16. The Kitchen – Shar Jenkins and Andy Esquivel show off lots of paper and try to defuse the fraud charges against Andy Esquivel.
  17. Andy tries to scam the fraud victims again – In this video Andy Esquivel tries to convince the Utah fraud victims not to cooperate with the fraud investigation in exchange for millions of dollars later
  18. Xooplay app demonstrated – Andy Esquivel shows a mock-up of his fake sex app.
  19. Jeff Parker – Andy Esquivel, desperate to prove to his followers that he isn’t about to go to jail for securities fraud, introduces his ‘original partner’ Jeff Parker.
  20. Andy talks to ORS – Andy tries to convince an agent with the Office of Recovery Services that his child support case is somehow part of a vast conspiracy against him. new!
  21. Steve Klemark as the next Steve Jobs – Andy Esquivel shows off a single “legitimate” Linked-In endorsement for Steve Klemark.
  22. Steve Klemark Speaks – In this video, Steve Klemark stumbles through a speech in which he claims to refute all the charges being leveled against Andy Esquivel online…it doesn’t work so well.
  23. Samsung Instinct – Andy Esquivel shows off a Samsung Instinct which he claims Sprint now ships with Xtagged software bundled.
  24. Paperwork for Kyle – Andy Esquivel tries to talk his way out of securities fraud charges
  25. Jail on Tuesday – Andy Esquivel spends hlf an hour trying to post evidence that supposedly would have put me in jail on “Tuesday.”
  26. 28 minutes with Andy – Andy Esquivel rants for half an hour about the thread and tries to refute some of it with the help of Social fuel.
  27. Backstage pass – Andy Esquivel shows off his new commercial for wiser e-cigarettes.
  28. Xtagged ain’t no scam – Andy tries to convince himself that Xtagged wasn’t a scam after all.
  29. Shar Jenkins at Playground – Shar tries to convince viewers that Andy used to own and is about to re-open Playground in Park City
  30. Andy Displays his various cons
  31. Andy tries to make a conspiracy theory out of being jumped
  32. Metal Bottle – Andy Esquivel shows off an aluminum water bottle with a Buzz/Wiser sticker on it and pretends it’s his new energy drink
  33. Car Cover rebuttal – Andy Esquivel tries to explain
  34. Andy 30-minute rant – Andy Esquivel rants for 30 minutes trying to explain why he’s not a fraud
  35. Daryl is Crazy – Andy spends three minutes tryign to convince himself that he’s not crazy, his critics are.
  36. Andy plays with plastic bottles – Andy Esquivel scribbled an “X” on some plastic bottles and pretends he’s invented a new recyclable product line.
  37. MrDDD – Andy Esquivel claims to have retired and sold Xtagged, but talks about his MrDDD portal.
  38. Thumb Scan – Andy Esquivel uses the CSI iPhone app to pretend he’s developed a fingerprint scanner that starts cars remotely.
  39. Zed is fake – Andy Esquivel tries to explain away his harassment mug-shot, admits that “Zed” the private investigator is fake, and tries to say he’s not a fraud.
  40. Street Brawl – Andy talks about his disorderly conduct conviction in Bountiful and tries to explain how a state-wide conspiracy was responsible for the altercation.
  41. Andy’s 10 minute 3 minute video – Andy Esquivel tries to explain Karma Cause in three minutes and ten minutes later succeeds in convincing you that he has a very vivid imagination.
  42. Andy claims he’s not a scam…again – Andy Esquivel talks about Occupy Denver, LinkedIn, and other things he claims prove he’s not a scam.
  43. Millionaire in Barbados – Andy Esquivel claims to be trying to buy from a millionaire in Barbados who’s threatening to sue for because a user posted his domain on their website.
  44. Andy displays jealousy – Andy Esquivel illustrates how delusional he is by talking about taking over and displaying his jealousy.
  45. Kyle email – Andy Esquivel rants about an email he got from Kyle Cluff and claims he’s going to slam Kyle at his preliminary hearing
  46. rants – Andy Esquivel rants about more posts on and asks how he can be a scam if he gives away multimillion dollars apps for the good of humanity and claims he just lost $500k.
  47. Andy tries to explain where the money goes – Andy Esquivel claims Wiser Technology was sold and tries to explain who bought it and where the money from all the fake products goes.  It makes less sense after you watch it.
  48. Notarized – Andy Esquivel shows off notarized statements form friends that where they claim our blog made them decide not to invest thousands of dollars none of them had into companies that didn’t legally exist.
  49. Karma Cause water explained – Andy Esquivel claims his network is exploding with four churches and three restaurants already on-board!
  50. Andy discovers SEO – Andy Esquivel flips out because he finds the Wiser Technology LLC thread on in a Google search.
  51. Watch video – Andy Esquivel shows off his E-Cigarette kits with Wiser stickers and a fake diamond watch.
  52. Big lot buyers – Andy Esquivel claims his big lot buyers were scared off by thread that he probably posted himself.
  53. Post broken – Andy Esquivel complains that his post on Utah Raves didn’t post his message properly
  54. Count the E-cigs – Andy Esquivel is proud that he just bought a bunch of E-Cigarettes
  55. Why Andy took the plea deal
  56. Apartment Interview – Andy Esquivel stages an interview with Steve Klemark and some other guy
  57. iSafe video – Andy Esquivel brags about meeting with John King of and says the fact that he met with and offered them 40% of Xtagged proves he’s not a scam.  Unfortunately Andy neglects to mention the fact that almost sued him over his fraudulent claims.
  58. Daryl is going to jail – Andy Esquivel claims to have posted that I am going to jail
  59. Google Searches – Andy points out the Google searches that include threads about Andy’s scams
  60. Ron negotiates settlement – Andy Esquivel gets Ron Kelsay on camera saying he negotiated a settlement with Ryion Butcher but claims I’m in the way.
  61. E-Cigarette Commercial – Here’s the really stupid commercial Social Fuel created for Wiser e-cigarettes
  62. The Complaint – Andy Esquivel shows off a draft legal complaint which he never filed and which his attorney said he compiled only for illustrative purposes.  The complaint was so bad that if he he had filed it, we would have been able to counter-sue for damages.
  63. Die-Google-Die campaign – Andy Esquivel talks about his campaign against Google
  64. Andy emails Shae Peterson – Andy brags that the Facebook movie lawyers are taking Xtagged’s case and that the subsequent movie will make “Huge!”
  65. Andy and Steve try to post – Andy Esquivel and Steve Klemark spend half an hour trying to figure out how to post on
  66. Jail on Tuesday – This is a 26 minute video of Andy Esquivel trying to figure out how to post on  It begins with Andy’s claim that he’s got evicence that will put me in jail “on Tuesday,” which of course never happened.
  67. Remote Starter – Andy Esquivel pretends to start his car with a magic blue-tooth app (not the remote starter in his pocket).
  68. Updated thread – Andy Esquivel wigging out because I updated the UtahRaves main thread post with the latest information on his scams.
  69. Myspace Tagged – Andy Esquivel records himself browsing Myspace Tagged
  70. Linked In press release – Andy Esquivel claims the only reason to get his “press release” is to go on Linked IN…media only.
  71. Xtagged Powerpoint – Andy Esquivel goes through the powerpoint presentation about Xtagged
  72. Andy talks to his lawyer new!
  73. Andy tries to bargain with the prosecutor new!
  74. This is my apartment‘ – Andy brags that nobody knows where to find him
  75. Logged in – Andy Esquivel flipping out because I’m visiting at the same time he is.
  76. Why did I drive – Andy Esquivel uses Google Maps to try to figure out how far I drove to his fraud hearing.
  77. Car lights – Andy Esquivel video of the neon lights under his car
  78. E-Cigarette samples from China – Andy Esquivel claims he’s getting e-cigarettes from manufacturers in China begging Andy to the Wiser logo on them.
  79. Andy Stalker – Andy Esquivel still flipping out about me visiting at the same time he did…and waiting on the site until my cookie expires.
  80. Linked In – Andy Esquivel brags about all his ‘connections’ on linked In.
  81. Occupy Denver news – Andy Esquivel gets his sign in an image of Michael Moore at Occupy Denver and is excited.
  82. Xtagged redirect – Andy Esquivel talks about redirecting to
  83. Xtagged Quickie – Andy’s video tries to explain Xtagged.
  84. Youtube Offline – Andy Esquivel complains that his Youtube is offline
  85. Xtagged steals Nike logo – Andy Esquivel tries to explain how his software works using a spoofed Nike logo.
  86. Andy replies on YouTube – Andy Esquivel replies to a Youtube post.
  87. Towing video – Andy Esquivel shoots video of a car being towed and claims on camera that if they had used Xtagged, the website could have prevented it.
  88. The Gym – Shar Jenkins (as Wiserman) talks about E-Cigarettes at a gym.
  89. Bail recalled – Andy Esquivel talks about me taking a post down after his arrest warrant was recalled because he turned himself in.
  90. Xtagged receipts – Andy Esquivel makes the case that he wasn’t a scam because he has receipts.  Also admits Wiser E-Cigarette Colorado has closed down.
  91. Andy interviews Shar Jenkins – Andy Esquivel interviews Shar Jenkins online and Shar admits he paid Logan Laws back for his fake shares.
  92. Xtagged single and dating ring – Andy Esquivel announces the Xtagged single-and-dating ring.
  93. Packing E-Cigearettes – Andy Esquivel shows off his bulk order of E-Cigarettes
  94. How Andy created Buzz/Wiser – Andy Esquivel tries to explain how he came up with a fake energy drink
  95. No sound – Andy Esquivel films 2 minute rant without sound.
  96. Wiser Man interview – Shar Jenkins interviews gym owners
  97. LMW – Andy Esquivel confronts LMW, a user on and tries to claim the car cover is for real and claims he’s going to court…just for the wrong reasons.  Repeats “court is coming”
  98. Andy gets Fox 13 post removed – Andy Esquivel brags that he gets a thread removed, and claims that I’m trying to steal Xtagged.
  99. Andy after Occupy Denver – Andy Esquivel talks about Occupy Denver outing.
  100. Andy claims he’s suing – Andy Esquivel rants about his last post on
  101. Youtube back up – Andy Esquivel brags that his Youtube account got reinstated.
  102. Social Fuel – The guys from Social Fuel walk through their plans for Wiser E-Cigarette website and commercial.
  103. Real Estate Video – Andy Esquivel records a Real Estate video to pretend that Xtagged is now a Real Estate app.
  104. Occupy Denver channel 4 – Andy Esquivel brags about Karma Cause box appearing on the news
  105. Andy replies on – Andy Esquivel records himself trying to post a response on
  106. Dani Jae – Andy Esquivel hires a spokesmodel (he paid her with stock in a fake company) to promote and explain Xtagged.
  107. “Wiserman” interviews a smoker – Here is Shar Jenkins as “Wiserman” (brie pause while I stop laughing) interviewing a happy Wiser E-Cigarette customer.
  108. Married Forever – Andy Esquivel shows off several Xtagged profile mock-ups.
  109. Email from your phone – Andy Esquivel shows off the most revolutionary feature of…being able to send an email from your phone?
  110. E-Filing – Andy Esquivel posts a video of the efiling I made for the name “Wiser Technology LLC” when I realized he never bothered to register the company with the state.
  111. Xtagged walk-through – Another Xtagged walk-through by Andy
  112. Moving video – Andy Esquivel goes through old boxes before moving to avoid an arrest warrant.
  113. Xtagged hacked – Andy Esquivel blames me for everything, including his IT issues.
  114. Andy wants to buy a Mustang – Andy Esquivel walks through Xtagged and explains that Xtagged makes it easier to buy cars and makes it unnecessary to drag cans behind your car after you’re married.
  115. Downstairs in Andy’s mom’s house – walk-through of the location of the Mariah Carey video
  116. Kids paint sign – Andy Esquivel and his kids paint a Karma Cause sign for Occupy Denver
  117. Upstairs in Andy’s mom’s house – walk-through of the location of the Towing video
  118. Andy’s 15 minutes – Here’s the news feature on Fox 13 covering Andy’s website.  Watch the whole thing because it ends with a warning from the Salt Lake Police Department AGAINST using Andy’s site.

Andy has started paying his victims back…finally!

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111701135-mugshot1Check the latest case log [link] for details of Andy’s status.  In a nutshell, Andy’s fate is now fully in the hands of the court, since AP&P dropped him like a hot potato.  His two 5-year suspended sentences are now on file and hanging over his head the minute he fails to follow the strict instructions of the court, which are to pay the $12,715 he owes in restitution and fees (plus interest) at a rate of $500 per month until the balance is zero.  That’s it, pure and simple, cut and dry.

Andy seems to be making payments (for now) in spite of the fact that he has no job.  He’s still making noise about this “Smiley Heroes” thing, but that doesn’t make much difference to the court.  Personally I’m just glad Andy finally settled on a scam that’s so goofy and ridiculous that no sane person would give him the time of day.  Some of the other scams Andy’s been pitching almost had a glimmer of plausibility (if you’re drunk) and so might have allowed Andy to steal more money from unsuspecting victims.  Little cartoon characters saving the web is so stupid that all you can do is laugh, no matter how intoxicated you are.

Bottom line, Andy’s starting to pay for his mistakes.  He has no choice if he wants to stay out of jail, but at least he’s starting to take responsibility for his criminal activity.  


Andy paid $450 in victim restitution and then gave up.  That’s not even one single full monthly payment that he agreed to, which is pretty pathetic!


Andy Esquivel still unemployed

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Court records indicate that Andy is at least trying to make reparations payments to his victims, but only God knows where he’s getting the 111701135-mugshot1money.  A recent employment check has revealed that Andy does not in fact work for Yakup Guntor at MBYG Home Builders as he repeatedly claims.  In fact, a social security number search by ORS indicated that Andy isn’t employed ANYWHERE!  Andy still owed tens of thousands of dollars in back child support and the state is eager to collect.  no doubt Andy will continue to dodge the system until he receives another court order to perform community service and skips town like he did back in Colorado.

So, as usual, Andy is broke and unemployed (probably because with his record he is unemployable).  Wherever Andy is getting the money to pay his victims back, it can’t be strictly legal.  No matter, he has to keep paying if he wants to stay out of jail.

Good luck with that Andy.


Andy Esquivel agrees to make reparations payments

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Andress "Andy" Esquivel People have been writing in asking what happened on July 12th.  Sorry it took em so long to post this, but I’ve been busy with graduate school and haven’t been checking in on Andy’s case very regularly.

Most of you have noticed that Andy’s hearings have been delayed again and again.  This was to give Andy time to get a few payments under his belt so that he could argue that he’s changed his behavior and doesn’t deserve to be sent to prison.

It’s worked so far.  Andy made several payments in early 2016 and although he didn’t make a payment in June, he did make a $100 payment on the 12th and agreed to pay $500 per month until hes paid all his victims back in full.  A review hearing has been scheduled for January 10th to make sure that Andy has in fact been making his payments and is in full compliance with the conditions of his probation.

We will see if Andy can keep this up, or if his ego derails the effort.  To read the full text of his agreement, click this link to the evidentiary hearing minutes [PDF].  I’ll post a recording in a few weeks.


Andy Esquivel’s probation being revoked!

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111701135-mugshot1So Andy has finally done it.  He’s managed to piss off the courts, the public defenders office, and now AP&P to the point where he is now facing an eminent return to jail.

Andy is apparently not smart enough to realize that he’s been convicted of two felony counts of securities fraud and that he was sentenced to up to five years in state prison per count.  The court was incredibly lenient on Andy and in lieu of prison, allowed him to enter a program administered by Utah Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P).  The conditions of his probation were simple; pay your victims back, pay some fines, stay off drugs, get a job, and basically become a functioning member of society.  All that was apparently too much for Andres ‘Andy’ Esquivel to handle, and he’s on his way back to jail.

Andy refused to keep his AP&P appointments, he failed drug tests, he blew off mandatory psychiatric and substance abuse counseling sessions, he lied about his living arrangements (which he was required to report as a condition of probation), he failed to get a job, he missed promised reparations payments and of course he antagonized his probation officer via email and online…a really dumb move!

As a consequence, on June 6th Andy’s probation officer filed a scathing violations report with the court explaining (in detail) Andy Esquivel’s pattern of non-compliant behavior.  The full violations report can be found here [PDF].  The violations report was followed by a cause report in which Andy’s probation officer frankly recommended that Andy’s probation be revoked and that he be ordered to serve time in prison.  That recommendation was detailed in this cause report submitted by Roman Hentish immediately after the violations report [PDF].

Judge Connors concurred with the AP&P cause report and on the same day, signed this cause order requiring Andy and/or his public defender to appear before the court and explain why his probation should not be revoked and Andy should not be sent to prison to serve his two five-year sentences [PDF].

As a condition of his probation, Andy Esquivel agreed to re-pay his fraud victims. The amount he was ordered (and agreed) to pay was $13,000.  To date, Andy has repaid $1,590…which is far below the amount he owes.  Unfortunately for Andy, he was dumb enough to verbalize to AP&P (and this account is transcribed in AP&P’s report to the court) that he no longer agrees with the court’s decision regarding reparations and intends to drag out repayment as long as possible so that he can potentially get out of it.  I know, right?  What kind of idiot actually says that to an appointed officer of the court?  So the bottom line is Judge Connors has now seen and signed documents which quote Andy Esquivel expressing utter contempt for the court and for his own promise to re-pay his victims.

So where does Andy go from here?  Jail, most likely.  I don’t think Andy will ever wise up and realize his life would be so much easier if he would (a) keep his mouth shut (b) pay his victims back (c) get a job and (d) stop scamming people. Why does Andy find this so difficult?  Because he’s STUPID!!!

Update: Sentencing hearing delayed until July 12th @ 10:30am.


Allen Brady’s parents forced out of business

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We all know Allen Brady – he’s the mentally challenged side-kick of Andy Esquivel who helped Andy con his mother Georgia Brady out of $50,000 and then instead of helping his mother press charges, worked diligently to help Andy avoid responsibility.

Allen, as we all know, spent most of his career driving buses for his parent’s company Serv-a-Bus.  Well, we’ve just learned (sorry we’re a bit late on this) that Serve-a-Bus and Allen’s parents were forced out of business by the US Department of Transportation in 2013 because they were deemed a threat to public safety.

U.S. Department of Transportation report

“Safety is our top priority and we will not tolerate this kind of callous disregard for public safety by any transportation provider,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.  “These violations are especially egregious considering the company was transporting students despite being ordered to stop all operations.”

“There is no place on our highways and roads for bus and truck companies and commercial drivers that ignore safety and put the public at needless risk,” said FMCSA Administrator Anne S. Ferro.  “FMCSA personnel across the country will continue to demand that drivers, vehicles, and companies comply with vital safety regulations that protect the motoring public.”

KSL Story – Former employees claim history of safety violations

This is a sad story and I hate to be the one piling on, but frankly it’s instructive since the lack of attention to detail that sank this company is the same characteristic that continues to inspire Allen Brady to defend a known criminal who defrauded his own mother.

Salt Lake Tribune article


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111701135-mugshot1So just when you thought Andy couldn’t get any funnier or sink any lower, he surprises yet again…

The latest from Andy is that he’s being set up my his probation officer who he claims lied about something – not entirely sure what.  Anyway, while Andy was in jail, he launched  handful of new technology ventures, one of which is called  The way this (fake) app works is judges load orders onto the website and then the cons (of which Andy is one) post their compliance via bluetooth or SMS text or something…or maybe they have their psychiatrists upload the reports, I don’t know.

Anyway, Andy then launched a follow-up app over the payphone in jail called “Cons Can Change (dot) com” which is probably a website devoted to the notion that convicted felons like Andy can straighten themselves out, stop lying, reform their sociopathic ways, get jobs, pay their child support, and move on.  Of course Andy is the living refutation of that premise, but I’m sure it sounded good to his friends in the Davis County lockup.

Here’s the full text of Andy’s latest rant:

Daryl Acumen & my Probation officer Hentish of 4 months of my 1 year & 4 months of being on probation, made up lies to have my probation violated, so I had to spend 14 days in Davis county, my attorney told Judge Connors “We deny all Hentish states Andres Esquivel’s employer Yakup Gungor of is not only here today he came last week also Sir, (FYI- secretary (lee) made an error so I had to wait an extra week) and Andy’s previous Forman from Royal Builders Jason Ted Hunt is here also to speak up for Andres along with his friends and Family Marcella Esquivel Sir” as I looked back they all were waving at me:)
Yakup had all my receipts from my monthly payments & Hentish said I never went to evaluation but I uploaded eval at along with videos of PO Hentish & Daryl emailing each other. Judge Connors released me immediately and made new court date for March 08, 2016 you all think Daryl Acumen will be there, LOL. So I met many men in jail that wanted to change they said probation officers screw with people like that all the time, so I told them lets invent together in these two weeks & OH did we, will be an app where on one side you download Judges orders & the other side the Cons compliances, example you need to go to a class, well when its completed your instructor sends message to you (completed) via text or bluetooth, you see your probation officer can’t lie anymore, thank you God & then we founded from Davis county jail payphone the correction officers as witnesses, they all knew about & were very inspiring themselves, thank you all & it did not end there Patrick asked if I could buy the domain for his cause, of course I did and we invented more apps “The tree of Life”, “Drug myself” & “Pure”! So am I mad that Daryl & Hentish lied, would you not run into a burning building to grab all the technology data that would save millions of lives before the devil burnt them out of existence, I DID & thank you God in the name of your son Jesus Christ, who ate with the sinners & tax collectors for they were in need of your light, Amen”

Always the same old Andy – oh well…


Andy Esquivel arrested (again)

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111701135-mugshot1 Andy Esquivel has been arrested (again) and is now in state custody.  He was taken into custody just before noon on Monday, February 1st – booking number 201600817.  His bail is set at $25,000 cash.  He cannot bond out, he must pay the full amount to be released.

For those of us watching this drama unfold, this comes as no surprise.  This is not the last time Andy will be arrested for probation violation, but because this is the first time it will be his shortest time in jail (30 days).  Next time it’ll be 90 days, then 6 months according to AP&P guidelines.

I’ll post updates on Andy’s status and audio of the court hearings as they become available.  My hunch, given how damning the report by Andy’s probation officer was, this won’t end well. Here’s the custody information website link.

UPDATE: Andy’s hearing before Judge Connors is scheduled for Tuesday, February 16th @ 9:15am.

UPDATE: Andy was released from jail on his own recognizance and a sentencing hearing has been set for March 8th @ 9:15am.  At this hearing, based on what he is posting online, we expect Andy to claim that he has a job, that his parole officer is somehow ‘corrupt’, and that he needs a 6th PO who will be more sympathetic to his latest scam,  

UPDATE: The February 16th hearing was a short one, so we’re not going to bother posting the audio online.

UPDATE: Andy’s sentencing hearing has been postponed five times since his release, usually at the request of his public defender.  The new hearing has been scheduled for June 14th @ 9:00am.


Update: Warrant issued for Andy Esquivel’s arrest!

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A $25,000 “CASH BAIL” warrant has been issued for Andy Esquivel’s arrest.  The warrant was issued due to probation violations by Andy.  “Cash Bail” means that Andy cannot get a bail bond for his release.  He must come up with $25,000 in cash in order to stay out of jail.

This is a very serious situation.  It means that Andy is subject to incarceration on sight by any officer in the state of Utah and he will remain in custody until he agrees to repay his victims.  Even if he agrees to pay his victims back, he will remain in jail for at least 30 days plus the amount of time it takes for a judge to get around to hearing his case.

The progress report is most telling.  In it Andy’s probation officer details not only Andy’s basic violations, but also his utter lack of respect for the law.

“A person’s behavior reflects their thinking, values and beliefs about themselves, others, and the world around them.  Mr. Esquivel demonstrates a disregard for the feelings of others and a reduced ability to experience guilty shame.  He is superficially charming and has shown a disregard for rules.  He victimizes others to satisfy his own needs and expresses rationalizations for law violations.” – Roman Hentish, Supervising Officer

That is now in the official record and will accompany the recommendation by AP&P that Andy be returned to jail.


Server upgrade complete!

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SIO_DataCenter_Rows1Sorry about the website down-time last week, but it was time to upgrade my server.  This site is now sitting on a quad-core 3.3Ghz dedicated server with 16GB of ram, a 500GB primary drive and a 120GB solid-state (SSD) secondary drive.  We also now have a shared hosting satellite account for backups and offsite up-time monitoring.  You should see a significant bump in performance now as compared to the old server because the core OS is running on the SSD, which is about 10x faster than a standard hard disk. For comparison, note that (when I owned it) was hosted on a dual-core 2.4ghz dedicated server with twin 250GB drives and 8GB of ram, so now literally has more horsepower than had at it’s peak!  Fun times.


Andy Esquivel – Final Word

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111701135-mugshot1A judgement has been entered by the State of Utah onto Andy Esquivel’s record requiring him to pay $14,300 in fines and restitution for his Xtagged scam. Andy must submit to DNA, drug, and alcohol testing as a contrition of his probation for the next 36 months.  He also needs to get a  job. It’s been a long road, but Andy Esquivel was finally brought to justice – in no small part BECAUSE OF THIS WEBSITE!!! The conviction of Andy Esquivel is bitter-sweet in that only three of his numerous victims came forward to press charges (representing a little over 10% of the total money consumed by his various scams), but the results are very nearly the same.  Andy’s mental infirmities and propensity for criminal behavior have been documented permanently for the record and future victims will avoid losses because of our efforts.  Furthermore Andy’s existing victims have been publicly vindicated as Andy has admitted for the record that he is a pathological lying sociopath with absolutely no business sense whatsoever. After all the noise and smoke Andy made about a conspiracy against him, it’s a bit disappointing that in the end he admitted wrongdoing and avoided a humiliating public trial, but there’s always Castle and The Blacklist for entertainment so I guess I don’t mind. In the end Andy was arrested for assault, harassment, fraud, and sued for 18+ years of back child support…that pretty much sums up Andy Esquivel and his friends for the world (minus of course the drug use and alcoholism). You can read the final documents of Andy’s case here:

Steve Klemark, Allen Brady, Lasharielle Jenkins, and Ronald Dean Kelsay must all feel really stupid right now.


Details of Amdy Esquivel’s plea agreement released

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Andy Esquivel Guilty of Securities Fraud

The full details of Andy Esquivel’s securities fraud plea agreement are now available for review.  Due to a glitch in the court records database, we weren’t able to access this document until just recently (the court attached the wrong plea agreement to Andy’s case file).

The full agreement can be found here.

The agreement details the conditions of Andy Esquivel’s release on Probation, including the requirement that he pay full restitution to his victims, get a job, and submit to random drug and alcohol testing for three years.  Once (IF) Andy completes his probation, the prosecutor cites no objection to reducing the two 3rd degree felonies Andy was convicted of to Class A misdemeanors – still serious crimes, but reduced one level in weight.  Probation is to last three (3) years.

Below please find a transcript of the guilty plea submitted by Andy Esquivel via his public defender:

“During the period of time from March 2008 through April 2009, [I] operated a business known as Xtagged.  [I] represented Xtagged was an Internet based business in which the user created an online profile for meeting & dating.  During that period of time [I] met with 3 individuals.  At various meetings, [I] represented that Xtagged was a registered LLC, that Xtagged was patented & the Dept. of Motor Vehicles had authorized Xtagged to communicate and access their databases.  That MySpace, Michael Jackson & Google were interested in purchasing Xtagged & that in near future Xtagged would become a public corporation.

Based upon [my] representations, these individuals purchased ‘stock’ in Xtagged.  They did not receive any return on their investment as promised and [I] failed to return their investment when asked.  A records search showed Xtagged was never registered in the state of Utah and no patents held in it’s name.  The DMV was contacted and they never gave permission for Xtagged to access their database.  No evidence that any offer to purchase Xtagged was made or that it ever went public.” – Andres Esquivel (8/19/2014)



Andy Esquivel lies (a list)

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Here’s a brief outline of Andy’s various lies:

  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $5,000 from an investor named Ryion Butcher
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $50,000 from an investor named Gene Allen Brady and his mother Georgia Brady
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $10,000 from an investor named Kyle Kluff
  • Lies specifically told to scam victim Kyle Cluff in order to secure his investment (quoted from recent testimony):
    • Donald Trump was buying xtagged, and he called Andy and Andy put him on speaker phone so his family could hear and celebrate.
    • 24 hour fitness was endorsing xtagged and we would be on the Biggest loser.
    • Geico was endorsing xtagged.
    • Kyle needed to sell all these Nike stickers so Nike will endorse xtagged.
    • The Attorney General of Colorado was going to endorse xtagged and take it to President Obama.
    • Colorado University professors wanted to use xtagged with the grant money they received.
    • P 90X was going to pay you to use xtagged and if Kyle helped Andy get in shape he was going to split it with Kyle which would of come to $30,000.
    • Andy got paid millions of dollars from real estate companies to use xtagged for selling their homes.
    • Myspace wanted to by xtagged for 5 million dollars.
    • The DMV was going to use xtagged system.
    • Americas most wanted was endorsing xtagged.
    • [Andy wa going to be on Oprah in just 6 more months (this was three years ago).
    • xtagged was going to have a super bowl commercial for 2009 for Budweiser.
    • Andy was in the middle of brokering a deal with Budweiser for your amazing “trademarked” commercial.
    • Andy told Kyle multiple times, “Kyle, it’s done we sold xtagged, your officially a millionaire.”
    • xtagged was supposed to be on 10 different news stations, (many of which were fox news, and not the regional ones but nation wide fox news.) but Andy didn’t want the site to crash because of being over viewed, so he postponed the interview.
    • Scam victims will get their buy out in just one month.
    • All of Andy’s companies, (xtagged, car cover, BTP, the sushi shop) were under the same company name and Kyle owned 3 % of each.
    • Andy had a Google executive fly out to Utah, just to meet him and talk about xtagged.
    • Andy owned and was using it as a trial version of xtagged.
    • That xtagged had facial recognition and that Andy ha meetings with many FBI agents who loved xtagged.
    • That xtagged was going to be on shark tank the tv show.
    • That the stocks everyone bought were going to go public of June, 2008 and they would open no lower than $30 a share, and will quickly rise above the price of Google stock.
    • Andy’s ex-lawyer and Allen had a deal to sell Xtagged for 30 million dollars, but the buyers were all about the money so Andy didn’t sell.
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $5,000 from an investor named Stephen R. Klemark, III
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $2,000 from an investor named Chris Engelbrecht
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $1,500 from an investor named Robert Daugherty
  • Truth: According to Andy Esquivel’s former attorney,  Andy is alleged to have conned as much as $100,000 from Melissa Garr [JPG]
  • truth: Andy Esquivel conned $2,500 from an investor named Shar Jenkins and used it to pay back the $2,500 he conned from Logan Laws
    • note: this constitutes running a ‘ponzi scheme’ across state lines according to the Utah Department of Securities.
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned more than $70,000 from members of his own family (who all know him as “Chicho”).  formal charges in these cases have not yet been filed, but the victims are communicating with authorities to determine next steps.
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel was convicted of digital harassment in American Fork, Utah (Case#101101231).  Hw was sentenced to a fine and a year’s probabtion.
  • Truth: Xtagged is being investigated for fraud by the Federal Trade Commission (#26458904)
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel has been charged with three felony counts of securities fraud in Davis County Utah (case#111701135) and is currently free on $10,000 bond.  He faces trial on all three counts on October 24th, 2012 and will be representing himself.
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel has been charged with disorderly conduct in connection with a fight he and his cousin John Steer had in Bountiful Utah in 2009 (case#091800357) and is currently free on $750 in cash bail.
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel was convicted in 2004 of felony weapons charges involving drugs [ZIP]
  • Lie: MySpace offered $100 Million to buy
    • truth – Myspace almost sued Andy over MySpaceTagged.comAndress "Andy" Esquivel
  • Lie: Xtagged authenticates users license plate numbers
    • truth – never had a connection to any public databases and therefore could not authenticate anything
  • Lie: Xtagged used face recognition software to authenticate users
    • truth – there never was any face recognition software in Xtagged
  • Lie: Xtagged was sponsored by
    • truth – was considering legal action against Xtagged
  • Lie: Xtagged is trademarked
    • truth – Andy never finished filing a trademark on the Xtagged name or logo [click here]
  • Lie: Wiser Electronic Cigarette Inc. bought out Wiser LLC [link]
    • truth – a business entity search with the Colorado Secretary of State reveals that “Wiser Electronic Cigarette, Inc.” does not exist [link]
    • truth – a business entity search with the Colorado Secretary of State reveals that “Wiser LLC” does not exist [link]
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel sold Xtagged for millions and bought houses in Florida, Nevada and Colorado
    • Truth – Andy Esquivel is broke and lives with his mother
  • Lie: On August 25th, Wiser Technology released their Wiser Car Cover.  Andy posted a picture of it being tested at 75 mph in New Mexico [PHOTO]
    • Truth – the photo Andy posted was actually of a 2012 Hyundai Veloster undergoing road tests in the mid west. The car, which has not yet been released, was disguised by black wraps. Many other photos of similarly disguised Velosters are posted across the web, including YouTube videos. Andy spotted one, took a picture of it, and labeled it “Wiser Car Cover” in an attempt to fool people into believing he had a product.
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel partnered with Nike and licensed their logo to merge with Xtagged
    • truth – Nike is considering legal action against Andy Esquivel for trademark infringement
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel partnered with Geico and licensed their logo to merge with Xtagged
    • truth – Geico is considering legal action against Andy Esquivel for trademark infringement
  • Lie: was a website affiliated with
    • truth – is a domain that used to redirect to without their knowledge
  • Lie: and Xtagged helped a homeless family in Denver, as reported by their testimonial on
    • truth – the entire story was a sham, the photos stolen and the license plate of the alleged homeless family helped by Andy’s charity is fake
  • Lie: Xtagged is worth millions of dollars
    • truth – is now offline and is therefore worth little more than the fee required to register it with Godaddy.
  • Lie: Google was considering buying Xtagged for $1 Billion dollars
    • truth – the M&A department at Google has never heard of Xtagged and wouldn’t consider buying it if they had
    • update: Andy claims to be suing Google and has started a twitter feed caled “Die-Google-Die” to promote his anti-Google cause.
  • Lie: Stephen R. Klemark bought Xtagged for $24.5 million
    • truth – Stephen R. Klemark doesn’t have $24.5 Million

    Andy Esquivel arrested on weapons charges

  • Lie: Stephen R. Klemark bought Xtagged for $2.4 million
    • truth – Stephen R. Klemark doesn’t have $2.4 million
  • Lie: Xtagged got bought for $50 million
    • truth – nobody is stupid enough to buy Xtagged for $50 million
  • Lie: This message board thread has cost Xtagged $175k or $300k or $2.5m or $12m or $15m (depending on the day of the week) in lost potential investments
    • truth – nobody in their right mind would invest any amount of money into Xtagged
    • truth – Any company considering investing in Xtagged would do their homework first and discover everything we’ve posted here (including the fact that none of the companies mentioned legally exist) on their own
    • truth – It has been noted that pathalogical liars can never remember the lies they’ve told, which is why Andy’s numbers always change with time
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel got financial backing for Xtagged form some company at CES in Las Vegas
    • truth – Andy Esquivel never went to CES and nobody there would have given him the time of day if he had
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is developing an energy drink called Buzz/Wiser where 50% of the profits will go to MADD
    • truth – MADD is suing Andy Esquivel over this claim
    • truth – there is no energy drink
    • truth – New Belgium Brewing Company is about to sue Andy Esquivel and Stephen R. Klemark, III for using their logo to promote this fake energy drink
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel was working on a deal with a stadium
    • truth – there never was a deal with any stadium
  • Lie: Buzz/Wiser Feel Better is a new version of the Buzz/Wiser drink family that cures hangovers
    • truth – Andy spoofed a drink called Security Feel Better manufactured out of Miami Florida, stole all their graphics, and pretended it was his. The owner of the real drink is taking legal action.
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel filmed his infamous Mariah Carey video in front of a big screen TV owned by one of his business partners
    • truth – Andy Esquivel filmed the Mariah Carey video in front of a wall in his mother’s living room using a laptop projector borrowed from friends
  • Lie: Buzz/Wiser contains a secret ingredient that cures hangovers
    • truth – there is no Buzz/Wiser
  • Lie: Buzz/Wiser has shipped 1 Million units
    • truth – there is no Buzz/Wiser
  • Lie: Buzz/Wiser is a non-alcoholic energy drink
    • truth – there is no Buzz/Wiser
    • truth – published mock-ups photos of the proposed energy drink currently being displayed on the Buzz/Wiser website include the text “alcohol content 5.4%” around the upper lip of the can
  • Lie: Buzz & Wiser is being ‘considered’ for a Superbowl commercial
    • truth – the only ‘consideration’ you need to get a Superbowl commercial is a few million dollars in cash and a good media firm
    • truth – there is no ‘Buzz & Wiser’
  • Lie: Xtagged has a reality show which aired in July of 2008
    • truth – there is no reality show, never was, never will be…
  • Lie: Xtagged will be featured in an upcoming episode of “The Family Guy”
    • truth – no it will not
  • Lie: Xtagged will have a cameo in the upcoming Pixar movie “Cars II”
    • truth – no it will not
  • Lie: The Denver Police Department has endorsed Wiser Technology’s “No Phone Zone” application
    • truth – a spokesperson for the Denver Police Department expressly states that the department does not endorse products of any kind
    • truth – Steve Klemark, who works for the department as a low level clerk, was the subject of an internal affairs investigation and subsequent disciplinary action for using the name of the department to promote his various schemes.
  • Lie: Aspen St. Inn in Colorado has partnered with Wiser E-Cigarette to offer an e-cigarette in every room. Their phone number is (720) 732-7786
    • truth – representatives of the Aspen Street Inn in Colorado have never even heard of e-cigarettes and the phone number above for Andy’s mother, not the inn.
  • Lie: Andy staged a HUGE infomercial to launch his Wiser E-Cigarette on July 4th
    • truth – since Andy still hasn’t posted the video from this amazing television event, we can only assume that it never happened.
  • Lie: “Gary the Bus Driver” was on hand for the infomercial and posted this blog describing the event
    • “Gary the Bus Driver” is actually Andy pretending to be someone who actually thinks his various fictitious products are real. This was revealed in a recent YouTube video posted by Andy in which he surfs Google while still logged in as Gary the Bus Driver (he apparently didn’t realize the login cookie from Blogger persists when you switch to
  • Lie: Xtagged has an iPhone app that will start your car for you
    • truth – Andy bought a remote starter and filmed himself starting a car with it after touching the screen of his iPhone…pretending the iPhone started the car
  • Lie: Xtagged software is bundled with the Samsung Instinct
    • truth – Samsung knows nothing about Xtagged, would not bundle this software if it did, and decided not to sue Andy over these claims because they considered the damage caused by his amateur YouTube video minimal
  • Lie: Buzz/Wiser is working on a Superbowl commercial
    • truth – there is no Superbowl commercial
  • Lie: Xtagged was buying Rebecca Dunn a house in Colorado
    • truth – Andy can’t even afford to buy himself a house in Colorado
  • Lie: I’m leaving my job to go work for Andy Esquivel at Xtagged
    • truth – no amount of money in this world is worth going to jail because I worked with Andy Esquivel at Xtagged
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel owns a printing company
    • truth – Andy Esquivel doesn’t own any legitimate businesses
  • Lie: Xtagged has a line of jewelry
    • truth – Andy Esquivel bought one ring with the Xtagged logo on it…this does not constitute a ‘line’
  • Lie: Ryion was fired from Xtagged because he embezzled funds
    • truth – Ryion turned against Xtagged when he found out Andy was a fraud
  • Lie: Someone inside City Weekly deleted Andy Esquivel’s blog posts on because they’re against Xtagged
    • truth – nobody at City Weekly gives a damn about Andy Esquivel or Xtagged
  • Lie: 50% of Xtagged profits go to fix healthcare
    • truth – Andy Esquivel voted for Obama and that’s the extent of his contribution to healthcare
  • Lie: The Buzz/Wiser energy drink ships with pills that help women detect sexual drugs in their drinks
    • truth – there is no Buzz/Wiser energy drink and no such “magic pill” to detect Rohypnol, GHB, or any other such “sexual” drug.
  • Lie: Xtagged is patented
    • truth – Andy Esquivel started a patent application, but never finished it
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel developed and patented Blue-tooth profiler
    • truth – there is no blue-tooth profiler and no patent for it
  • Lie: I somehow hacked Rebecca Dunn’s AOL email and sent Viagra ads to all her contacts
    • truth – Rebecca Dunn obviously downloaded a virus.
  • Lie: Xtagged LLC has numerous investors
    • truth – there is no Xtagged LLC
  • Lie: Andy has developed a blue-tooth enabled micro-chip that goes on the tip of an e-cigarette the broadcasts nicotine intake
    • truth – Andy couldn’t develop a microchip if his life depended on it.
  • Lie: Andy has developed a pair of 1080p, high definition, 3D sunglasses that, when connected to a Wii styled gyroscopic cell phone, can take you on a virtual tour of Solomon and Herod’s temples in Jerusalem.
    • truth – besides being so outlandish as to stretch a sane person’s imagination, these products are absolute fantasy.
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is marketing an e-cig to all the casino’s in Las Vegas and all the nursing homes in Colorado
    • truth – Andy Esquivel could barely afford to buy the demo kits for his e-cig
    • truth – no casino would give Andy Esquivel the time of day
    • truth – Andy Esquivel’s mother works for a nursing home and that’s about the extent of his involvement with them
  • Lie: I’m just attacking Andy because I’m jealous he hired my mother at Xtagged instead of me
    • truth – Andy has never paid my mother, so to say he “hired her is a stretch
    • truth – I have a rewarding career working for one of the ten largest corporations on Earth. Although mu mother offered me a “job” at the non-existent company she claims to head and that Andy pretends to own, I wasn’t stupid enough to take her seriously, much less accept.
  • Lie: Andy gave me a weekend job working at his nightclub “Playground” in Park City
    • truth – Andy was not an owner of Playground. At most he was a regular there who suckered the real owners into signing papers trading 10% of their failing club for exclusive distribution rights to
    • truth – I only visited Playground twice while it was still in business to take photos of Andy trying to impress people with Xtagged.
    • truth – Andy didn’t have the authority to hire anybody at Playground, and I wouldn’t have accepted a “weekend job” there if he had
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is suing City Weekly
    • truth – Andy Esquivel isn’t suing anybody
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is suing me
    • truth – Andy Esquivel isn’t suing anybody
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is suing Ryion
    • truth – Andy Esquivel isn’t suing anybody
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is suing a police department in Utah somewhere for harassment after they pulled him over in his Lamborghini and gave him a hard time.
    • truth – Andy Esquivel isn’t suing anybody
    • truth – Andy Esquivel doesn’t own a Lamborghini
  • Lie: the Lamborghini incident was taped by a passenger int he back seat
    • truth – Lamborghini’s don’t have back seats
  • Lie: Andy has developed a backpack-borne child cover that attaches to the valve stem of a car, inflates using air in the car’s tires and protects children from freak hailstorms while walking home from school.
    • truth – this is probably the dumbest idea ever imagined (imagine children running to attach their inflatable shelters to the valve stems of random automobiles at the first sight of hail while walking home form school). It’s ridiculous even by Andy standards and the odds of it being real are less than zero!
  • Lie: Ryion and I are running from a federal court summons
    • truth – there is no federal summons because there is no federal case because Andy and Steve never filed in federal court.
    • truth – Actually Andy Esquivel is the one running from court summons’. Several state entities and plaintiffs have been trying to serve him with papers for years without success. He remains in hiding.
    • truth – thew reason Andy cannot sue anybody is because if he ever appeared in court, he would be arrested on several outstanding warrants and served with court papers while in custody.
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel owns two nightclubs
    • truth – Andy used to own part of a sushi shop and once suckered the owners of a now bankrupt club in Park City into signing over 10% of their club in exchange for a percentage in “Xtagged”, but that’s it. Today, Andy couldn’t afford two golf clubs.
  • Lie: I sent emails to Andy’s 14 year old son calling Andy a scam
    • truth – Andy cc’d his son on a series of threatening emails sent to Ryion and I. When his son complained, Andy sent his son threatening emails and later claimed that the threats were really sent by Ryion and I impersonating him.
  • Lie: Andy’s son’s school decided not to allow kids to use when they saw blogs posted by Ryion Butcher claiming it was a scam
    • truth – Andy showed up at his son’s school one day and started handing out stickers to the children attending there. The principal caught Andy and demanded that he leave school grounds immediately! He also told Andy that if he ever showed up on school grounds again, the school would notify the police.
  • Lie: Ryion and I are impersonating various officials, including lawyers and police officers who are trying to contact Andy
    • truth – all the officials trying to reach Andy to discuss his various criminal activities are real (as Andy has since found out the hard way)
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel was willing to buy for $150,000 but I asked Steve Klemark to buy the website for that amount instead of buying Xtagged for millions.
    • truth – Andy Esquivel called me out of the blue in late 2009 and asked if I’d be willing to sell and for how much. I replied “…sure, for $150,000,” which was $100k more than I thought the site was worth at the time and $150k more than I knew Andy had. Ever since then, Andy has perpetuated the myth that is for sale and that I’m asking him, Steve, or some other mythical creature for $150k. The fact is, isn’t for sale…period! If it was for sale, Andy Esquivel is the last person on Earth I’d consider selling the site to at any price. Steve Klemark did tell me in early 2010 that he thought was worth $1,000 because he saw it on Google (at which point I told him he was an idiot and that the site wasn’t worth fifty bucks), but that’s the extent of our conversation.
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel has a private investigator named Zed
    • truth – there is no private investigator named Zed
  • Lie: Stephen R. Klemark hired a private investigator named Zed
    • truth – there is no private investigator named Zed
  • Lie: a company that was about to buy Andy out hired a private investigator named Zed
    • truth – there is no private investigator named Zed
  • Lie: Zed is working on a huge expose on me that will be in all the papers using information he got from an ex-girlfriend of mine
    • truth – there is no Zed, if there is then he isn’t a private investigator, and the only information he has on me is the garbage he got by talking to my mentally incompetent mother
    • Note: Andy subsequently admitted via email that “Zed” was a fictional character created by Steve Klemark to prove some sort of point.
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel’s private investigator’s real name is Zeb, not Zed
    • truth – Andy Esquivel mis-spelled the name of his fictitious private investigator in an email to me and has since pretended I got the name wrong to cover his ass
    • Update: Andy later admitted that ‘Zed’ was fake.
  • Andy Esquivel’s various websites have ton of traffic…they’re in fact visited by tens of thousands of people per month.
    • Andy is unfortunately a technology illiterate and is unaware that a “request” is meaningless in web analytics. When he see a report that reads “48,000 requests,” he thinks that means 48,000 ‘people’ visited his website. In fact, one load of Andy’s homepage includes 52 unique server requests for different page elements. His true traffic is probably closer to 1,000 page views per month, a significant proportion of which are undoubtedly generated by search engine spiders and bots.
  • Andy Esquivel is being followed by a legitimate documentary film-maker who will chronicle his story
    • Truth: Andy is being followed around by a convicted felon names Ronald Dean Kelsay who’s criminal record includes the following charges (case numbers and dates provided for reference):
      • 1990F73 – 01/12/1990 – Theft
        Theft Twice Or More W In 6 Mons
        1st Degree Crim Tres
      • 1990CR147 – 02/07/1990 – Theft
        Theft 2x Or More Win 6mo
        1st Deg Criminal Trespass
      • 2003M3974 – 11/12/2003 – Criminal Mischief
        Criminal Mischief-under $100
      • 2004T1214 – 02/26/2004 – DUI
      • 2005CR1585 – 09/12/2005 – Criminal Mischief
        Criminal Mischief-$500-$15,000
        Criminal Mischief-$500-$15,000
        Criminal Mischief-$100-$500
      • 2006CR1040 – 07/17/2006 – Burglary
        Burglary 2-of Dwelling (2)
        Menacing Felony
        Trespass 1-dwelling
        Criminal Mischief-$100-$500
  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is a genius and a good person. He is “Rich of life and Family.”
    • truth – Andy Esquivel is not a good person. He is a sociopathic, pathological lying con-artist with a criminal record and multiple fraud charges pending against him. He has conned dozens of investors out of tens of thousands of dollars and preys on the ignorant and feeble minded.
    • truth – Andy Esquivel is not a genius. He is an uneducated idiot with a vivid imagination and the ‘gift of gab’ (when he’s not strung-out on methamphetamines). He suffers from multiple delusions, including that he is a gifted inventor, wealthy philanthropist, and a wealthy businessman who is perpetually under attack from evil antagonists of every shape who want nothing more than to stop him from saving the world.
    • truth – Andy is not rich of family. He has five children by three different women, all of whom were under-aged minors when he got them pregnant (qualifying him for statutory rape charges). He has over the years been the subject of several domestic violence investigations including an arrest in Provo, Utah (court record #162999), and the 2003 incident which led to his arrest on federal weapons charges (see link below).
    • truth – Andy is not rich of life. He hasn’t had a legitimate job in years and his criminal record includes felony conviction for burglary from 1988 (Burglary case file #1 and case file #2). He currently lives in hiding with his mother in Lakewood Colorado along with his undocumented worked girlfriend who he got pregnant when she was 17 and their two children. He survives on charity and the proceeds from his various scams. Any has never paid child support for his 1st and 2nd children (for which he now owes $19,540, computed based on minimum wage because Andy has never worked). Andy’s third child (by a 17 year old girl who’s parents almost pressed rape charges against Andy) was named Jayden and was adopted by his foster parents after Andy voluntarily gave up his parental rights to the child.
    • Here’s a link to the story about the adoption of Andy’s third child:

Andy ordered to pay victims back

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This is a remote post from the airport so will be brief:

Andy was sentenced today. 90 days in jail with credit for the 200+ days served so far. Andy was ordered to pay $500 in legal fees, $800 fine, and was ordered to pay $13,000 in restitution to his victims!

[Details of plea agreement]

Andy was sentenced to 36 months probation, during which time he cannot use alcohol or drugs, must submit to random drug and alcohol testing, cannot enter establishments where alcohol is sold (clubs and bars), and must get and keep a job! He must also refrain from all criminal activity.

Andy immediately posted this video claiming that he only took the plea deal to keep Ryion, Kyle and Chris from making billions of dollars by suing Bump.cpm – whatever.  Here’s a guy who couldn’t even afford a private defense attorney…how the hell is he supposed to be able to pay someone to help him sue a well funded startup?


Andy Esquivel pleads GUILTY to Felony Securities Fraud!!!

Posted on September 2, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel Guilty of Securities Fraud

Andy Esquivel has plead Guilty to two felony counts of securities fraud!  No matter what he says from here out about the “conspiracy” against him, the fact is he’s a criminal, a serial felon, and a crook.

[Andy Esquivel Plea Agreement]

The plea followed over six months in custody including a stint at the Utah State Mental Hospital where after treatment Andy was found competent to stand trial for his crimes.  As part of Andy’s plea deal, a single 2nd degree felony count of securities fraud was dropped.  Andy remains free on $10,000 bond pending his sentencing on October 7th.

Andy celebrated his release from jail by posting on Diigo and bashing those who have helped see him charged with his crimes.  He’s tried to hitch his wagon to Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow by implying that somehow the conspiracy against him is related to their recent indictment.  The reality of course is that Andy’s case is in no way related to anything but his own criminal activity and that there is no ‘conspiracy’ against him, only a desire to see him pay for his crimes.

The maximum penalty for each of the two 2nd degree felonies Andy has now confessed to is 5 years in prison.  Given Andy’s behavior prior to and during his trial, the victims and the authors of this blog obviously hope that Andy is sentenced to the maximum.  He’s certainly proven that he has absolutely no remorse for his actions and will continue his criminal activity as soon as he is free.

I will post the audio from Andy’s competency hearing as soon as it arrives.  In the meantime, stay tuned for more psychotic rants from this pathological lying sociopath and the brainless minions who worship him.


New racist rant by Andy Esquivel uncovered

Posted on August 13, 2014 in Andy's Threats

Andy Esquivel jail photo

Before Andy Esquivel was institutionalized, he sent a Facebook message to his cousin Edward who’s mother Andy ‘spoofed’ on LinkedIn to make himself look more legitimate.  We recently received a copy of the rant and I thought it was appropriate at this time to post it.  The reason this post is interesting is that it discredits Andy’s claims that he’s an innocent victim of racism.  The thing about sociopaths is that they always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of (notice Andy’s prominent use of the “N” word towards the end of this rant).

Note: caps and punctuation mistakes are Andy’s, not mine.

Edward this is Andy I came back at 5:00am not because I am tweaking as you say on YOUR Facebook PAGE…. I am working on WEBSITES not Facebook bro you see most people are asleep NOT YOU bro, so we work on the WEBSITES at graveyard look at my email to my attorney I will post :0x Sindy sent that for a reason just wait for it…… I’ll post email next! (But what I want to say most Mista GANG BANGA EDWARD GONZALES – Mom family, Jesse in Denver you watching this shit, Edward even IF I was guilty, I am NOT but let’s just say I was for your sake “YO WTF YR MIDDLE NAME SNITCH!” Edward made deal for himself with Daryl) Aunt Chue when Edward was 5 he used to walk around asking all of us to play cards, it was cool until you beat Edward you all remember he would freak and say we are cheating all because Edward lost! See a doctor bro (OH don’t worry I will bring you up Edward) look at my next post u will get it. Edward you lost state only has 3 wits racist Ryion, Kyle and Chris they used their NIGGER DARYL to try and help my ex father in law North Salt Lake City Chief of police Hanson bring down Xtagged:…/7ra2 FYI Daryl never knew any of this that’s how he got caught up in this and dragged you guys in, Daryl & Edward stated I scammed hundreds of people and I never filed for patent:…/9hrw You’re a fool Edward this money BILLIONS is a dynasty for our family you already seen the patent paper work stop acting dumb. Your mom owns 6% & you nothing that’s why you’re mad, just shut-up until trial yr digging deeper hole.

FYI- Nobody blog for me anymore period not even film people Sindy was the only one.

You’ll also notice Andy proudly proclaiming that his fake businesses (which includes a goofy little ripped-off cartoon website called ‘Smiley Heroes’) are worth “BILLIONS”.  Honestly, if I wasn’t documenting this guy’s psychosis, nobody would believe any of it.


Competency Hearing for Andy Esquivel today

Posted on August 12, 2014 in Trial Updates

Today Andy Esquivel is appearing before Judge Connors for a review of his mental evaluation at the State Mental Hospital.  The results of the evaluation (which are confidential) were transmitted to the court yesterday.  There are two possible outcomes: either Andy will be found “crazy” and sentenced to more time in a state mental institution or he will be found ‘competent to stand trial’ and the felony securities fraud trial will commence.

Andy’s girlfriend posted on Wiser Technology recently that the evaluation cleared Andy for trial, so that’s most likely the case.  The real question is whether or not Andy will be released after spending most of this year in either prison or a padded cell.  Above is an illustration drawn by one of Andy’s fellow inmates depicting Andy ranting to other inmates while guards look on.  We can assume that this image is an accurate depiction as it comes from the inside and was drawn by a skilled caricature artist (who just happens to be in custody).  The sketch also matches images of the prison which can be found online.

I’ll post as soon as we know the outcome of today’s hearing for sure and after that I’ll be sure to also post audio of the hearing for everybody to enjoy.  In the meantime, stay tuned.

UPDATE:  Andy is still in the custody of the Utah State Mental Hospital.  He was not transferred to court today, although the court did receive his competency evaluation.  In that evaluation (the details of which are confidential) Andy was found competent to stand trial.  The hearing was continued until August 19th (next week) at which time the judge will determine whether to release Andy or to hold him in Davis County Jail pending trial.  Andy will remain in the custody of the State Mental Hospital until that hearing.


Xtagged goes out with a punch…

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Just in case there was any remaining doubt about whether Andy Esquivel is crazy and his various businesses were all thinly disguised scams, here’s the latest post on  I haven’t checked that website in ages, but did today just for kicks.  This image is all that is left of Xtagged, Wiser technology, and all the hard work of lunatics like Allan Brady, Shar Jenkins, Steve Klemark, and the rest.  This is what’s come of what was supposed to be a milti-billion dollar venture started by a man now confined to a padded cell in a state mental hospital.  THIS IS IT!!!

The word ‘Anti-climax’ just doesn’t do this image justice…


More letters from Jail…

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Andy Esquivel jail photo

Andy Esquivel has been keeping himself busy writing letters from jail.  He’s now been moved to a mental hospital, but it’s still interesting to see how Andy kept himself busy.  Below is a link to several of these letters – including one from his “spouse” (girlfriend actually) and one complaining about his newest public defender.  The letters are hard to read, but still fun.

Here are the letters [PDF]

Incidentally, I’m curious what Andy’s personal biographer Ron Kelsay is thinking right now.  I’d give $50 bucks to see the look on his face when he reads these letters from jail and realizes that his documentary is never going to sell any tickets.  I wonder what Allen Brady is thinking now that his dream of moving into a $2 Million dollar house with the proceeds from some lawsuit over Xtagged evaporate.  I wonder what Steve Klemark is thinking now that he realizes he drove his wife to the brink by chasing a drug addicted con-man around for years.  I wonder what Shar Jenkins is thinking right now, realizing that his dream of opening a night-club in Park City have vanished.  Guys, you’re welcome to post your thoughts – we’re all dying to hear form you!

Update: I spent a lot of time trying to understand these letters and after way too much time immersed in Andy’s gibberish I realized that int he second (or third) letter, Andy is actually trying to convince the judge to recuse himself from this case and grant Andy a change of venue with a new judge.  If that’s not a sign of pure desperation, then I don’t know what is.


Andy Esquivel moved to mental hospital

Posted on May 10, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel has been moved from Davis County Jail to a mental hospital.  He will be treated for his delusions and psychosis, then re-evaluated for sanity in August.  If at that time he still thinks he’s a genius inventor who’s the target of a conspiracy to cost him millions of dollars and take his company away, then he’ll continue the psychiatric treatments until he’s cured.

In the meantime, someone should commit Allen Brady, Shar Jenkions and Steve Klemark, since they obviously suffer form the same delusions.


Andy Esquivel still lobbying to get sent to Mental Institution

Posted on April 17, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel jail photo

Our friend Andy Esquivel is currently wasting away in Davis County jail waiting to be sent to a padded cell at the Utah State Mental Hospital.  He’s apparently not enjoying his stay very much because he’s lobbying through his girlfriend to be moved sooner rather than later.  It sounds as if Andy thinks he’ll get better treatment in the mental hospital than he is currently receiving in jail.  Here are the court notes on the most recent exchange:

04-16-14 Note: Clerk received a call from DEF’s spouse and family member
asking why DEF was not transported to the Utah State
Hospital yet. Clerk informed them that the prosecutor’s
office was advised by the jail that DEF is on the waiting
list, but he is #20 on the list. Therefore, has not been transported to the State
Hospital yet.

Poor Andy.  It apparently still isn’t sinking in that he’s criminally insane and that society has no further use for him.  Maybe he thinks he can con a psychiatrist into letting him go home early.  Whatever is going on inside that warped brain of his, I’m glad it’s happening in jail instead of out on the street.


More letters from jail…

Posted on April 10, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel jail photo

Andy keeps writing letters from jail.  Here are the latest two.  They’re pretty sad and pathetic, but also kind-of funny.  In these latest letters Andy pulls out all the stops to convince the judge to let him out.  “Mental institution, misdemeanors, anything but jail you honor!”

He even tells the judge that he’s got him on YouTube and and that the North Salt Lake Chief of Police is his father-in-law (which is a lie because Anyd’s never been married).  Pretty sad the lengths to which a con-man will go to get out of a bad situation.

[Letter #2]   [Letter #2]



A Letter from a Davis County Jail

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Andy Esquivel jail photo

You guys will think this is funny: here’s a copy of a letter which Andy Esquivel wrote while in jail in Davis County.  In this letter, Andy complains about both the prosecutor and his newest public defender.  He also compares himself to Martin Luther King and brags that he marched around the jail yard all day on Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Here’s a copy of the letter [PDF].

It’s pretty sad and pathetic.  I’d write more about it, but I’m really busy this week.


Andy Esquivel’s commitment order released

Posted on March 5, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel jail photo

We just got the official commitment order [PDF] for Andy Esquivel.  It’s pretty hilarious – basically says everything we’ve been saying on this website for years:  Andy is delusional, doesn’t understand the charges against him, can’t comprehend the consequences if he is convicted, can’t assist the prosecution or make an intelligent decision about his defense, suffers from serious mental illness, etc.

If you read between the lines you also realize that what it’s saying is that Allen Brady hasn’t done Andy any favors by trying to act as his surrogate legal counsel.  If Allen had a brain himself (and was trying to help Andy) he would have encouraged Andy to plead guilty years ago, to get a job, pay child support, and to pay his victims back the money he stole.



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Andy Esquivel jail photo

Just when you guys thought Andy would never post on YouTube again (because he’s in JAIL), Andy defies the odds and manages to get a video posted anyway.  Boy, this guy REALLY doesn’t know when to shut up!


In this latest video, Andy convinces his girlfriend (he’s now using me as the excuse why he never married her in spite of the fact they have three kids together) to put him on speaker so she can record him from jail and post online.  It sounds like he’s calling from the common yard at the Davis County jail because there’s lots of commotion around him.

Andy explains that he’s in jail of his own free will.  That he asked to be sent to Jail on January 7th because ‘the prosecution has postponed his trial six times’…which makes perfect sense, right?  Andy tries to put his own spin on his February 11th hearing claiming that he’s being committed to a state mental hospital because the Judge wants to prove he is sane, not for restoration of sanity because he is insane as is actually the case.  He rambles on and on about the conspiracy against him, his million dollar lawsuits, all his inventions – basically all the delusions that are the reason he’s being held for restoration right now in the first place.  He demonstrates in the space of five minutes that indeed the psychiatrists are absolutely correct – he is not mentally competent to stand trial and he is badly in need of psychiatric help.

Half-way through the video, Andy is interrupted by an inmate named “Boss” who tries to explain that in fact the fight he was just part of was not his fault and was nothing for his wife to worry about.  The guy Andy got into a fight with should never have been let out of isolation because, like Andy, the inmate he fought with was is mentally disturbed.  Andy also brags that he’s lost a lot of weight in jail (I guess he’s sensitive about his weight) and that jail isn’t so bad after all.

I never thought I’d live to see the day when Andy Esquivel is posting psychotic rants from behind bars, but here it is.  He has no idea why he’s there, no idea what he needs to do to be released, and shows no signs that his delusions have abated.  Between us, I think Andy is going to be incarcerated for a very long time, because he’s never going to admit that he’s a delusional mess and needs help.  The more he resists treatment, the longer he’s going to remain in state custody and I personally believe that’s a good thing.

I wonder what Allen Brady, Steve Klemark, Shar Jenkins, and Ron Kelsay are thinking right now?  “…Boy, were we stupid!”


Andy Esquivel committed to state mental hospital

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Andy Esquivel jail photo

At long last we’ve received the audio transcript [AUDIO]of the February 11th hearing in which Andy Esquivel was ordered “held for restoration” (of sanity) at the Utah State Mental Hospital.  At this hearing Alan Brady also received a stern warning against continuing to pretend to be Andy Esquivel’s attorney.

It was an eventful hearing to say the least!

First of all, Andy’s public defender was not present at the hearing.  He’s still very much in charge of the case, but it’s curious that he was not able to attend.  Has Andy pissed off another public defender?  Telling is the fact that before the end of this audio transcript we hear Andy meekly declare to the judge “…he lied last time, I don’t trust him” as the Judge continued to explain that all motions need to be filed through his attorney and could not be submitted willy-nilly to the court.

Which brings us to Alan Brady:  As you all know, Alan Brady has been acting as Andy’s pseudo-attorney for years now, helping him draft legal-looking court documents and such to perpetuate Andy’s various schemes.  Alan’s latest foray into make-believe legal work has been to draft a motion for dismissal on Andy’s behalf and to file it with the court.  Alan apparently told the attorney assisting Andy in court on the 11th about thee motions he’d been drafting and filing and got spanked!  We don’t obviously have a recording of the conversation, but the attorney mentioned several times in the audio transcript before the Judge that she told Alan in no uncertain terms that drafting legal documents and pretending to be an attorney (as he’s been doing for years now) is illegal.  She states that she told Alan flatly (and reminded him indirectly several times in court) that Andy can draft motions if he wants to, but if Alan continued to do so, he could be charged.

It was actually telling how much time the court spent on this subject and I think everybody in that room knew Alan Brady was walking on very thin ice.

The state submitted a motion to have Andy held for restoration (of sanity) which the court accepted.  Andy through his stand-in attorney saying that he’s been in jail for a long time and that he wanted his ‘bail’ reduced so that he could attend to some medical issues.  The court (and his representation) explained that bail wasn’t an issue since he was being held for restoration and is basically going to be incarcerated until his various delusions are cured (you know, the ones where he’s a genius inventor who’s being persecuted by a shadowy conspiracy to cost the world millions and billions of dollars).  In other words, either Andy admits that he’s a con-artist, that all his ‘inventions’ are fake, that Wiser Technology and Xtagged were basically scams and that he’s been lying all this time in order to screw people out of money, or he stays in the state mental hospital until the state gets bored and decides to drop the charges against him.

Once it started to sink in for Andy that he was likely to remain in state custody for a very long time, he he suddenly had a change of heart about those “misdemeanors and no jail time” that he’s been complaining that his attorneys tried to trick him into taking ages ago.  “I’ll take the misdemeanors and no jail time then,” he said desperately to the end of the transcript, but as the court explained – it’s too late.

One thing Andy tried to do made at least some sense – he tried to file a motion (or rather Alan Brady tried to file a motion on Andy’s behalf) to strike the jury trial and switch to a bench trial where the Judge has more latitude to act.  Unfortunately, Alan isn’t an attorney and the court made it clear to Andy that no such motion would be considered unless it came directly from his public defender.  Ironically, Alan (and Andy) got the idea to strike the jury trial form this website.  Your welcome for the free legal advice fellas.  😉


Andy Esquivel Sentenced to State Mental Hospital

Posted on February 17, 2014 in Andy Esquivel's Scams Andy's Threats Andy's Videos Ron Kelsay Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel jail photo

Andy Esquivel has been sentenced to a state mental institution until he is determined to be mentally competent to stand trial for three felony counts of securities fraud.  He remains in custody at Davis County Jail and a competency evaluation has been set for August at which time Judge Connors will determine when the trial can proceed.

We’ve known for some time that Andy Esquivel was crazy and we’ve been saying as much here on this blog and on it’s predecessor websites for years.  Only a lunatic could seriously claim to have invented such outlandish creations as an alcoholic energy drink that’s supposedly endorsed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or an inflatable car cover that deflates your tires to spare your paint, or radioactive fingernail polish actuated tabled that uses blue-tooth to broadcast your complete medical history to everyone around you in a bar.

Once Andy has received the medication (and detoxification) he requires, the hope is that he will be able to accept responsibility for what he has done and the trial can move forward.  If Andy is lucky his public defender will then be able to convince him top plead guilty to the charges against him so that he can serve his time and move on with his life.

Eventually Andy might even be able to become a fully functioning, gainfully employed member of society – one who pays taxes, child support, and lives by the fruits of his own labor instead of the ill-gotten gains from his various scams.  One can only hope.

In the meantime at least, Andy Esquivel remains off the streets and more importantly off the Internet.  He is no longer a danger to himself or to others.  If we are lucky, then his equally delusional followers will learn a lesson from this long drama – in the end you can’t con your way into wealth.  You have to add as much value to this world as you expect to take out of it.

Hear that Alan Brady, Shar Jenkins, Steve Klemark and John Steer?  Get lives, get jobs, and stop chasing the quick buck.  Oh yea, and leave those drugs alone!


Competency hearing set for August 12, 2014

Posted on February 13, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel jail photo

As Andy has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial due to his obvious insanity, a hearing has been scheduled for August 12th to determine whether by that time he will be sane enough for the trial to continue.

More details to come – we’re waiting for the audio transcript of the February 11th pre-trial to understand the full details.  Andy remains incarcerated in Davis County jail until further notice.

Case update available here: [PDF]


Experts find Andy Esquivel mentally incompetent

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Andy Esquivel jail photo

On January 7th a visibly agitated Andy Esquivel walked into court and faced Judge Connors after the first of two psychiatrists found him mentally incompetent to stand trial.  According to the audio transcript which we acquired from the court, the first psychiatrist found that Andy suffers from delusions and is bi-polar.  Andy’s defense attorney stated that a second mental evaluation will more than likely find the same, so the trial needs to be postponed until Andy can receive the medication (and possibly hospitalization) he needs.

The prosecutor protested the fact that Andy can’t seem to get himself together enough to meet with the second psychiatrist pointing out that Andy’s obstructive behavior has caused this case to drag on for a seeming eternity.  He pointed out that the first pre-trial was more than two years ago and that Andy’s behavior has been going on for more than five years now.  The prosecutor requested that the court incarcerate Andy to keep him from continuing to be a hindrance to the case.

Judge Connors agreed with the prosecutor, but before sending Andy off to jail allowed Andy one more chance to explain himself.  Andy took the opportunity to launch into a lunatic rant in which he claimed he was not insane, that eh would not take misdemeanors, that he’s been called a liar in front of the whole world (as if anybody other than his victims and Alan Brady are actually paying attention to this trial), that he has some assorted motions that he swears he filed, blah, blah, blah…  none of this impressed the judge at all, and when Andy said “I’ll go to jail right now to prove (something)”, Judge Connors only replied “Well, I’ll give you that opportunity in a minute.”  While being hauled off to jail, ANdy continued ranting “I want protective custody!  I’ve been threatened in this jail!  Blah, blah, blah…”  I was half expecting him to spout out that he was Napoleon or something.

Today was Andy’s pre-trial to discuss the results of the second mental evaluation in jail.  Andy remains in custody, so I doubt the results were helpful to Andy’s case.  As always, I’ll keep you all posted on what happens.

An audio transcript of the January 7th hearing can be found here: [AUDIO]


Andy posts secret mental evaluation video

Posted on February 3, 2014 in Trial Updates

Before he was incarcerated Andy Esquivel posted this Youtube video which supposedly captures his mental evaluation for his supporters.  The video is a hidden link and not available without a direct link.  We have sources who were able to find the link so that we can share it here with you now.

This is about as silly as it gets.  The person in the video who’s pretending to be Andy’s psychiatrist asks if Andy thinks this is all the result of a conspiracy.  Andy repeats his lunatic refrain that it is in fact a conspiracy carried out by a bunch of bloggers (Kyle, Chris, Ryan, his ex girlfriend, etc., most of whom don’t blog) and “former employee” Daryl Acumen (who never worked for Andy).  The voice essentially says “ok, I’m good” and then wraps up the interview.

If the video were in fact a recording of Andy’s actual evaluation (which is is not), then it would explain why Andy was subsequently thrown in jail so that the court could get a second, more thorough evaluation.  of course, the video is staged and the second evaluation was required only to make sure both psychiatrists were impartial.

Fun times.


Andy Esquivel undergoes second psychiatric evaluation

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Today Andy Esquivel underwent a second psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he is sane enough to stand trial.  The details of the evaluation were not made public by the court, but knowing Andy the results could not have been good.  In all likelihood, Andy will remain in jail until the court is satisfied that he’s fulfilled the requirements to move forward with trial.  He’s been incarcerated for three weeks now without bail, which is why none of his minions are posting on any of his blogs (Andy actually posts in the names of most of his supporters.  Nobody who actually supports Andy has posted anything online in over a year.


Allen Brady tries to Con his way into $2M House

Posted on January 27, 2014 in Andy Esquivel's Scams

I have it on good authority that Allen Brady, that brainless minion who still follows Andy Esquivel around like a lost puppy hoping for a billion dollar buyout of Xtagged by Google, recently tried to con his way into a $2 Million dollar house.

Reliable sources report that Allen Brady and his wife contacted a real estate agent in norther n Utah and asked for a walk-through of a house listed for $2 Million dollars.  The listing agent, being used to scam artists and wackos trying to get a  peek inside her multimillion dollar listings by posing as legitimate qualified buyers, became suspicious.  She immediately asked Allen’s agent to verify that Allen did in fact have the means to purchase the house if she allowed him to walk visit the property.  When pressed, Allen Brady reportedly told his agent that he and his wife were about to receive a milti-million dollar settlement in a lawsuit (expected to be completed by the end of this month) and that they would be purchasing the home in cash with those funds.  He mentioned my name as being the defendant in the lawsuit.

Funny thing about the Internet today – Allen’s broker decided to check out the story.  not only did he find out that there is no multi-million dollar lawsuit with me as a defendant or Allen Brady as a plaintiff, but he also found this website which gave explicit details about the scam to which Allen was referring and the fact that it’s founder is in jail right now awaiting a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether or not he is sane enough to stand trial for three felony counts of securities fraud.

Needless to say, Allen and his wife were not allowed to tour the house and other brokers were warned to be on the lookout for an over-wright drug addict pretending to be the recipient of a large legal settlement wanting to look at multi-million dollar homes.

I will say this for Allen Brady – he’s sure got a pair.  It takes serious guts to try to scam your way into somebody else’s house by pretending that a guy who’s now been thrown under the bus by three of his defense attorneys is somehow going to be acquitted at the last minute and will close a lightening settlement for millions of dollars because his long line of fake products turned out to be real after all.  Obviously somebody spent too much time at the recreational pot stores the last time he was in Colorado.


Andy Esquivel failed to complete psychiatric evaluation

Posted on January 8, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel - convicted felon

This website has learned that part of the reason the court decided to throw Andy Esquivel in jail until further notice was because he failed to report for his mandatory psychiatric evaluation as ordered.  This letter [PDF] from psychiatrist assigned to evaluate Andy states that in spite of repeated attempts to make contact, Andy did not return phone calls or attempt to otherwise make contact.

We are still waiting for an audio transcript of the January 7th hearing and will provide more details as they become available.  As of right now, Andy is behind bars and will remain there for the foreseeable future.


Court orders Andy Esquivel held without bail

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Andy Esquivel - convicted felon

On January 7th Judge Connors of Davis County ordered Andy Esquivel held in Davis County Jail without bail until further notice.  We’re still waiting for the audio transcripts of the hearing, but it must not have gone well.

On January 7th the court was scheduled to review the results of Andy’s mandatory psychiatric evaluations to determine whether he was competent to stand trial.  Immediately after that hearing Andy’s mug-shot appeared on the Davis County jail website with a booking time of 10:49am.

See the court order here: [PDF]

The contents of Andy’s psychiatric evaluation are sealed so we don’t know what the psychiatrists found, but my hunch is that they determined Andy to be dangerous, mentally unstable, completely delusional, and incapable of telling the difference between fantasy and reality.  It only remains to be seen whether the court will determine that Andy’s mental illness is serious enough to impede his ability to receive a fair trial.


Andy Esquivel is in jail – again!

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Andy Esquivel - convicted felon

Convicted felon and serial con artist Andres “Andy” Esquivel is in jail tonight after a hearing to review the results of his court-ordered mental evaluation.  We’re still waiting for the clerks to update the notes on today’s hearing, but the net result is that Andy is in Jail, which is a good start.

As yu can see in this photo, Andy is getting fatter and still hasn’t found a solution for his acne problem.  That said, it must really suck to be the father of six illegitimate kids (one in diapers) who’s broke, unemployed and stuck behind bars.  We can’t share the results of Andy’s mental evaluation with you because they’ve been sealed by the court, but we can tell you that whatever was in those reports, it didn’t help Andy stay free today.  He was booked at 10:39am, immediately after his court hearing this morning.

I’ve lost count of the number of times Andy’s been to jail since we started exposing his scams to the world and encouraging victims to file charges.  My hope is that by the time Andy gets out he will have learned a lesson and will decide to become a contributing member of society rather than a leach.


Court orders Andy Esquivel to undergo mental examination…

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Andy Esquivel

Pathological lying sociopath and soon to be certified “nut”  Andres “Andy” Esquivel has been ordered by the court to undergo mandatory mental evaluations by two court appointed psychiatrists in order to ascertain whether or not he is competent to stand trial.  We’ve known for some time that his accomplice Allen Brady suffers from mild mental retardation and that his mental condition has been made worse by habitual drug use, but now the court has come to the conclusion that Andy Esquivel may be insane as well.

The examinations are intended to determine whether the extend of Andy’s mental retardation (or psychosis) is extreme enough to make him incapable of understanding the charges against him or the penalties he now faces.  We’ve stated for some time on this blog that Andy is obviously crazy and clearly doesn’t understand that he’s on trial for three felony counts of securities fraud (serious charges) that could carry up to a maximum of 25 years in prison if he is convicted.  Anyone who reads this blog will clearly see the extend of Andy’s delusions and will come to the conclusion that  he is not mentally stable enough to tie his own shoes, much less function in society.  Now we will have the benefit of professional opinion to determine for the record whether Andy’s psychosis is real or just an act.

Here is a copy of the court order requiring Andy to undergo psychiatric evaluation prior to the January 7th pretrial hearing which will decide his fate: Court Order requiring Andy to see a psychiatrist

Andy has been pretty quiet since the court openly asked the question whether or not he is insane.  No longer is he blabbing wildly about conspiracies against him or claiming that some hearing that’s right around the corner will exonerate him and implicate the prosecutor and witnesses against him in some criminal wrongdoing.  His blogs are silent, his YouTube channel vacant, his supporters now reduced to his live-in girlfriend (mother of three of his six (6) illegitimate children) and convicted felon mother.  it’s a sad state of affairs for a guy who once bragged about having armies of attorneys, having invented technologies that could save thousands of lives, and of being on the verge of a “billion dollar” buyout from Google.

Good luck in January Andy.  We hope the court offers to help you get the treatment you need.  Maybe with the right medication and a top flight mental institution, you’ll finally be able to contribute to society and provide for your family.  Nobody wants to spend their life being described (accurately) as ‘dead weight’.


Court to decide if Andy Esquivel is CRAZY!!!

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At the pre-trial hearing on October 22nd, Andy Esquivel’s defense counsel asked for a continuance of the proceeding until January 7th to give the court time to ascertain whether Andy is clinically INSANE!!! If Andy is found to be CRAZY and therefore unfit to stand trial, he could be sentenced to time in a Utah mental institution.

At the request of defense counsel, this matter is continued to
1/7/2014 to allow the defendant to have a mental health evaluation
completed to determine if defendant is competent to stand trial.
The State will prepare the order.
The trial date will remain in place.

Irony: this is EXACTLY what we’ve been trying to say for years! Yes, Andy Esquivel is mentally insane and so is his chief accomplice Allen Brady. Both need to be institutionalized for their own safety and for the safety of others.

I’ll post audio of the pre-trial haring soon, but for now the trial date last set stands pending the mental health review.

I think that pretty much closes the case on Andy. When your own defense attorney states in court for the record that you’re nuts, it’s time to pack up shop and go home.


Final, final pre-trial hearing set for 9/17/2013

Posted on September 10, 2013 in Trial Updates

After begging Judge Connors to let him have a public defender again, Andy Esquivel got his wish and was assigned C. Markley Arrington. His temporary defense attorney was Albright while the court found someone who was actually willing to take the case. Andy claims he’s ok with a public defender (and no longer thinks there’s a conspiracy within the PD office to conspire with this blog and put him in jail) as long as they stop trying to talk him into taking a plea deal.

The bottom line is that Andy has a public defender again (he’s too broke to afford a private lawyer in spite of his repeated proclamations over the years that he has dozens of corporate attorneys between Denver and LA) and that attorney is under strict instructions from Andy not to entertain any pleas of ‘Guilty’ no mater how damning the evidence stacked against him.

Arrington, who represented Andy briefly while the court sought out Albright for his defense, asked the court on September 3rd to postpone the final PTC until September 17th, presumably to give him more time to formulate a defense or negotiate a guilty plea with Lyon. My guess is that next week Arrington will petition the court for another trial extension to give him more time to convince Andy to plead ‘Guilty’ and to give Andy more time to raise the money he’d be required to pay back to his victims as a certain condition of such a plea.

I’m not sure Judge Connors would go along with such a plan as he’s beginning to lose patience with Andy’s courtroom antics and stall tactics, but it’s the safest bet. Otherwise we’ll all be in court on October 16th for the quickest and most entertaining trial in recent memory. Unfortunately Andy won’t be able to call all the ‘witnesses’ he promised and almost certainly won’t be allowed to testify himself. It’s a shame Andy did such a piss-poor job representing himself – we were all looking forward to watching Andy make a complete idiot of himself at trial.


Andy Esquivel makes a fool of himself in court…(again)

Posted on August 15, 2013 in Trial Updates

Andress "Andy" Esquivel

Sorry for the delay in posting, but we wanted to wait to post until the audio transcript from the August 7th hearing was available. That audio transcript is now available here (FLV), and it’s hilarious!  Nothing is more satisfyign than listening to a respectable Judge and a professional attorney trying to deal with Andy Esquivel and losing their patience with his ineptitude.

In this hearing, Andy begins by saying he’s finally ready to “take the lawyer”, meaning a public defender.  Unfortunately for Andy (and the prosecutor points this out) he was already offered a second public defender but, like an idiot, he told the court flatly that he refused to accept the help of the public defender’s office because he thought they were involved in a conspiracy against him.

full case update can be read here [PDF].

Andy continuously claims to have filed a motion for discovery with the court, in spite of the fact that the clerks office has no record of such a filing.  Judge Connors at one point becomes exasperated and just breaks it down for Andy: (11:45) “Mr. Brady put your arm down…Mr. Esquivel, I don’t know how many times we need to have this discussion.  You cannot just continue to represent yourself and ignore all of the court’s rules!”

Andy blabs on and on about how he’s now willing to take an attorney, but the prosecutor pointed out that we’re now months down the road from the date when Andy lost his first public defender and refused another and he doesn’t believe that another attorney will be ready by trial.  “His conduct in the state’s opinion is destructive and it’s delaying tactics.”

At the end of the day, the Judge told Andy to file a proper discovery motion by COB Friday (which he never did).  Andy then told the Judge “if you give me the discovery then I’ll hire my own attorney,” after which Andy filed a financial affidavit [PDF] claiming that he’s broke and can’t afford an attorney.  Andy admits in the affidavit that he hasn’t worked since June 2009, that the highest he ever earned was a measly $12/hr., that his girlfriend (who he falsely claims is his “wife) doesn’t work, that he has no assets (not even a car) and that he pays no rent.  Oh, here’s Andy’s contact information in case anybody wants to sue Andy in civil court:

5789 Middlewood Ave.
Kearns, Utah 84118
(801) 819-5126

The Judge told Andy that at this point he has no intention of postponing trial anymore.  The current trial date is October 16th, 2013.  My hunch is that the prosecutor is going to object to Andy’s request for counsel because (a) there’s no time for the new public defender to review the case before trial and (b) because Andy’s affidavit is completely false…Andy didn’t even list how much money he spends on rent in the document, even though in his latest video he’s bragging about his new house.

The next hearing date is August 20th at 8:30am, where the court will review the status of the case, including Andy’s motion to dismiss [PDF], which is completely nonsensical.

You guys need to just listen to the hearing.  I’m tired, and it was too funny to adequately convey in a blog post.  In the end, Andy looked completely inept…which of course he is.  Andy’s motion to dismiss makes him look even more inept.  The fact that he’s now begging for an attorney makes him look pathetic on top of inept.  Oh boy, at least we’re nearing the end of this trial and Andy will soon either plead guilty or be convicted of fraud.


Andy Esquivel’s Motion Hearing postponed

Posted on July 11, 2013 in Trial Updates

The motion hearing scheduled for yesterday was postponed until August 7th.  We would have posted this sooner, but we wanted to see what Andy would post after he showed up for court and found out there was no hearing.  Usually Andy goes ballistic and writes a 50 page email ranting about conspiracies and the like whenever there’s a postponement like this one.  In this case, Andy’s annoyance at wasting his gas to drive to court first thing in the morning hit with a ‘squish’ and no mass email was sent out to “the media” blaming the delay on corrupt prosecutors or shadowy government agencies looking to stop him from saving the world.  As always, the latest court updates (including this postponement with details regarding the reason for the delay) can be found here [PDF].

In the meantime Andy figured out how to file a discovery motion and did so on Monday.  He even went to the court with Allen to file the document himself, which is impressive.  Too bad he gave the court a fake phone number or he’d have known that there was no court on Tuesday.  The postponement was filed on Monday while Andy was int he building, but when the clerk tried to call Andy there was no answer.  Andy seems very eager to get his hands on the prosecutor’s witness list, and is now referring to all his fraud victims as “TRAITORS” on a regular basis.

Nothing else new to report.  Andy’s been rather quiet since getting sentenced in Colorado to serve 64 hours of community service for failing to pay back child support.  Andy is so intent on not working that he even claims to have moved back to Utah to avoid the sentence.  Don’t worry Andy, it’ll be waiting for you when you get out of prison and return to Colorado.



Judge shuts the door on Andy Esquivel’s imaginary evidence…

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Andy Esquivel

Well, it’s official – Andy Esquivel won’t be allowed to call any witnesses at his jury trial in October.  In fact, Andy won’t be able to present any evidence of consequence at his trial in October, so he’s essentially screwed.

On June 10th Judge Connors signed a motion to compel [PDF] filed by Prosecutor Nathan Lyon which gave Andy until May 21st to provide the prosecution with full details of all his witnesses and all evidence Andy intended to present at trial.  Andy failed to comply.  The list Andy did provide was incomplete and the witnesses all found to be irrelevant to the case.  Andy’s evidence was likewise found to be completely irrelevant to the charges against him.

The motion to compel signed by Judge Connors EXPLICITLY states that any evidence not provided to the prosecution by May 21st will not be permitted at trial!  May 21st was over a month ago, so Andy has missed his deadline to present any evidence which could support his defense.  Since nothing that Andy has provided up until now will help him at trial in October, Andy basically won’t have a defense in October.

(No lawyer) + (No defense) + (No evidence) + (Refuses to admit he did anything wrong or to pay his victims their money back) = Andy Esquivel is definitely on his way to prison in October.  Good luck with that, Andy!


Andy Esquivel Finally gets a job…sort of.

Posted on June 25, 2013 in Andy's Threats Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel

Those of you who enjoy Andy Esquivel’s threatening blogs and emails as much as I do will recall that in recent weeks Andy has made a lot of noise about a “conspiracy” between his ex girlfriend and this blog to block him from the ‘millions and billions’ of dollars in potential profits he could have made if his various scams had been able to materialize.  Lately he’s been claiming that last Saturday was D-Day for the conspiracy to finally be exposed and that everybody involved was going to jail, including his ex.  Last week he posted this nonsensical threat:

Hey dumb-ass they want me to have public defender so when I win they don’t look as bad Dee-Dee-Dee I am going to take this all the way your going to prison Daryl & this Friday Denise has to answer to the Judge here in Colorado about you and her… so keep manipulating and still prosecutor LYON has not released his witness list with hundreds more like 3 of witnesses Daryl God Don’t Like Ugly OH SMILEYHEROEScom :)X

Well last Friday was in fact a court hearing for Andy – one in which he needed to explain to the courts why he still hasn’t paid a dime in child-support in spite of the fact that he’s
Now, we all know Andy as a lazy, good for nothing, scamster with a habit of telling untruths to survive and of stealing money to feed his drug addiction.  Knowing this much about Andy, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that as son as Andy was sentenced  he immediately went about crafting a story to get him out of the ruling.  “But your honor, I’m moving to Utah on July first, so I can’t do no community service,”  Andy reportedly told the judge in the case.  In a show of mercy that Andy has become accustomed to and now expects from state courts, the judge gave Andy 30 days to prove he’s left the state of Colorado for good before he must begin serving his sentence.  If Andy fails to provide proof that he’s moved, then he will be recalled to the court for a stiffer sentence.stolen a small fortune from investors from California to Colorado.  Andy showed up on Friday prepared to impress the judge with his sob-stories explaining that it’s impossible for him to get a job because of this website, but she apparently wasn’t having any of it.  Instead of buying into Andy’s claims that he can’t work, the judge did the unthinkable – she gave Andy Esquivel a job…

Sixty four (64) hours of community service to be exact!

My hunch is that Andy isn’t moving anywhere and that his please to the court are just a stalling tactic to get out of doing any real work.  Andy can’t picture himself picking up trash by the roadside in a bright orange vest and hard hat any more than we can picture him as CEO of a multi-million dollar tech start-up.  The mere thought of doing manual labor terrifies Andy – probably more than jail does.  We’ll have to see how this plays out, but my hunch is we’ll have another child support case update for you here in a month and that it will read something like this – “Colorado judge loses patience with Andy Esquivel and sentences him to 30 days in jail for failing to comply with an order to begin community service immediately.

Then again, Andy might actually be dumb enough to leave Colorado in the hopes of avoiding these child support charges altogether.  What he doesn’t realize is that Utah has even stricter child support laws that Colorado does and he already owes over $20,000 in back support in this state before he arrives (more will be added for every month eh lives here).  I think Idaho would be a better choice for Andy because he doesn’t have a record there.  Here in Utah the police are all to familiar with Mr. Esquivel and they’re  not likely to give him a pass while he unpacks his moving van.


Hey Alan Brady, here’s a link for your boss…

Posted on June 21, 2013 in Trial Updates

Hey Alan, since your boss (pathological lying sociopath, serial criminal and convicted felon Andres “Andy” Esquivel of Lakewood Colorado) hasn’t received his copy of this motion by Davis County Prosecutor Nathan Lyon, I’ll help you guys out and share my copy.


PS – you can still call Logan Laws if you want, but note that Logan isn’t going to help your case because he knows Andy is a criminal just like the rest of us and he isn’t afraid to tell that to a judge and jury.



Andy Esquivel gets spanked by Davis County Prosecutor

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Andy Esquivel

To say the least, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks since Andy’s last pre-trial hearing.  We’ve got a lot to cover, but I’ll try to get through it all as quickly as I can.

First of all, a new date has been set for Andy’s securities fraud trial.  The fireworks begin on October 16th and will continue for three days.  As always you can find the latest trial updates by clicking on any case update link [PDF] you find on this website.  The trial is stilled set up as a ‘jury trial” rather than a “bench trial” because Andy isn’t smart enough to know that the only chance he has of getting this case thrown out by the judge is if he reverses the decision by his previous “super lawyer” to take the case out of a judges hands and to wait for nine jurors (who aren’t likely to fall for his crap any more than we do) to pronounce him guilty.

As reported last month on this site, Andy Esquivel recently sent out a mass email (to his supporters supposedly) in which he listed all the people he claims to want to call as witnesses at his trial.  The list was prepared in response to a court order earlier in the month in which Judge Connors demanded that Andy comply with a reciprocal discovery motion by the prosecutor [PDF]and list all the people he intended to call as witnesses.  We obtained the full list because one of the journalists who Andy insists on spamming is secretly preparing an expose on what a complete fraud Andy is and they were generous enough to share Andy’s email with us.  We correctly reported last month that (a) Andy failed to include contact information for the witnesses he claimed he was calling and (b) almost nobody on Andy’s list had even the slightest relevance to the case.

Almost as if to confirm the astute insight of this blog, Prosecutor Nathan Lyon on Thursday filed this motion [PDF] with the court asking Judge Connors to throw out Andy’s entire witness list as irrelevant to the case against him and lacking even the most basic contact information on the people listed.  The prosecutor reviews each name on the witness list (in much the same way we did on our blog post) and explains why each one is not only irrelevant to the case, but calls out the fact that Andy’s videos and links are “rambling and nonsensical.”  The only “witness” that the prosecutor approved of was Logan Laws, who is frankly on deck to testify for the prosecution so it makes little sense for Andy to call him for the defense.

In short, Andy Esquivel just got emasculated by the prosecutor and told to go home and start over from scratch…and he is still posting ridiculous videos and sending out senseless emails.  Here’s an example:

Mr Lyon I never published this witness list why did you let Plaintiff Ryion Butcher put this on his slander site:

I have attached a copy. Allen we never published, this is why Steve Klemark’s wife tried to commit suicide all the harassment from the plaintiffs & co-conspirators trying to scare me to take plea… Lyon stated oh well when I told him of Steve’s wife last year and the attorney brotherhood that Allen and I recorded Holje say to us looks like it does exist.

Your plaintiffs say J.King from I-safe is going to testify against me remember I told King about the slander/smear campaign since 2009 we recorded it so as soon as you finally release the list that Holje nor six month Albright ever got… I will address all 4 on the list one by one I sent motion by mail we are still waiting to see who’s on list all these lies will hit a wall very soon.

Ryion Butcher stated to Xtagged witnesses which is also witness tampering, that we have reported to Mr. Lyon Davis prosecutor more than once Allen Brady went to Mr. Lyons office LAST YEAR I have web cam of Mr. Lyon and I speaking about this and Ron the documentary film maker has video from last year on Mr. Lyon and Mr. Holje call Ron 720.233.4104 Ron Kelsay! I have attached a screenshot that Ryion posted of his blog attacking my family and Ryion tells people that the prosecutor is the one telling him to attack!!! Ryion tells Xtagged owners “Just say you are a security not an owner and we can take Andy down! I am now writing a letter to the judge informing him about all the PERJURY & WITNESS TAMPERING ALLEN BRADY can verify (1.801.819.5126) the plaintiffs have committed through out this trial and are still committing with the help of Mr. Lyon says Ryion Butcher, ITS ALL LIES I have a video uploaded at karmacause proving all, Ron has video that dates earlier. My family and the media don’t believe that you guys know what plaintiffs are doing to all of us and they say court is not in order! I told Mr. Lyon about Steve Klemark’s wife and much more! Now that Mr. Lyon knows Xtagged, Inc. paperwork is 100% real not to mention all the non non-disclosures plaintiffs signed and the multiple counts of perjury that the plaintiffs have committed, the damages that causes will be at fault of the state.

Now what exactly does the above email tell us, other than the fact that Steve Klemark’s wife tried to kill herself because she finally realized that her husband was up to his chin helping a convicted felon execute numerous scams at the potential price of his own job with the Devner PD and she couldn’t live with the idea that he might go to jail too.  Isn’t it interesting that a guy who threatened to release sex tapes of potential witnesses in his securities fraud trial to the media is accusing others of ‘witness tampering?’  Andy why is Andy so convinced that ‘his family and the media’ are on his side here?  First of all, only one reporter in the media even cares that Andy is about to go to jail and most of Andy’s family have disowned him and his convicted felon of a mother as pariahs.  Most are now reaching out to me (unsolicited) and expressing support for this website and sympathy for the victims of Andy’s criminal activity.  When is Andy going to finally realize that the only people who think he’s innocent of these crimes are drug addicts like Alan Brady and fellow criminals like Ron Kelsay and that the only person facing jail time for his crimes is himself?

The bottom line is that this trial is almost over.  With Andy Esquivel continuing to send impotent letters to the judge in this case (unaware that they’re doing absolutely no good) and being endlessly distracted by his own YouTube channel, Andy is sure to be convicted and sentenced before Christmas.  The only question is how many years in prison is Andy going to get.  I for one say the longer the better!


Andy Esquivel publishes his witness list…

Posted on May 17, 2013 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel

Pathological lying sociopath and convicted felon Andy Esquivel, who is representing himself in his own securities fraud trial, has published his witness list for trial.  We’re sharing it here to help others understand how crazy Andy really is and to display the full extent of Andy’s criminal activity.  The words below are Andy’s with the truth in brackets.

Daryl Acumen: he recommended law firm look at the seven email video  Allen fired Daryl from Xtag in 07 to hire his mother Rebecaa Dunn as Xtagged CEO, Daryl then started this conspiracy with Ryion etc. #0069 [The fact is I never worked for Xtagged, so I could never have been fired.  That said, I can’t wait to testify against this lunatic and to explain to a jury how crazy he really is…if he’s dumb enough to put me on the stand.]

Jason Webb: Xtag patent/corps attorney he told all Xtagged owners he could only sell securities #0070 [Jason was found to have acted improperly by convincing certain fraud victims that Xtagged was a solid investment.  His law firm faced disciplinary action by the Utah Department of Securities for the actions of Webb, which violated securities law.]

Saeed Kermani: started Single & Dating/patent 06 & 07 #0071 [Andy’s old boss at Comcast]

Mehraz Sheikhi: was paid back $10,000 just as Ryion B. was paid back $2,500 through Logan Laws #0072 [One of Andy’s fraud victims]

Logan Laws: Logan & Ryion teamed up for $5,000 & after Logan begged Andy to separate them due to Ryion Butcher being a A—hole these are Logan’s words about Ryion to Shar Jenkins & texts #0073 [One of Andy’s fraud victims, eager to testify against Andy]

Steve Klemark: CIO I have attached his Denver Halo P.D ID Steve Bought Xtagged in 2009 & he made Ryion B. $5,000 money order… Steve stop going with Andy to court in Utah because Steve said prosecutor J.C.Y. & Mr. Holje was conspiring. Steve made two videos… #0074 [Low-level IT guy at the Denver PD who supposedly purchased Xtagged for $24 Million dollars.]

Shar Jenkins: not only paid Logan Laws $2,500 money order he offered everybody buy-outs just as Steve K. did and Allen Brady and many more… #0075 [One of Andy’s brainless minions who pretends to be some sort of marketing guru.]

Kirk Yuhnke: Fox13 now Denver Fox31 my first prime time interview for my invention of car tags I offered Kirk Yuhnke 1% ownership of system Sindy was witness look at attachment file D.I.D #0076 [A Fox News reporter who doesn’t know nor care who Andy Esquivel is.]

Sindy Manzano: worked for Xtagged 06 to present in 05 the Deseret News did story on Sindy Manzano D.I.D file #0077 [Andy’s live-in girlfriend and mother of three of Andy’s six illegitimate children.  She lives on welfare because she claims she can’t work due to this blog.]

Trevor Riley: Xtagged Inc Bank manager and helper his email FB attachments are to his attorney #0078 [A random bank clerk who Andy pretends has something to do with this case.]

Allen Brady: CEO I think Allen has told you plenty and gave you his paper work Allen and his family attempted many time to buy-out the plaintiffs they just attacked Allen and his mother… #0079 [Andy’s mindless puppet who is illiterate and an admitted drug addict.]

John Steer: He was second victim at hero’s computers 09 in Bountiful, John can verify conspiracy John also made up paperwork for Ryion Butcher & Taylor he was second in command at Xtagged #0080 [Andy’s cousin and accomplice in most of Andy’s fraudulent schemes.]

Jake House: ran our Bountiful Sushi shop with John Steer Jake is co-owner of Xtag & has exact paperwork as Ryion Butcher and Jake has made video testimony online against Ut plaintiffs #0081 [Another random co-conspirator of Andy’s.]

Jeff Parker: My first partner we bought first system stickers together Jeff has exact paper as Ryion and was at trial Feb, 26, 2013 #0082 [A random guy Andy found to support him at court because everybody else had finally figured out Andy was a fraud.]

Daris Garner: My third partner 06 after Jeff Parker we all worked for Saeed K. at Comcast, Daris has the same paperwork as Ryion B. and was at pretrial Holje would not speak to Daris nor Albright… #0083 [Another Xtagged fraud victim.]

Andre Rawka: John Steer gave Andre 1% ownership free for all the media Dre brought to Xtagged and yes it was the same paperwork as Ryion’s. Dre is now a climbing star in Utah #0084 [Some local rapper who Andy convinced to endorse his various scams for a price.]

Zachary Edwards: John Steer gave 1% ownership to Zac same reason as Dre above Zac can also verify conspiracy attacks on, Wiser e-cig,, etc. #0085 [Another Xtagged scam victim.]

Taylor Jones: John Steer gave ownership to Taylor from our Sushi shop in Utah yep same paperwork as plaintiffs. Taylor then brought our attention to Jason Cowdin for Xtagged real estate app, #0086  [Another Xtagged scam victim.]

Jason Cowdin: Taylor Jones got ownership for Jason C. from John Steer & I yep John gave Jason same paperwork as plaintiffs. Jason C. was responsible for big VC meeting one with his mentor that stated “Andy is not about money” then second meeting with Social Sam people. #0087 [Another Xtagged scam victim.]

Brain Davis: Mel & Brian 3% ownership of Xtagged Brian’s with Bountiful Brian Davis paperwork. #0088 [A real-estate investor from Ogden who refused to deal with Andy because Andy was never able to provide evidence that he was a legitimate.]

Chue Berriel: of CEA Property’s Investments llc co-OWNER of Xtagged since 2008 Daryl & Ryion tried to manipulate Chue by contacting her son Edward Gonzales as court has been in progress look at Chue’s statement on LinkedIn #0089 [Andy’s aunt who was scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars.  Andy spoofed her identity on LinkedIn to pretend that she wasn’t on the verge of turning him into the police.]

Ladd Quayle: plaintiff Kyle Cluff gave ownership to Ladd Q. you have copy of Kyle’s email to Andy telling Andy to give Ladd ownership of Xtagged here’s Ladd’s latest email April 8 2013 below #0090 [One of Andy’s victims who is eager to testify against him at trial.]

Professor John Richards of B.Y.U: he would not meet until our paperwork & no scam was confirmed Ladd has all emails from Steve klemark because Steve Bought Xtagged Dec of 2009… #0091 [Met with Andy once and saw through his garbage within minutes and refused to meet with him ever again.]

Rebecca Dunn: C.E.O 2008-2011 I have provided seven emails dating 01-25-08 to 03-02-08 that proves all you have copies of our Xtagged CEO Final warning letter. #0092 [Andy conned Rebecca into thinking she was CEO of his various scams.  She eventually realized that Andy was a fraud and turned over piles of evidence against Andy to the courts.  She will not be at trial.]

Andrew Couch of #0093 Andrew told all Xtagged workers “We are going to put Andy in prison no matter what” Andrew conspired with Daryl A. & Ryion B. to smear/slander Xtagged and then re-filed patent in May of 2010, Andrew’s & Andy’s 2007 [Principal at who has been harassed by Andy for years.  Has no interest in Andy or this case.]

Jonathan King: ex-FBI agent I meet with in 2009 plaintiff Kyle Cuff arrange meeting I told him about The smear/slander conspiracy back in 2009 and I gave him 40% ownership of Xtagged… #0094 [iSafe executive who knows better than most how much of a fraud Andy is.  The company came very close to suing Andy Esquivel for compromising their name by claiming that his scam was endorsed by them.

Final witness Leonard Martinez & his assistant: Allen Brady and I gave them $2,575.00 in 2010 to pay Plaintiff Chris E… Leonard can also confirm smear/slander conspiracy 2010 through 2013 #0095 [Leonard Martinez dumped Andy Esquivel as a client years ago because he realized that Andy was not only a fraud, but also crazy.  Leonard was the first of Andy’s string of lawyers to abandon Andy as a client in disgust.]


Andy Esquivel’s imagination still going

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Andy Esquivel

Just in case there was any doubt left in the world that pathological lying sociopath and convicted felon Andy Esquivel is completely insane, here’s a post from one of Andy’s blogs to dispel all doubt.

Andy pitched how important a car plates network was for future “Driverless Cars” at CES show 2007. Allen Brady “How would you call a Driverless Taxi, on your smartphone “Just take a pic of the Taxi’s plate number & it will meet you at a safe pick-up area like The Long Rangers Horse” Xtagged system is worth Billions…

Now there are several obvious problems with Andy’s delusion.  First of all, Andy never spoke at CES in 2007.  In fact, I doubt he could even afford to go.  If he did manage to scrape up enough money to go to Vegas that year and tried to talk to someone about “driverless cars”, he’d have been laughed out of the building.  Second, there is no “Xtagged system”.  Third, the idea of hailing a taxi by scanning it’s license plate before it arrives is ludicrous and not very well conceived.  It’s the kind of thing only a drug addict like Andy Esquivel could dream up.  Finally, “Lone Ranger” is spelled with an “E” not a “G” as in Andy’s post.  The ranger was alone, not long like a pipe.

Andy is still clinging to the delusion that his imaginary company is somehow worth “Billions”, which is a fantasy he will likely still be clinging to when he’s shipped off to prison for securities fraud later this summer.  The only question is whether Andy will try to impress the jury with his long list of imaginary inventions or whether he’ll go to jail quietly without so much as a whimper.


Andy Esquivel still refuses to pay child support

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Andy Esquivel child support check

Recently Andy Esquivel posted the following image on one of his blogs and bragged that he finally paid his ex child support as ordered by the court.  Here’s what Andy wrote:

Amount edited to save Denise Bartlett the shame:'( I couldn’t pay child support in Denver to force Judge to hear my case of Slander, Extortion, Conspiracy etc. & Daryl 04-03-2013 the Co. Judge noted it all:)x BUSTED;)x  I am on my way to see twins this week after 5 years, Denise Bartlett kept me from the twins for the amount on this money order, NOT:)x Denise did it to conspire with Daryl’s Xtagged Smear/Slander campaign:'(

That was last week, and the Utah Office of Recovery Services finally got the money and we just got the details about the amount sent….it was FIFTY BUCKS!!! ($50).  Now, some of you will recall that the Judge in Andy’s child support case ordered Andy to pay $320 per month in support, plus $50 per month in back payments to make up for the $320 per month he was supposed to be paying since November 2011, all of which is ON TOP of the $20,000 (plus interest) he still owes Utah ORS.  That means at MINIMUM Andy’s first child support payment should have been for $370.  If we simplify Andy’s support obligations to $10 per month, that means Andy just paid five days worth of support for two kids that he hasn’t paid a dime in child support for in the last TEN YEARS!!!

Andy keeps saying that the Judge in his child support case “noted” slander and extortion, but the truth is she did nothing of the sort.  What she did do was tell Andy “You can’t afford the luxury of being a stay at home father” and told him to get off his lazy butt and get a job.  She also noted the fact that Sindy Monzano, Andy’s live-in girlfriend and mother of three of his six illegitimate children, doesn’t have a job either.  Her EXCUSE was that this blog is keeping her out of work, but last time I checked McDonalds doesn’t check social media when making hiring decisions.

The bottom line is that Andy Esquivel is a complete loser and his girlfriend is not much better.  Both are living on public assistance with no intention of even looking for productive work while they continue to have babies as if they were millionaires.  Normal people have jobs and don’t have kids until they can afford them.  Andy clearly is not only not normal, he’s just plain lazy…as if being a convicted felon and a con-artist wasn’t bad enough.


Andy Esquivel loses his mind…

Posted on April 30, 2013 in Andy Esquivel's Scams

Andy EsquivelToday Andy Esquivel posted the clearest evidence to date that he is either strung out on drugs or that he needs to be committed to a mental institution immediately. This 5 minute video posted on Youtube clearly illustrates the state of Andy’s mind and will immediately convince anybody watching that Andy is not only a fraud, but probably shouldn’t be on the outside of a padded cell.

The premise of this video is that Wiser Technology, Andy’s fake company with no employees, no office, no revenue, no capital, and no customers is somehow the world’s center of innovation and were it not for the interference of Andy’s fraud victims and the Utah justice system, Andy’s imaginary inventions could have saved lives at the Boston Marathon.

What inventions you ask? Well in this video alone, Andy claims to have invented an app that reminds you at regular intervals that today might end badly (this is not a joke – watch the video). In another portion of the video, Andy claims to be the source of the idiotic idea of training homeless animals (he specifically mentions ‘cats’) to be bomb-sniffing homeless animals.

It is clear from the content and tone of this video that Andy Esquivel has completely lost his mind. The timing couldn’t be worse for this onset of sudden and complete psychosis, as Andy’s final pre-trial hearing is scheduled for May 7th. Andy needs to detox before then so he can cope with the state’s motion to compel discovery.

In other news, Andy recently posted a cashiers check on his Diigo blog that he claims is a child support payment (the amount is obscured to avoid a more thorough inspection). Unfortunately for Andy, neither the Utah Office of Recovery Services nor the Colorado Department of Child Support Enforcement received any such payment, so Andy is still not in compliance with a recent court order that he begin paying $370 per month immediately.


Andy Esquivel invents Web Super Hero!

Posted on April 23, 2013 in Andy Esquivel's Scams Trial Updates

Just when you thought Andy Esquivel’s schemes couldn’t get any more childish and insane, he comes up with something that’s so incredibly stupid it makes you wonder how he managed to get out of kindergarten.

This is “Super X-Man”, Andy’s latest super-hero.  Andy claims to have created this cyber-crime fighting character for i-Safe and for John King’s kids.  Both assertions are completely untrue of course, but that won’t stop Andy from pretending that this character had something to do with his Xtagged scam back in 2009.

The cartoon character is actually a Zaazu smiley lifted from this website (fourth row, first smiley) and modified in Photoshop to sport an “X” instead of an “S”.  Andy is notorious for finding cute characters online and pretending he came up with the graphic himself or licensed it’s use for one of his scams (Crazy Frog being the most notorious example).  Here’s how Andy describes the new super hero and once again claims that the little character would have saved the world had it not been for the exploits of evil mastermind Daryl Acumen:

D.O.B: 2009 meet Super X online delete man his promise is to fight online crime & delete people like Daryl Acumen & his Xtagged co-conspirators, trust us Superman don’t eXist but online Super X-man does his true name will be revealed soon;)  …Andy created this internet superhero for ex-F.B.I. agent Mr. King’s kids of www.I-Safe.Org in 2009:)x Here’s Daryl Acumen’s face after Super X busted Daryl:'( cry baby… Team Wiser
The World Wide Web’s first Superhero that actually fights Cyber Crime using Digital Internet Dna System

So there you have it – this stolen Zaazu smiley is going to save the internet with fictitious Digital Internet DNA technology that Steve Klemark isn’t smart enough to spell, much less invent, and he would have done it already if it hadn’t been for those pesky fraud victims who keep pressing charges against Andy for stealing their money.

In related news, the final pre-trial hearing in Andy’s securities fraud trial has been moved up one week – probably to deal with the fact that Andy still refuses to fully comply with a mutual discovery order issued by Judge Connors over a month ago.  The court will likely rule on prosecutor Nathan Lyon’s ‘motion to compel  and will force Andy to hand over all witness information, potential testimony, and all remaining documents on pain of a contempt finding.  Full case update available here [PDF].

The new pre-trial hearing has been set for May 7th in the same court-room.  Hopefully Andy will be able to fly out for the hearing, since it probably won’t end well in his absence.




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Andy Esquivel

Well not really, but in the following email [PDF] from Andy Esquivel to his e-cigarette supplier in China, Andy CLAIMS to have sold Wiser technology to some people with “lots of money” and tries to convince his supplier to reduce the size of his order because the $4,000 he managed to steal and Western Union to China was all he would be able to send.  Andy’s supplier responds with a follow-up email [PDF] stating that they will not send any more e-cigarettes until Andy wires the balance owed.

William I sold Wiser technology I am under contract and I cannot talk about it, until my attorney says it’s ok. And the new owners have lots of money you don’t want to lose this account its big just send the difference in e-cigs send half of both batteries any color, NO mint! if you want they don’t care they want to carry both anyway William and they will order from you they are just spooked about giving more cash money. I will make you a deal you send 230 and I personally will western union the rest of money just as I did before with $4.000 I told you in email that they told me not to western union the money and I did anyway of my own personal money.

All of this is an obvious scam.  If Andy had really sold Wiser technology (which didn’t legally exist at the time) to a group of people with lots of money’ then why was he having such a hard time coming up with the rest of the cash for the e-cigarettes he ordered…which were the company’s only product?  What did Andy do with the money from the supposed sale?  If he sold his company, then why didn’t he have enough money to pay his ex for back child support (I’ve already sent a copy of this email to ORS)?  Why couldn’t he pay the scammed Utah investors back?

The bottom line is, Andy Esquivel is a very talented liar.  It takes a lot of guts to spout nonsense that is so utterly unbelievable and to be able to keep a straight face so that people actually wonder if there’s a shred of truth in what you are saying.


Andy Esquivel’s Xraza Phone exposed!!!

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Andy Esquivel

One of the goofier imaginary products which Andy has pretended to have invented is the “Xraza Phone.”   This is a sister product to the equally imaginary “Chinera Phone” which Andy pretended to have invented some time earlier.

The concept for the Xraza Phone is as racist as it is ridiculous.  Andy pretended to have purchased an iPhone knock-off from China for $27 and claimed he was going to develop a series of apps for it that would appeal to immigrants.  He claims the apps would include Google Translate so that immigrants could understand English, and makes reference to features designed to appeal to ‘Chinese people’.  Here’s the text of an email [PDF]Andy sent to Leonard Martinez pitching the idea:

Subject: Leonard please call me App for Airport is from 2 party company
and they have a third party company that want to trade technology and
all they want is percentage of Wiser tech
From: Andres Esquivel <>
Date: Tue, November 23, 2010 12:27 pm
They won’t let me unveil Airport app until i have answered a question that I think you need to advise on
please call 720-318-0625 i had to get a new phone because i made deal with china and they sold me
Phone that is alot like the Iphone at 27 dollars a unit this new company not William they loved my idea
of Making La Raza Iphone for Hispanics community I am calling it Xraza the phone’s app’s are all to
help immigrants just like the Chinese people help each other to succeed We will make a phone that
brings all Latino together sample one of the App’s on the phone is Google Translator and next app
would be to your attorney office just call me please
Thank You Much! Andres Esquivel
Sent with Chimera WiserPhone…

Obviously the “Xraza phone” doesn’t exist, but the majority of Andy’s emails contain a signature line claiming that they were sent from one.  Obviously Andy enjoys pretending to be a mobile app developer.  If he actually developed one, he might be able to earn enough money to pay his monthly child support bill.



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Andy Esquivel

Andy Esquivel LOVES to brag that he’s being followed by hoards of press.  Here’s an email [PDF]from his former attorney Leonard Martinez warning him not to talk to any members of the press, particularly Heidi Hemmatt of KDVR Fox 31 in Denver.

We worked with Heidi to set up the interview with Andy because we were sure he was dumb enough to go through with it.  We had her call Allen Brady to organize the meeting and Allen (having the IQ of a tape-worm) agreed.  Heidi specializes in exposing con-artists and criminals like Andy Esquivel.

Subject: Re: Interview with Heidi
From: Leonard Martinez <>
Date: Thu, October 21, 2010 11:30 am

If you are talking about Heidi Hemmat from Fox news, then absolutely NO. He is under
investigation and he is not to talk to anyone especially media!!

As you can see, Leonard was adamant that Andy not talk to the press because at the time he was “under investigation.”  Now that Andy has been indicted, that advice goes double, which is probably why Andy fired him.  Andy is a sociopath with a huge ego, so he’ll never stop claiming that the press is following him around, but at least we know he once received sound legal advice to avoid them like the plague.


We are Billionaires!!!

Posted on April 11, 2013 in Xtagged

In the following email [PDF] which Andy Esquivel sent on June 29th, 2010, Andy announces to his followers that they are all “Billionaires!!!!!!”.  The a doctored image of a mysterious device is then proudly attached to the email in order to convince Andy’s followers that soem new Xtagged invention has been released that will ensure them instant fame and fortune!

Unfortunately for Andy, the device was neither an Xtagged product at all, but a prototype LG spart-phone concept from LG (actual photo to the right).

Notice how Andy whites out the product details so nobody with an IQ below 20 will realize that he’s stolen the image off the web?  Notice also the amateur  “Xtagged” logo added to the device with Microsoft Paint because Andy can’t afford Photoshop?

This is one of the last times Andy will affix the Xtagged logo to his falke inventions, because soon afterwards he would start labeling everything as Wiser Technology.  it’s amazing hos transparent Andy’s scams were back then!

Here are the details about the actual product:

Concept phones always look interesting, though very often the design isn’t practical for day-to-day use if it were made into a real product. The Flutter was an entrant for LG’s recently concluded Design the Future contest that encouraged users to come up with concept designs. This design didn’t win the competition, though it did manage to grab the Prop Master’s Choice Award. When closed, the Flutter looks quite sleek with only its numeric keypad showing, though we’re not too sure how the user is expected to see what’s going on. The phone can be split open to reveal a display that fans out, sporting a user interface that looks like an exact clone of Apple’s iPhone. Don’t expect to see this phone appearing in shops anytime soon.


Andy Esquivel brags about stealing $175,000!!!

Posted on April 11, 2013 in Andy's Threats Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel

As we get closer to trial, it helps to understand the scale of the scams Andy Esquivel has been perpetrating for the last three years.  In order to help the readers of this blog understand the extent of Andy’s crimes, I’d like to share the following email [PDF] which Andy sent in April of 2011.  In this email, Andy Esquivel actually brags about having stolen $175,000 from “investors” in Xtagged.  Note, Andy does not call them “owners”, but INVESTORS!  That is an important thing to observe because up until now the main argument in Andy’s purported legal defense has been the notion that he “never took no investors” and “never sold no securities” and that in fact all of the people who gave him money for shares in Xtagged were “owners”…which is effectively another way of saying the exact same thing.

Here’s an excerpt from the email:

The day I took you to Leonard Shar
remember… and Leonard didn’t want to talk to
you and you just went back and met him. Why
would he not want to hear your testimony bro
look what happened to you Shar when your
colleagues found the blogs about the S.E.C and
Andy the scammer. I only had $175,000 in
investors big deal that was my budget for
three years has put 1.1 million
in to bump in one year bro!!! Shar that day you
went to Leonard’s office he had told me that
the S.E.C did not even start a investigation…
Seven moths later!!!!!

If you ask me, it looks like Andy needs to get his story straight before he tells it to the judge.  Were these people ‘investors’ or were they ‘owners’ or does it really make a difference?  If Andy has any hope of getting this case thrown out before May 14th, then he probably needs to review his email and make sure he hasn’t spammed anything to the world that is going to contradict his witness testimony on June 12th.


Andy Esquivel DEMANDS that “fake” securities fraud case be dropped “A.S.A.P!”

Posted on April 11, 2013 in Andy's Threats Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel gets tough on the court!  On April 10th, Andy posted the following on his Diigo blog:

04/08/2013 Ladd Q. (6924 read) – – WHY are the plaintiffs paperwork called securities but not Ladd’s, Allen’s, Jeff’s, etc. all true Xtagged owners want this fake securities case dropped A.S.A.P!

As you can see, Andy is mad!  He wants to know why Allen Brady, Jeff whats-his-face, and Ladd Quayle’s Xtagged paperwork aren’t referred to as a “securities” while Ryion, Chris and Kyle’s paperwork is.  That is a very good question, and it’s probably something Andy can ask the court on May 14th at his pre-trial hearing.  If Andy is forceful enough about this apparent discrepancy, he might actually be able to convince the judge to throw the case out prior to the June 12th trial date.  Andy might consider presenting the judge with paperwork for all current and past owners of Xtagged and Wiser Technology to bolster his case.  If the court is so convinced that Ryion, Kyle and Chris’ paperwork all constitute ‘securities’, then you would think that the courts would have said something about the paperwork of those other owners as well.  I’m sure there’s a valid reason why only the paperwork for these three defendants was considered when bringing securities fraud charges against Andy, but he has a right to know what those reasons were.

Good luck Andy!  Maybe you should consider writing a letter to the court via the clerk’s office to expedite the process.  You’ll have to include all the subject paperwork as to add weight to your case for a dismissal, but at least you won’t have to wait until May 14th for a decision.


Andy Esquivel officially pisses off the court!!!

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Andy Esquivel

On April 2nd (a week ago) we posted here on this blog an email in which Andy Esquivel basically thumbed his nose at the Davis County Court and openly refused to comply fully with a motion for reciprocal discovery which the prosecution filed last year.  The motion was reiterated last month in a hearing in which the court went so far as to give Andy a deadline for compliance with the motion.  In non-legal terms, Andy was required to hand over all evidence to the prosecutor, including witness names, addresses, phone numbers, expected testimony, any exhibits he intends to present at trial, etc.  In response, Andy sent an idiotic email to the prosecutor claiming that he wasn’t going to fully comply with the order because 11 supposed “owners” of Xtagged who are supposedly going to testify at trial “don’t trust you guys!”

In response to Andy’s failure to fully comply with the prosecutions motion and to Andy’s ridiculous (but typical) email, the State of Utah filed a Motion to Compel [PDF]with the court, demanding that Andy immediately hand over a full witness list, each witnesses relationship to the defendant (ie:  Jobita Berriel – Andy’s Mother, Sindy Monzano – Live-in Girlfriend, John Steer – Cousin, etc…) so that the court can determine their objectivity and potential prejudice, contact information for each witness so that Davis County Prosecutor Nathan Lyon can get depositions from them if required, AND ALL DOCUMENTATION OR EXHIBITS Andy is pretending to be holding out on until trial.  If Andy fails to comply with the pending court order, he could be barred from presenting any such evidence in court on June 12th.

The Prosecutor attached a copy of the court order explaining what Andy needs to provide in exhibit A of the motion and also included a copy of Andy’s stupid email as exhibit B.  This is the second time one of Andy’s rambling emails has been admitted as state’s evidence and made a matter of public record to show what a brainless moron Andy is for future reference in court.

How dumb can a criminal get?  Hasn’t Andy learned yet that he can’t play games with the court and get away with it?  Don’t be stupid Andy, hand over all evidence to the court immediately – unless of course you don’t actually HAVE any evidence and this is all just you pretending that you’re Perry Mason.


Leonard Martinez dumps Andy Esquivel as a client March 2011

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New evidence revealed recently shows that Leonard Martinez dumped Andy Esquivel as a client on March 28th, 2011!  The email, which is terse but professional, shows that Leonard finally gave up on Andy nearly two years ago and reveals that all of Andy’s bragging about the legal work that Leonard has been doing since was simply a figment of his over-active imagination.

The full text of the email is attached below or you can click here to read the full email with Andy’s response.  This makes the third lawyer Andy has scared away in two years.  Obviously these legal professionals know something that Allen Brady and Shar Jenkins don’t.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: My car wreck. All private owners bcc
From: Leonard Martinez <>
Date: Mon, March 28, 2011 6:33 am
To: Karma Cause <>
Cc: law firm <>, beck
<>, Shar <>,
“Steve klemark@denvergov. org” <>, John Steer
Pursuant to the emails I have received and upon your request I have advised my office
to stop working on your cases and files. In the next few weeks you will receive a
breakdown of my billing and charges and if their is a refund you will receive a check for
that amount. Please be advised that any communications we have had is privileged
unless you waive such privilege.
Thank you and good luck in the future

Leonard A. Martinez
Leonard A. Martinez & Associates, P.C.
1050 Wadsworth Blvd
Lakewood, CO 80214
ph 303.623.3300
fax 303.623.3550



Andy Esquivel claims to extort $250,000!!!

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Andy EsquivelAccording to an email sent to his supporters on January 7th, 2011, Andy Esquivel managed to extort $250,000 from investors in Colorado AFTER the nearly $250,ooo we’ve shown that he managed to steal from previous investors in Utah.  This is an important development because it proves either that Andy Esquivel had enough cash on hand to pay child support in 2011 (although he told the court on April 3rd that he did not) or that Andy Esquivel is a very good (and brave) liar!

Here’s the full text of the email for you all to inspect.  Note: When Andy says “SEO” he means “SEC,” which in his illiterate mind means the Utah Department of Securities.  The investigation he’s referring to is the one which resulted in the felony fraud charges he is now facing trial for.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Just got done with meeting Shar and Steve
From: Andres Esquivel <>
Date: Fri, January 07, 2011 4:50 pm
To: (…the whole world bcc)
Hey just letting you know that we all thought the SEO had started investigation the guys blog it so
much that its confusing how the SEO did not tell them to stop or you even I have my family
colleges all think there is SEO investigation going on so I am confused also! So Steve is a little
uneasy that nothing been done for now rep me only they say they are going to get council For
Wiser Technology Inc And law suite and they have asked me to meet with Shar’s
Attorney on wedsday so I said yes and they so you dont have to be there! tThey gave me
$250,000 cashiers check Shar is with 5 links he has already told them he will be in control of 25%
WiserTechnology once it is Incorporated Steve and him already have investors on the ball that is
why it is so important to kill the bull crap when i first hired you and we put you pic on
wiserTechnology no one blogged a thing about Wisertechnology and then when they were calling
you and you were not giving them a definite awser they started blogging against everything and then
i sent out edited receipt from you and they stopped again until Daryl told the dummy’s that the
receipt was for my car wreck and that it was for $400 daryl said so they all started again so i finally
ended everything by sending the unedited receipt and the new that the man who they knew as
Wiserman and they are all now blogging that as soon as wiser man finds out that Andy is a scam he
will be suing Andy too they bogged that so i used my chest Piece and sent no only your unedited
receipt but a video from Shar telling who he is and leonard his family is big they live next door to
the lutenute Governor he took xtagged to all his dads connections and his name also got smeared
when Daryl started all the xtagged bloggs So me Steve told Shar to not let them know who he was
because we had a plan.
Thank You Much! Andres Esquivel
Sent with Chimera WiserPhone..


New XAndyHero video

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Here’s the latest episode of XAndyHero, the video blog by one of our favorite Andy Esquivel fans!


Andy loses big at child support hearing

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Andress "Andy" Esquivel

Andy Esquivel had a bad day yesterday at his child support hearing.  This hearing was for current child support owed through Colorado and doesn’t even address the nearly $20,000 in back child support Andy already owes.

Yesterday a judge in Colorado spanked down Andy’s repeated assertions that the $5,000 check he extorted illegally from Ryion Butcher and gave to his ex should count towards his child support balance.  She pointed out to Andy that the current hearing was only to deal with the money he’s owed since November of 2011.

Andy has been ordered to pay $320 per month plus $50 per month in back support for the balance accrued since 2011.  He is still awaiting a court hearing for the $20,000 he owes prior to November 2011.

Andy argued that he’s broke and doesn’t have a job.  he said he’d bene tryign to find work but that potential employers continue to find this website, which has destroyed his good name (Andy has a criminal record going back 20 years that includes statutory rape, burglary, weapons and drug charges as well as domestic abuse…all of which is a matter of public record).  The judge wasn’t buying it and told Andy to get a job anyway.  She stated flatly that Andy has five children and thus doesn’t ‘have the luxury of sitting at home’ on his ass watching TV all day.  When Andy repeatedly tried to bring up Xtagged and Wiser Technology, the judge stopped him mid-sentence and asked “are any of these projects generating money?” – to which Andy was forced to answer “No.”

Andy was ordered to begin paying both the current payments and back child support immediately.  If he fails to pay child support as ordered by the court, then he will be forced to re-appear in June and explain why.  He could then face stiff penalties as Colorado’s deadbeat-dad laws are no joke.

It must suck to be a complete loser.


Donna Martinez warns Andy Esquivel to stop sending ranting emails

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On Back in 2011, Donna Martinez of Millennium Marketing warned Andy to stop sending crazy, ranting, psychotic emails to the entire world.  Unfortunately Andy wasn’t smart enough to understand her, much less to listen.  Posting this to illustrate that when an idiot gets good advice, he’s usually not goint to listen.

On May 18, 2011, at 10:28 AM, “Donna Martinez” <[redacted]> wrote:

Andy,  I have no idea who Stephenie is and why you are allowing these ranting emails to be sent out again.  Did you not listen to anything I said when I met with you and Shar in March about doing business with you and these badly constructed emails with poor grammar, spelling and ranting needing to STOP.  These emails have nothing to do with how you expand and market your business & products.  It will only harm you and keep you from growth and revenue.

Please remove my email address from your list.  You’ll find it in my e-signature below.

You have no idea the opportunities you have wasted.   This is a very sad state of affairs you’ve involved yourself again. I do not do business in this manner or do I associate with people who do.

Donna Martinez
Millennium Media
Marketing-PR-Bus Development


Andy Esquivel thumbs his nose at the court (again)

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Andy Esquivel

Pathalogical lying sociopath and convicted felon Andy Esquivel gave us all another reason to peg him as the dumbest human being alive today by sending out a hilarious email in which he basically thumbed his nose at the Utah court system and openly refused to comply with an order to fully comply with the prosecution’s mutual discovery motion.  In the email, Andy basically claims that although the “11 owners” of the Xtagged scam have evidence which will be presenting at trial, he won’t hand it over to Davis County Prosecutor Nathan Lyons because “they don’t trust you guys.”

[Fraud Case Updates]

Earth to Andy – This is a criminal trial and you’ve been ordered by the court to hand over all evidence to the prosecutor.  Holding out a few slips of paper because you claim your supporters “don’t trust” the court is basically contempt.  Not only could you be cited and fined for withholding evidence, but you could actually find yourself in jail prematurely simply for refusing to comply with Judge Connors’ order.  Furthermore, any evidence which you fail to hand over to the prosecution will not be admissible at trial, but you probably already knew that right?

Andy goes on to accuse Davis County of “racism” (big surprise) and claims he’s going to ask the judge to move the trial to another venue because everyone in Utah is so mean to him.  Here’s a copy of the full email:

From: “Karma Cause” <>
Date: Apr 2, 2013 11:25 AM
Subject: Allen delivers my evidence 03/21/13 one year after…
To: “Deputy Attorney”, “Utah Investigator”, “” <>, “John Steer” <>, “shar” <>, “Jobita B” <>, “chue berriel” , “j_park32” <>, “Daris Garner” <>, “Talor” <>, “saeed” <>, “Chris E. 1” , “MOM2” , “beck”
Cc: “Digital I-D filed” <>, “leo” <>, “Steve K” <>, “Adam Platt” , “shar” <>

To: Mr. Lyon & Xtagged owners.

Allen Brady told me that he delivered my bundle of evidence Xtagged, Inc. papers etc.03/21/2013 exactly one year after the plaintiffs committed massive perjury on the stand. <<<—– Video evidence of plaintiffs committing witness tampering.  
I have attached attorney Albrights text lie & the 2009 $2,500 cashiers check to Ryion Butcher that was given to Logan Laws to give to Ryion because Ryion was combative and wanted to fight because he was to be bought out by a black guy Shar Jenkins (Ryion is extreme racist witness: Jeff Nicklaus he went to school with Ryion) that’s why white Steve Klemark from the Denver PD Halo project I attached his ID, well Steve Klemark made $5,000 money order for Ryion Butcher Oct of 2009 and Ryion Butcher wrote back to Steve Klemark:
Look at this email from Ryion Butcher 1% owner of  Xtagged I was going to post one from Chis E. my attorney ask me not to. Only Media
———- message ——————-
From: ryion butcher <>
Date: XXX at 11:36 PM
Subject: RE: XXX!
Cc:, dale <>,,,

Private until court!!! XXX!

Look below how Ryion signs off!


Ryion Butcher
1% Owner XTagged –
Entitled to 1% of all dividends and profits

World Peace!

Please keep in mind Mr. Lyon that the evidence bundle I gave you does not have evidence from all 11 other Xtagged owners until trial they don’t trust you guys because of Holje & Albrights lies but they will be at trial with videos.

Steve Klemark bought in 2009 and Holje nor Albright ever contacted Steve, Rebecca Dunn Xtagged CEO 2009-2011 she has never been contacted.

I am going to request new pretrial date asap now that you have seen 2008 Xtagged, Inc paperwork all legit and proof of perjury & witness tampering on behalf of the plaintiffs & Daryl Acumen. I believe if this case is not dropped asap I can asked the judge to move this trial to another court based on my evidence of extreme prejudice.

Oh here’s the link that proves extortion by Ryion & Kyle:
Have a great day Andy Esquivel
(Key media bcc)
Andres Esquivel KarmaCause CEO:
Sent with my Xraza-phone

There are so many ways we can make fun of Andy after he sends out emails like this one:  Whyis it that none of these “Key media” personalities who are always “bcc” on all of Andy’s emails ever show up for any of his

Steve Klemark - Denver Police Department

hearings?  Why is it that nobody’s ever seen this mythical “Xraza-phone” that Andy claims to use to send these emails and if there is a such thing as an “Xraza-phone”, then why did he lie to Judge Connors and tell the court he “don’t carry no phone”?  Why haven’t we hard from Steve Klemark in ages except through fake Linked-In profiles and secondary references from Andy?  Is the Denver Police Department really ok with Andy showing off scanned copies of Steve’s security badge to promote his own criminal activity?

In other news, Andy has a hearing tomorrow at 3pm with the Jefferson County Court in which he needs to explain why he has failed to comply with a lawful order to pay child support.  As I write this, Andy owes over $20,000 in back child support for the first two of his six children and hasn’t made an effort to find a job so that he can pay the amounts which he continues to owe monthly.  Andy asked for tomorrow’s hearing to buy himself more time since he has no intention of seeking work, but he has no grounds on which to argue for a reduced payment or a reduction in the amount he already owes.  IN fact, Andy’s child support liability was based on minimum wage employment specifically because the court was unable to verify ANY kind of legitimate employment for Andy in the last ten years.  Andy’s continuous threats of legal action and “jail” made repeatedly to members of the Colorado Child Support Enforcement office which is handling this case have not deterred the state’s attorneys or impressed the judge.  For an overview of the child support case proceeding against Andy, click here [PDF].


Andy Esquivel prepares for child support hearing

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Andy Esquivel

Andy Esquivel is scheduled to appear in court for a child support hearing on Wednesday.  The court will try to determine how a guy who claims to have invented everything from inflatable car covers, blue-tooth enabled electronic cigarettes, numerous pornographic mobile phone apps, alcoholic energy drinks, Internet DNA, and tools to prevent mass shootings in shopping malls can’e afford to pay child support for his first two kids.  Andy, who will be representing himself because eh can’t afford an attorney, will attempt to persuade the court that he should be let off the hook because he gave the $5,000 he conned out of Ryion Butcher to his ex once in an effort to convince her he was now a wealthy man.  That argument would probably carry a little weight, except for the fact that the Colorado Department of Child Support Enforcement has been following the fraud trial here in Utah closely and is fully aware that Andy is a criminal.

Andy has been preparing for this hearing by calling the Colorado department of Child Support Enforcement on a daily basis threatening to sue the department and send everybody who works there to prison (sound familiar)?  The calls got so disruptive that the department actually went to the trouble of having Andy’s calls routed to a special answering service so that nobody would have to talk to him unless there was some sort of “medical emergency”.

Currently Andy owes around $20,000 in back child support – and counting.  It’s kind-of pathetic that a guy who claims to be such a brilliant inventor can’t even come up with a few hundred dollars a month to support his own children, but I guess you can’t expect a sociopath to get a job and pay his bills.


Con-artist tries to profit from Erica Forney’s death!

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Of all of Andy Esquivel’s fake inventions, this one has to be the most pathetic!  It’s a bicycle helmet that Andy bought from Walmart, photographed, added a sticker to with a cheap photo editor, and then tried to pass off as a serious invention that he claims to be donating to a dead child in Colorado…sick!  Here’s the product description in Andy’s own words.

There are two Buttons on the helmet: (1) MY & (2) SUNSHINE.  As the child pushes the buttons together, the lock mechanism that holds the helmet to the bike seat releases.  Both buttons must be pushed at the same time.   When pushed correctly, a tune to ‘You are my sunshine’ plays as the child is putting on the helmet .  A built in sensor then recognizes that the helmet is in place on the head of the child and turns the music off!  This was developed for and will be donated to Karma Cause Erica Forney Foundation!

Using the death of a child to pump up your own scams is disgusting.  Doing so in this cheap a fashion is just plain wrong.  Andy Esquivel should go to jail for this disgrace alone, but the jury likely won’t hear the story because Andy will be too ashamed to share.


Wiser N.P.Z. to debut at trial!

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Wiser No Phone Zone (fake app)

Andy Esquivel’s fake “Wiser No Phone Zone” app to debut at trial on June 12th!  Andy has stated in recent blog posts that:

“The men connected to 2008-2013 conspiracy will be charged with drivers deaths for the last three years Wiser N.P.Z app would have saved lives.”

It’ll be exciting to hear Andy’s testimony about this fake app, which Andy claims that he donated to a deceased child in Colorado, in court on June 12th.  I’m sure the jury will be impressed.  If Andy can convince the jurors that all these marvelous, life changing inventions could have come to market and saved lives were it not for the “evil Xtagged conspiracy” and the “false charges” against him, then he might have a chance at securing a not guilty verdict.  At the very least it will make for a hugely entertaining trial!

I’ve attached a screen shot of Andy’s fake app to this blog post.  If you look closely you can tell the image is doctored with a cheap photo editor and isn’t really an image taken form a phone.  If you search the app store, you’ll further discover that no such app exists either on Android or iOS.  in fact, “Wiser Technology’ doesn’t even have a developer license for either platform.

Personally i think it’s sick for a con-artist to leverage the deaths of innocent people to pump up his own scams, but that’s just me.  What do you think?


Pathological liar can’t keep his lies straight…

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An image of the MySpaceTagged website as it looked on late 2007 when I met Andy Esquivel for the first time. Notice the Skybar banner ripped from and the advertisement for the fake MySpaceTagged reality TV show.


Andy Esquivel - pathological liar

The trouble with pathological liars is that they can never keep their lies straight.  Case -in-point is Andy Esquivel’s ridiculous claim that I once worked for him at Xtagged.  Andy has repeated this story over and over again ad-nauseam and I’ve repeatedly refuted the story by pointing out that I was working for Omniture at the time and the chances of me leaving a lucrative career at a company on the verge of a successful IPO to join a con-artist at a fictitious company that owned a website that generated only a tiny fraction of the traffic I was driving on my own entertainment website were exactly zero!  Andy claims that my supposedly being fired from his scam explains why I’m so determined to see him brought to justice for his crimes.

The latest installment in this gag is the following post on Andy’s Diigo blog.  I’ve atatched a screen capture to this blog because I’m sure Andy will delete the post once he realizes how stupid it sounds.

Daryl Acumen was fired from Xtagged 2006 and tried to come back but Allen Brady told him NO in 2007 at Xtagged club PlayGround. Daryl then started Xtagged smear/slander campaign which excelled big time in 2009 because of Bump.

Andrew Phipps filed patent May of 2010 after he was convinced Xtagged conspiracy was sending Andy to prison falsely! Andy has phone call recorded with Andrew Couch 2008-2009 Andrew says “Andy if you are not going to join with us give me your address so I can send you cease & desist order because we already filed patent before you” Liar Liar Liar…

MyspaceTagged (2007)

The MySpaceTagged website as it looked in late 2007 when I first met Andy Esquivel. Notice the Skybar banner copied from and the advertisement for a fake reality TV show in the upper right-hand corner.

Even though every word of this post by Andy is a lie, my favorite part is the first sentence: “Daryl Acumen was fired from Xtagged 2006 and tried to come back but Allen Brady told him NO in 2007…”  Now, never-mind the fact that “” wasn’t even registered as a domain name until October 26th of 2007, the fact is even if I was dumb enough to accept a ‘job’ from a convicted felon like Andy Esquivel in 2006 it would have been impossible because I didn’t even MEET Andy Esquivel until the Winter of 2007!

In mid 2007 Andy Esquivel stole a banner from my website to promote a nightclub in an effort to get free drinks from the owner.  The owner asked me to talk to Andy to find out if he was legitimate later that year.  I finally met Andy in November 2007 and by late January 2008 I was beginning to realize he was actually a scam.  I have photographic proof to substantiate my timelines, including a photo of my license plate taken January 27th, 2008 at Andy’s request, but I’ll save them to embarrass Andy with in the event I’m called to testify at his fraud trial in June.  The entire scope of my interactions with Andy Esquivel and his Xtagged Scam, prior to his offer to buy from me for $150,000 in 2009, was the three months from late November 2007 until February 2008.  It took me a little over two months to figure out that Andy Esquivel was a con-artist and his Xtagged website was a scam, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I would learn the full extent of his criminal activity and be inspired to help bring him to justice.  It’s a shame the real owners of the now defunct “Club Playground” aren’t around to testify to Andy’s attempts to defraud them, but I suppose three felony counts of securities fraud will have to suffice for now.


Andy Esquivel release “psychedelic” new music video!

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Psychedelic Andres EsquivelUnder the new YouTube profile “UtahVenger” (which must be some kind of super-hero alter-ego or something), Andy has released a “psychedelic” new music video.  The video starts off with Andy going over the evidence he’s compiled to comply with the March 26th discovery deadline in his securities fraud case.  He talks about Rebecca Dunn’s stack of evidence, and then mentions a man named Brian Davis, who Andy admits he tried to scam out of $100,000!  Next Andy cuts over to a scene where he’s driving to Farmington Utah to deliver a stack of papers to his former attorney and then the music starts.

The camera is shaky, the music is funky, it’s altogether like something out of the 1960s.  Andy spends the rest of the music video showing screen shots of his various Diigo posts, which collectively point to a vast conspiracy to endanger children by stifling Wiser Technology in it’s good and noble work to save humanity.  Andy posts the following in support of this claim:

Amazing the end music is genius “Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks [LYRICS]” Media this highlights my email to you & the authority’s that the stall tactics Albright & Hurst were engaging in kept Wiser technology ideas from saving children’s lives, I emailed some of you media the idea to prove, it was a donation to CHS! The song is warning for kids to run for now because WT has its hands cuffed or tied by Utah Davis court. This is truly Karma Cause “Desperation Breeds Creativity”

I’m actually kind of curious as to whether this “Wiser Technology can save kid’s lives” thing is part of Andy’s defense?  The irony is that if Andy can convince a jury that Wiser Technology could have saved the lives of many children were it not for the Xtagged conspiracy, he might actually win enough sympathy to force a not-guilty verdict.  Hopefully Andy doesn’t catch on to that fact and sticks to his “ wanted to steal Xtagged” story.


Andy Esquivel’s mother posts bail…

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Andress "Andy" Esquivel

In spite of the fact that Andy Esquivel has now lost two attorneys because of his propensity for mouthing off online, our little friend from Colorado still hasn’t learned his lesson.  Andy is now posting on YouTube and claiming that I’m somehow going to “prison” in connection with HIS securities fraud case.  Just for fun I went ahead and called Andy out by pointing out that in fact he was the one facing fraud charges and the potential of jail time not me, to which Andy responded:

“Yeah Andy is in prison right ‘Bountiful BOY'”

Apparently, Andy has forgotten that the only reason he’s not in prison right now is that his mother bought a $10,00 bond through Surety Bail Bonds to secure his release.  Because Andy has such a short memory and is getting more and more cocky about being able to walk the streets in spite of his recent incarceration and upcoming criminal trial, I thought I’d go ahead and post the details of his bail bond (which is a matter of public record) for our readers to inspect and enjoy.

[Details of Andy Esquivel’s $10,000 bond]

As you can see from these documents obtained from the court, Andy’s mother Jobita Berriel secured the $10,000 bond for her son’s release with a down payment of $540 in cash on 7/29/11 and the promise to pay the $500 balance on 8/6/2011.  Without this bonding agreement with Surety Bail Bonds, Andy Esquivel would still be in prison awaiting trial.  Since Andy has no money and no job, there is no way he would have been able to come up with the money himself.

Enjoy freedom Andy!  Unless you’re able to prove the existence of an Xtagged conspiracy, it might not last.


2/26 Pretrial audio online now!

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Andress "Andy" EsquivelThe audio transcript of Andy Esquivel’s February 26th pre-trial hearing is online now exclusively at!


Andy has been bragging on his various scam blogs that you can call the court and order “video” of the proceeding, but (as usual) Andy is lying.  No video is available of the hearing, only the audio we provide here.

The hearing went pretty much as expected: Andy kept insisting he was innocent, indicating that he probably won’t plead ‘Guilty’  until he very last minute.  The judge noted Andy’s intention to represent himself, but explained that he will still be required to follow the protocols of the court, and Andy agreed.  A trial date was set for June, which was the earliest they had available.  The prosecution pushed a 2012 motion for reciprocal discovery which Andy still has not complied with – meaning that Andy still hasn’t provided the prosecution with his “evidence”, case overview, or a list of potential witnesses for trial.  Andy tried to pin the blame on WIlliam Albright, but his former public defender was quick to point out that (a) Andy had a copy of everything he gave to his investigator and (b) the point is moot because the motion is for Andy, not Albright, and it’s Andy’s responsibility to comply.  The court agreed and gave Andy a hard deadline of March 26th to hand over all evidence, testimony and witness lists to the prosecution.

“Your Honor, here’s where we’re at: He needs to comply with the motion that’s been made by the state for reciprocal discovery.  Whether he’s given me anything or not is moot because he’s got it!  He’s got whatever he gave me.  He gave me copies if he gave me anything at all (or my investigator), so what’s before the court right now is he needs a timeframe that he will comply with the motion for reciprocal discovery.” – William Albright

The highlight of the hearing was probably when Andy tried to make a big deal of the fact that trial had been postponed.  He asked the judge to tell him who had a calendar conflict and thus couldn’t make trial ‘today.’  The judge was understandably confused and explained to Andy that today was a pre-trial conference, that trial was stricken at the last pre-trial (which he missed) and that all the details were discussed in his absence…which apparently Alan Brady failed to convey.  At first Andy even pretended not to be aware that trial wasn’t going to begin on the 26th, even though he’s posted such several times across the web over the last several weeks.  The funniest part was when Andy started to tell the judge that he had “all [his]witnesses” present and ready to go, even though only Alan Brady and some woman described as an “older, heavy-set Latina with bad hair” were in the courtroom.  Shar Jenkins, John Steer, Steve Klemark, and Ron Kelsay were all noticeably absent.

Andy has been claiming that a slew of potential witnesses (including Rebecca Dunn) will be testifying in his defense.  If that’s true, then Andy has until the 26th to notify the prosecution so that the court can prepare for their testimony…otherwise they will all be forbidden from testifying and Andy’s evidence will not be permitted in court.  Obviously whatever was in the shoebox Andy gave to Nathan Hurst, the public defender didn’t find it very actionable.  It will be interesting to see what Andy does next.

Since Andy is now acting as his own counsel, his contact information is a matter of public record.  That information as provided to the court follows:

Andres “Andy” Esquivel
990 Upham Street
Lakewood Co. 80214
(770) 779-4737


Andy Esquivel rants about former public defender

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Andress "Andy" Esquivel

Andy Esquivel has posted another psychotic video in which he rants about his former public defender William Albright in a display that is almost certainly a ploy to convince the judge that he is mentally incompetent to stand trial.  Here’s the video:

[Video Link]

The video is a rambling mess in which And accuses Albright of basically being computer illiterate, and then accuses him of posting a YouTube video making fun of Andy, which makes zero sense.  The video is eleven minutes of absolute garbage that’s almost painful to watch.  By the end of the video Andy even accuses me of being some sort of super-hacker who breaks into government networks and does who knows what, which he claims is the reason he ‘fired’ me from his Xtagged scam.  …yes, this contradicts Andy’s previous stories explaining why he supposedly ‘fired’ me from his fake company.

Andy claims to have filed some sort of complaint against Albright with the Utah Sate Bar and claims that is the reason he ‘fired’ Albright.  Of course he makes no mention of the court filing in which Albright dumps Andy as a client because he found Andy’s actions “repugnant.”  There’s no evidence of any Utah Bar filing, but I’m sure Andy will post another video soon with screen shots of the letter he sent in an effort to scare other attorneys who might try to give him legal advice in the future.

According to Andy’s rant, William Albright and I are working together to expose the Xtagged scam, and Michael Holje is also involved.  The centerpiece of this conspiracy is the prosecutor in Andy’s assault trial in Bountiful where Andy plead guilty to ‘disturbing the peace’ in order to avoid a jury trial where he would almost certainly have been convicted of much more serious charges and possibly jailed.  Andy claims the the prosecutor in that case orchestrated a state-wide scheme to kidnap him, suppress evidence of the abduction, and hand his body over to a shadowy government agency interested in dissecting his under-sized brain.  You think I’m kidding?

Andy spends several minutes trying to explain that he doesn’t own WiserElectronicCigarette(s).com even though links to the domain can be found in all corners of his various websites and he used to brag about the website publicly and in Youtube videos which we have archived here on this website.  The reason Andy disavows the domain is that is was hacked ages ago and Andy was never quite able to figure out how to fix it.  He’s also afraid to admit that the people who built his original WEC website (a couple of gullible kids from an outfit called  Social Fuel) quit when they realized Andy couldn’t pay them for their work.

It’s an entertaining video, if a bit hard to follow at times.  Personally I think Andy is losing his mind.


Andy Esquivel explains why he’s broke…

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In a recent email, Andy Esquivel tries to explain to his followers why he’s broke. According to Andy, it all my fault and it has nothing to do with the fact that he hasn’t bothered looking for a job in the last 10 years. He also continues to promise easy riches from a huge “lawsuit” that’s eminent, even though Andy can’t even afford an attorney to represent him in his criminal trial.

“FYI especially all of you that was helping Xtagged in 2009 we do have a multi-million $ lawsuits against Bump & we all should have been living good by now it’s because of Daryl helping bump slander Xtagged you were cheated. when you call please let us know the movie producers wants to interview all who call officer Metcalf in American Fork thx.”

As you can see, Andy is also still clinging to the fantasy that he’s the subject of an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster that will rival “The Social Network” in US ticket sales. He’s also supposedly orchestrating a huge criminal case against me in American Fork for exposing all his businesses as scams and costing Utah taxpayers billions of dollars in tax revenue.

In another part of he same email, Andy pretends to be Shar Jenkins claiming “I will be monitoring emails for Andy while he’s on a month business trip thank you all!” It funny, but when I am on business trips I monitor my own email. I guess Andy likes pretending that he’s too rich and too important to check his own messages. I wonder where And’s pretending to be?

And in other news Andy claims to have developed an iPhone app to expose corrupt lawyers like the ones who kept encouraging him to take a plea deal rather than going to trial. I have an iPhone5 and I couldn’t find any such app in the iTunes Store, but Andy provides a fake link to a non-existent page to prove that it’s actually legit. Maybe Andy will provide a screen shot of this fake app for us to share…then he can explain to the world how he can afford to develop such sophisticated software when he can’t even afford to pay child support.


New trial date set in Andy Esquivel’s securities fraud case

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Andy Esquivel

A jury trial date has been set in the felony securities fraud trial of Andres “Andy” Esquivel.  At the pre-trial conference on February 26th, Andy waived his right to counsel and informed the court that he intends to represent himself.  A final pre-trial conference has been set for May 14th, followed by a 3-day jury trial on June 12th – 14th.  Judge Connors will preside over the trial.

[Trial update]

In a preview of what is to come, immediately after the trial Andy Esquivel filmed a crazy, ranting video immediately after the hearing in which he insists that the trial will never happen because the prosecutor keep stalling the case.  He also introduced star witness Jeff Parker, who nobody has ever heard of.  Speaking on the subject of Tuesday’s hearing, Andy Esquivel wrote:

“…Jeff Parker shows at court – YouTube. Holje & Albright are both connected to CORRUPTED PROSECUTOR J.C Ynchausti that covered up the attempted murder of John Steer when he was struck in the head five times by a que ball at hero’s.  This is why I told judge Connors at pretrial I can not trust attorneys

As soon as the audio transcript is available, we will post it for everyone to see.


Andy Esquivel introduces Jeff Parker

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Andy Esquivel introduces Jeff Parker at pre-trial

Andy has released a new video introducing Jeff Parker, a former investor in the Xtagged scam who is either not smart enough to recognize the fact that Andy is about to be convicted of fraud or who simply doesn’t care.  This video was shot (by Andy because apparently Ron Kelsay has given up on his documentary featuring Andy and has stopped following Andy to Utah every other week) yesterday immediately after court.  It includes claims by Andy that the court refuses to tell him who asked for a delay in the trial (which is a matter of public record), and that Albright never interviewed Jeff Parker who he claims is an essential witness in his defense.

Anyway, Andy goes on to talk about Dakota Iverson, who has recently learned about these criminal proceedings from this blog and has started attending the pre-trial hearings out of curiosity.  Andy attempts to dilute Dakota’s testimony that Andy ripped him off of wages at Xtreme Sushi by accusing Dakota of “stealing” his “$2,000 basketball.”  I personally think that’s one of the funnier claims that Andy has made in his defense.

A $2,000 basketball Andy?  Seriously?  Maybe you should include that in yoru courtroom testimony…see how that impresses the judge.


Andy Esquivel Fan Videos!

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I was surfing the web today and I stumbled across a series of exceptionally well made Andy Esquivel fan videos that I think you will all enjoy!  In case you lose the link to this post, a permanent link to these videos is now included in the fan videos section under videos in the main navigation above.


Andy Esquivel gets desperate!

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Andy Esquivel shows off this fake blogger post which he pretends is from me

Andy Esquivel is getting really desperate ahead of his pre-trial hearing on Tuesday.  He showed off his desperation over the weekend when he posted ‘smart-phone’ photos of a screen shot of what he supposes to be a post from me in which I allegedly tell him, Leonard Martinez and my mother to “go to hell”.  The image is obviously fake and I had a lot of fun picking the image apart this morning before work.  Here are some things to notice which prove the image was concocted by Andy, not a legitimate post by yours truly:

  • First of all , the design of the fake post is meant to resemble the template of my site, but differs in some important ways:  (a) the date is in a black bar at the top of the page, not in a tag in the upper left corner like my template (b) there are no social media icons below the tags section like in my template, and (c) the blog title has a purple underline like in a Word document, unlike my template on Blogger.
  • The date of the post is February 14th.  Unfortunetaly for Andy, I didn’t launch my blogger site until February 22nd.  Do your homework, buddy.
  • The grammar and sentence structure of the post are both horrible, which is typical of Andy Esquivel, but would be very unusual for me. “Rebecca Dunn can go to hell.  She hates my wife Shirley Acumen that’s why she helps Andy the con artist” sounds like it was written by an infant.  At the very least you need to hyphenate “con-artist”.  The second sentence is comprised of two independent clauses, so they need to be separated by a period or at least a comma.  The vocabulary is adolescent and needs to be brought up to college level.  …it’s just plainly obvious that I didn’t write this.
  • The tags at the bottom of the post include things I would never bother to tag: “ is” – is what?  Why do I care about  “Cody” – why would I add a tag for my old administrator?  He’s a nice kid, but he’s moved on and is doing quite well.  Besides that, he has nothing to do with this Xtagged drama.
  • The people I’m supposedly telling to go to hell are folks I barely know and/or would never bother condemning on a public blog post:  I have no idea who Andrew Couch and Mitch Thrower are.  I exchanged one email with Andrew Phipps, who promptly asked me never to email him about Andy or Xtagged again.  I’ve only met John Richards twice in my life; once for lunch and again at a GOP fundraiser for Mitt Romney.  John is a nice guy, so why would I tell him to “go to hell”?  My mother doesn’t support Andy anymore and has in fact provided us with a wealth of background information on Andy’s scams, so why would I still accuse her of “[helping] Andy the con artist”?  As for Leonard Martinez, as far as I’m concerned he can go to the Devil, but he’s a legitimate lawyer and not a “scam”, so why would I post otherwise?  As for Andy, well he actually can go to hell…

It’s interesting that Andy has become so desperate only days before his pre-trial hearing on the 26th.  I’m kind-of curious what’s causing him to panic so.  Trial won’t be for at least another month, so he’s got plenty of time to pack before prison.  What is he so riled up about?


Andy Esquivel on a rampage part 2

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After discovering our new Wiser Technology Scam blog, Andy Esquivel threw a lug-nut and sent the following hilarious email.  Notice he send this email to William Albright’s investigator even though William Albright is no longer handling Andy’s criminal defense.  Andy’s big point is that the Utah Department of Securities asked for a the trial to be rescheduled to avoid calendar conflicts with other trials.  Andy takes extrudes from this a vast conspiracy theory that somehow ends in his eminent acquittal…go figure.

Re-posted here without edits (except to reduce the font size from the XX-LARGE that Andy likes to use for emphasis):

From: “Karma Cause” <>
Date: Feb 23, 2013 7:22 AM
Subject: Daryl & Adam have started again…
To: “Utah Investigator” <>, “MOM2” <>, “A sweet” <>, “” <>, “Adam Platt” <>, “Alll” <>, “law firm” <>, “leo” <>, “shar” <>, “John Steer” <>, “chue berriel” <>, “Jobita B” <>, “” <>, “Steve K” <>, “ron” <>, “Brian Doubleday” <>, “” <>, “Talor” <>, “Daris Garner” <>, “j_park32” <>, “sis2” <>, “Jason Webb” <>, “Jason Webb” <>
Cc: “news 1” <>, “news 2” <>, “news 3” <>, “news 4” <>, “news 5” <>, “news 6” <>, “adam5news” <>, “NBC Cal” <>

Xtagged system is worth billions:
“How would you call a self driving Taxi or Google car, punch in the plate number then it would return to your phones gps taxi area”  just like the long rangers horse. <— Here they go again FYI Adam Sweet had me arrested to keep me from seeing the SEC judge ask Allen & Steve we recorded Adam Sweet lie over and over he told Allen he had never talk to him Allen goes off on Adam Sweet, Adam called us for meeting after the SEC judge I recorded it all! I have also published it all! FYI we have sent this to all our family members Allen is on speaker phone as we speak he is sending it to his family also I advise all Xtagged owners due the same immediately.
Adam Sweet Lied! Adam had to have told Davis prosecutor they could not make trial.
To buy more time and get trial continued!

Shar & Allen were told by Thomas Brady Adam Sweet will not be testifying as a matter of fact Thomas told Shar Adam Sweet should have never been at the pretrial. 
This video below Shar talks about his meeting with Utah SEC Allen Brady Thomas Brady & Adam Sweet:
 Looks like Andy hasn’t learned anything yet after losing two attorneys because he doesn’t know when to shut up!

Andy Esquivel on a rampage part 1

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Andy’s on a posting and email rampage after the creation of our new Wiser Technology Scam blog at  He’s been posting replies and sending emails to supporters trying to win sympathy and make himself look less insane ahead of trial.  Here’s a sample of what he’s posted and what I have replied:

AndyFebruary 23, 2013 at 6:01 AM

Your such a coward Daryl and you know this is all recorded. Leonard told us everything he knew Xtagged system was worth “millions & billions” just as you stated Daryl & Shar is witness to that, why would you state that, Allen Fired you in 2007 you had nothing coming and your mom gave you a chance to come back you told her to F–K OFF… you will go to prison for helping Andrew we all will make sure of it! Fyi Daryl’s email just got another notification!

Daryl AcumenFebruary 24, 2013 at 12:51 PM

1. Xtagged isn’t worth anything, much less “millions & billions” of dollars. What Shar Jenkins heard as I came off the elevator at your harassment trial in 2012 was the tail end of me explaining to my brother-in-law why so many of your followers were dumb enough to follow you all the way to Utah for a criminal hearing. What I said to him was “…[Andy has] convinced these brainless monkeys that if they continue to follow him around the country like a heard of infected cattle, he’s going to be acquitted of all fraud charges and that they’re all going to be worth ‘millions & billions’ of dollars.” One of your brainless monkeys happened to be standing at the elevator door as it opened and I finished my sentence and, having no brain, came to the ridiculous conclusion that I was telling someone that I thought your worthless Xtagged website was worth “millions & billions of dollars”. I have the entire conversation recorded because I took the precaution of keeping the Sony voice recorder in my pocket turned on while I walked out of the courtroom where you begged the judge for more time – just in case you violated your no-contact order and I needed to provide evidence of such to the police.

2. I never worked for Xtagged or any other such scam you’ve invented, so the idea that I was ever “fired” from one by Allen Brady is laughable! I’ve had a very lucrative career for the last few decades and I wouldn’t have accepted a job offer from a moron like you if you offered me the world as a signing bonus. What Allen Brady and I DID talk about over drinks at the Playground in 2007 was whether or not I thought you were a scam-artist. Allen was having second thoughts about working with you and expressed his doubts about your legitimacy at the back bar while I we waited for nobody to show up to some promotional event you begged me to attend. I told Allen that I wasn’t sure if you were legitimate or not, but that he should be patient with you. I said that even though I’d already determined that you were probably completely full of crap and that your little “Xtagged” venture would go nowhere because I felt sorry for Allen and I didn’t want to crush his hopes right there at the bar. Years later at the dinner table with his mother, I told him the truth.

3. My mother never asked me to join Xtagged. In fact, when I found out from my father that she’d told him I was leaving my job to join Xtagged in 2010, I laughed historically and assured him that not only wouldn’t I ever consider such a move (because I was convinced by then that you were a criminal and I love my job) but that I hadn’t even spoken to my mother in months to receive such a solicitation in the first place. The bottom line Andy is that you haven’t stolen enough money to pay my salary for one year at any start-up ever managed to invent…and that’s saying a lot because you’re a pretty good thief.

Why don’t you spend a little less time worrying about what I do for a living and a little more time looking for a job for yourself.? I hear McDonalds hires people like you – with a note from the state that says you’re not dangerous.

AndyFebruary 22, 2013 at 6:37 PM

Daryl your going to prison… cat got your typing fingers!

Daryl AcumenFebruary 24, 2013 at 12:57 PM

I’m not the one on trial for three felony counts of securities fraud carrying possible jail time, Andy. The likelihood that I’m going to prison for your criminal activity is exactly ZERO!!!

AndyFebruary 22, 2013 at 3:40 PM

Bwahahahahahahah! Its over DDDaryl your going to prison. John Steer ordered this equipment not I. Daryl Herpes Acumen stated by his mother look is so desperate he will try anything to manipulate you all just like the pic above Daryl’s wife Shirley was big METH head back in the day and a lot more… What DDDaryl does not show you is the fight that’s why my shirt is ripped in pic above. Daryl why don’t your own mother talk to you? Rebecca’s last statement:

“911 info from Rebecca Dunn herself, MR.Daryl Acumen called her CRYING: “Please mom don’t let them put me in prison, please I beg you, I’m sorry”

Rebecca: “I warned you Daryl, in the end Andrew, Ryion and Ladd would blame the nxxxxx”

John Steer can you confirm this bro!

Daryl AcumenFebruary 24, 2013 at 12:11 PM

…um, yea. So anyway, let’s get some facts straight, shall we?

First of all, we have reliable testimony (from the mother of your two oldest kids no less) that YOU are the one with Herpes, Andy Esquivel. We also have it on reliable authority (USA-vs-Esquivel) that you are the one with a history of METH addiction. Your shirt is probably ripped in the picture above because you were in the midst of a cycle of domestic abuse, which is also well documented (Case#044901546 Domestic Abuse). 

As for my mother, the fact is I haven’t spoken to her in years and neither have you. If you HAD spoken to my mother recently, you would know that she is in no condition to testify at your preliminary hearing on the 26th, as you assert in several of your blogs, or at your upcoming felony securities fraud trial. Every time you pretend to still be in contact with my mother, you make yourself look more and more silly – which is a hard thing to do considering you already look like a stooge. Also, my mother would never use the “N” word, even in the third person.

You’re a very entertaining soul Andy Esquivel, keep it up! I’m sure you will be the life of the party in jail.

John SteerFebruary 22, 2013 at 5:35 PM

WOW REALLY! This is John, every word out of Daryls mouth is a lie and needs to get his facts straightened up before he goes posting absurd blogs all over the internet! But dont worry, everything and everyone will be in place here very soon! Keep tryin Daryl, your effort is very hillarious! 😉

Daryl AcumenFebruary 24, 2013 at 11:45 AM

You’re the hilarious one John. You cling beyond all reasonable hope to the idea that your broke, unemployed, convicted felon of a cousin who’s under indictment for three felony counts of securities fraud (each of which carries the potential for serious jail time) will by some miraculous stroke of luck be acquitted at the last possible moment and that you and the rest of his mindless cronies will somehow become instant millionaires. In my book, that makes you an idiot.

Everything I’ve posted about Andy is backed up by reliable (usually sworn) witness testimony and/or certified public records released by a court of law. In most cases, including the one which you are responding to, I actually go to the length of posting scanned copies of the actual court documents which are the sources of my information. In the meantime, I’m accused by people like you, who among other things have been known to extort free labor from high school kids to line your own pockets with extra cash, of spreading “lies”? 

Seriously? On what basis do you make that accusation?

Let’s review for a moment what constitutes a fact: A court judgement on behalf of a reputable corporation against a named defendant is a FACT!!! The judgement above contains Andy Esquivel’s name, not yours, which makes your opinion on the matter irrelevant. 

When I say that Andy Esquivel is “unemployed”, I base the assertion on the FACT that the Colorado and Utah Departments of Recover Services have been unable to verify his employment in order to attach his wages for back child-support, or even verify any employment in the last ten years to estimate his liability.

When I say that Andy is broke, I base the assertion on the FACT that Andy is about to file papers with the court certifying himself “indigent” and in need of the assistance of a court appointed public defender (if he hasn’t already).

When I say that Andy Esquivel is a convicted felon, I base my assertion on the outcome of case #881000871 and #881919199 on which Andy Esquivel was convicted of felony burglary charges…and on the rest of his lengthy criminal record. 

When I say (and I haven’t for some time, but let’s get this out of the way while we’re on a roll) that Andy Esquivel is a METH addict, I base the assertion on drug tests and expert testimony in federal weapons case USA-vs.-Esquivel in which Andy was found to have had significant amounts of METH in his system consistently for a period of some years.

So tell me John, on what basis do you make the ridiculous assertion that “every word out of [my] mouth is a lie?” …and please note that the words of a pathological lying sociopath don’t constitute ‘reliable’ evidence in any reasonable person’s mind, so you’ll have to think for yourself for a change.



Andy Esquivel brags about meager blog traffic

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Blog Traffic comparison

click for a larger view

It’s always amusing when someone as ignorant about technology as Andy Esquivel pretends to be a tech guru!  It’s even more hilarious when someone of Andy’s technological ineptitude gets excited and starts showing off his ignorance to the world.

Several months ago, Andy Esquivel posted online charts showing the number of “requests” his various webstes were getting.  Andy made the posts with much fanfare (devoting huge patches of real-estate on his homepage to the data) and each post was accompanied with varying proclamations to God and assorted Hail Marys and Amens.  It almost broke my heart to have to reveal to Andy via a post on my Xtagged Scam thread that a “request” means nothing in the world of web analytics where I’ve made my living for the past two decades, and that every page on his various websites fired anywhere from 10 to 30 such “requests” every time a page was loaded.  I explained that the tens of thousands of “requests” Andy was seeing on his various websites probably actually only translated into a few hundred real page views after bot traffic was discounted and his own views subtracted from the total.

Well, it seems Andy got the memo and has now returned bolder and wiser than before (no pun intended).  Today Andy posted new numbers for his various blogs showing that in the past year, his seven most trafficked websites have generated a whopping 6,734 page views in total (combined) traffic!  He even adds the annotation “WOW!!!”

Now, I’m not going to break out the ruler and try to get into a “who’s bigger” contest with a sociopath.  The fact is, it doesn’t matter how much traffic Andy’s websites generate vs. mine because we’re reaching different audiences.  Andy’s websites are geared towards himself, his girlfriend, Allen Brady, and the few people in this world who haven’t yet figured out he’s nuts.  My websites are geared towards people who would otherwise take Andy seriously and need to be warned to stay away.

That said, I feel compelled to point out that our humble little blog has generated 6,610 “real page views” this month alone…and the month isn’t even over yet.  That number of course excludes 4,905 pageviews served to bots since February 1st.  In other words, we’ve generated nearly as much traffic in the first two thirds of February than all of Andy Esquivel’s blogs generated in the whole of 2012 and for the first two months of 2013.  In January served 10,504 page views during the 5,393 visits made to the site by 1,058 unique visitors (real people).  While those numbers pale in comparison to the 600k – 750k page views my old website served up every month and is nothing like the over 100,000 page views we served up on the last single day I owned the site, it’s still pretty good for a black and white blog that doesn’t advertise and for which I’ve done no promotion.

In the end, traffic doesn’t mean a whole lot without what we call in my field “key performance indicators.”  The key performance indicators of this website are the number of people who find us online and come forward with additional information, evidence, or horror stories about Andy Esquivel and his various scams and the number of months Andy spends in prison because of the evidence we uncover.  By those measures, this tiny little corner of the Internet is doing pretty good.

How do you measure success?


Court loses patience with Andy Esquivel

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Andress "Andy" Esquivel

Judge Connors and the prosecutors of the Davis County 2nd District Court have finally lost their patience with securities fraud defendant Andres “Andy” Esquivel.  During the pre-trial hearing February 12th, the court issued a preemptive warrant for Andy Esquivel’s arrest should he fail to appear for the pre-trial conference scheduled for February 26th.  It will no longer be acceptable for Allen Brady, Andy’s brainless side-kick from Draper, to appear on Andy’s behalf.

[Latest court records update]

The court denied a request by outgoing defense counsel William Albright to set a pre-trial hearing a month out.  The date was set for two weeks following last Tuesday’s meeting as a signal that this trial needs to move forward and further delays will not be tolerated.

The court granted William Albright’s request to be removed from the case because he has found the pre-trial activities of Andy Esquivel to be “repugnant”.  Since Andy has not yet filled out the required “proof of destitution and poverty” paperwork allowing him to even use a public defender, nobody has yet been formally assigned to replace Albright.  At this moment, Andy is officially without legal counsel for the third time in the history of this case.  Once the destitution paperwork is filed, we’ll post it online for the rest of you to inspect.

What I find amusing is the fact that Andy has been proclaiming for three years now that his army of high-priced corporate lawyers have consistently advised him not to post anything else online until court – yet in the last three years Andy has posted hundreds of times and emailed those involved in the case ad-nauseam in spite of his claims that this or that will be “the last post until court.”  This website is in fact kept alive by the fact that Andy doesn’t know when to shut up!  The library of evidence which Andy has posted against himself is amazing, and it’s cost him two different attorney’s in the last nine months.  Even now Andy is posting claims that he  and his illiterate co-conspirators could have prevented sites like Twitter and Apple from begin hacked, in spite of the fact that he couldn’t even prevent a hacker from taking his amateurish e-cigarette website offline for over a year.  (…so much for Digital Internet DNA)

Andy claims to have an army of witnesses willing to testify on his behalf at trial, but the fact is only one person visibly still supports Andy, and that’s Allen Brady (the man who helped Andy steal $50,000 from his own mother).  Andy even claims that Rebecca Dunn is scheduled to testify in court and that he’s been in contact with her – a ridiculous assertion for reasons I’m not going to post on this website.  We continue to receive emails from people willing to testify against Andy and we forward them all to prosecutor in the case.  The bottom line is, Andy is pretty much alone and the doors are closing in.  It’s time to either plead guilty or start packing for an extended stay in Davis County.  Personally I think Andy’s going to plead guilty and rip somebody else off to pay the settlement required by any plea deal to Ryion , Kyle and Chris.

…we will see.


Andy Esquivel’s pre-trial postponed until February 26th

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Andy Esquivel

Because Andy Esquivel is technically without legal representation at this time and thus needed to appear in court today at 8:45am but didn’t show up, the court was unable to proceed with it’s pre-trial hearing.  William Albright indicated that he was prepared to proceed with his motion to withdraw, but noted that Andy was in Colorado still after his girlfriend had their third child (the court referred to her as his  ‘wife’, but of course Andy has never been married).  The court agreed to continue the hearing out of compassion, although no mention was made of the fact that Allen Brady found a way to make it to court in spite of the fact that he had a new baby at about the same time that Andy did.  When the Defense asked to continue the hearing until March, the prosecutor objected stating that the state wants to get this process moving as there have been too many delays already.  A new pre-trial hearing has therefore been set for February 26th.

For hose of you wondering why we haven’t yet posted Andy Esquivel’s statement of “indigence” on this website, the reason is simple – Andy hasn’t filed it yet.  It turns out that Andy still hasn’t filled out any of the forms begging the court to grant him the use of a public defender (who he has now pissed off) because of his indigent (read ‘broke and unemployed’) state of affairs.  Once Andy files the appropriate forms and the court makes them public, we will post them on this website as evidence that Andy is indeed broke, destitute, and unable to pay his bills.  Hopefully he’ll get those papers filed sooner rather than later, or else he’ll find himself being represented by Allen Brady in the courtroom – or worse, himself!.


Andy Esquivel is back!!!

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Here’s Andy Esquivel’s latest statement about trial:

Andy EsquivelI am Back! Hello everyone my name is Andy Esquivel I would like to thank Team Wiser Allen, John, Shar, Leonard etc. as you may have heard by now trial was cancelled again. I will get my day in court no matter how long it takes. I will not take misdemeanors they are trying to force to save themselves from a lawsuit all because Ryion & Daryl lied to the Utah S.E.C!

You hear that Daryl Acumen I will never quit until I see you and your mother Rebecca Dunn take the stand at trial!!!

Earth to Andy – your trial has been postponed, not cancelled.  Don’t worry, you’ll get your day in court soon enough.  Hey, since you’re so ‘eager’ for your trial to start, why don’t you save the court some time and represent yourself instead of waiting for the new public defender to come up to speed on your case (that would be a load of laughs).  Better yet, just plead GUILTY and get it all over with!

As for Rebecca Dunn taking the stand at trial – don’t hold your breath.  Personally I would give my left arm to be able to testify against you at trial, but since I’m only peripherally connected to this case, that’s not likely.  Maybe you should ask your new attorney to call me to testify though and see how that goes over.  “Hey Julie, I want Daryl Acumen to take the stand at my trial…no I’m not crazy…yes I realize he’ll only convince the Jury to put me away for a quarter of a century, but…no I haven’t lost my mind, why do you…but I don’t care if I go to jail, I just want to look good in front of my friends…OF COURSE I HAVE FRIENDS!!!”

Andy is unbelievable, but a load of laughs.  Keep posting buddy.  Maybe you’ll land a guest spot on Dr. Phil.  I hear they have a special program coming up devoted to pathological lying sociopaths with delusions of grandeur.