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Andy Esquivel’s commitment order released

Posted on March 5, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel jail photo

We just got the official commitment order [PDF] for Andy Esquivel.  It’s pretty hilarious – basically says everything we’ve been saying on this website for years:  Andy is delusional, doesn’t understand the charges against him, can’t comprehend the consequences if he is convicted, can’t assist the prosecution or make an intelligent decision about his defense, suffers from serious mental illness, etc.

If you read between the lines you also realize that what it’s saying is that Allen Brady hasn’t done Andy any favors by trying to act as his surrogate legal counsel.  If Allen had a brain himself (and was trying to help Andy) he would have encouraged Andy to plead guilty years ago, to get a job, pay child support, and to pay his victims back the money he stole.

4 thoughts on “Andy Esquivel’s commitment order released”

  • SRD says:

    Can’t WAIT for his response…

  • JHill says:

    I was reading the commitment order while listening to the audio from the previous post, they really do square perfectly with each other.

    Andy claiming that he had his witnesses present and ready to testify while the prosecution, because of their many flaws and bad intentions refused to proceed with the case. Ah, Andy, they did proceed with the portion of the case that was scheduled to be addressed on that date, your competence hearing.

    If you actually did persuade a few of your friends to show up that day you wasted their time. Their testimony was in no way applicable to that hearing. Why it’s almost as if Andy does not have a rational or factual understanding of the proceedings against him (could have sworn I read that somewhere).

    I might have to do some research but I have never heard of someone being found not guilty of a securities violation because of mental disease or defect. But it ~might~ be possible here.

    • Daryl Acumen says:

      I think the more likely scenario is that Andy will sit in a padded cell until he’s ready to admit he’s a criminal and plead guilty to all charges against him. He’ll get at least a year in prison and the court will order him to repay all his fraud victims upon his release, which will of course require Andy to get a job.

      • SRD says:

        I have a feeling Andy will be locked away at the State Mental Hospital for a very long time. Definitely years, possibly even a decade or more. There’s just no evidence that he is willing to let go of the conspiracy theories and the delusional inventions and millions of dollars. I think he actually believes in his own genius, he really believes he’s a Steve Jobs. While he was finally ready to “take the misdemeanors,” he only did so because he felt that would get him out of being in jail. He is still holding on strong to his delusions, as evidenced by his call from jail.

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