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Sentencing set for 9/18

Posted on September 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

At a court hearing on September 4th, Andy Esquivel admitted to all allegations enumerated in the order to show cause submitted by the prosecutor at his last hearing.  Andy of course gave the court some bullshit sob story about having vertigo, suffering from “panic attacks” and not being able to work full time, but the court wasn’t having it.  Judge Connors gave Andy a direct order to produce a financial affidavit and a plan to pay off restitution five (5) months ago.  He did not comply.  The prosecution asked for 30 days in jail to “get [Andy’s] attention” and to revoke and restart probation.  The prosecutor made it plain that Andy “has not made restitution payments a priority in his life”.

The fact is, Andy stole a lot of money – $20,000 from these victims alone!  No sob story is going to change the fact that he has taken money illegally and needs to pay it back to stay out of jail.

Judge Connors told Andy point-blank that he will send him to jail for failing to comply with a court order to produce a financial affidavit and a plan alone! A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for September 18th at 9:15am.  At that time, Andy needs to produce a plan to pay back restitution in full or he will be going to jail…period!

Courtroom audio attached to this post for your enjoyment.  It’s pretty pathetic.  How sad must it feel to be a broke, barely employed, convicted felon with no skills, no education, four kids living with you and three more who won’t speak to you, a persistent substance abuse problem, more bills to pay than you can afford, and nothing to look forward to in your life except more heat from the courts. Poor Andy’s life sucks so badly that he is forced to live in a constant state of mental delusion, pretending that the FBI and Attorney General give a damn about his life.  …poor dumb schmuck!

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  • Edward says:

    well was I right.. that boy is on the run…

    • Edward you are tagged at this Facebook link from your mother my aunt Chue also tagged is FBI, Sean Reyes and the media we all are waiting for you to comment, oh and note how Daryl is publishing my comments here now: [link]

      • Daryl Acumen says:

        Andy: You are and have always been a delusional jackass. The FBI doesn’t care about you or this case anymore because these are not federal charges.

        Sean Reyes and I have been friends for years. We actually talked about you at a Christmas party back in 2016 and I told him the truth – you’re a mentally deranged, unemployed, convicted felon with a substance abuse problem who’s desperate for attention. That’s all he needed to hear – he doesn’t care about this case either.

        Nobody in “the media” is paying any attention to you. I wish they would because you’re such a funny (stupid) character, but I couldn’t get a news reporter to cover you to save my life…not for lack of trying.

        Finally, nobody is responding to your stupid Facebook posts. In fact, nobody is even seeing them except the prosecutor in your case, who has been using them against you in court!

        If I were you, I would shut up and figure out how you’re going to pay your fraud victims back before Judge Connors throws your stupid ass in jail again. By my count, you have three (3) days.

  • AG Daryl nor Ryion claim post anymore, look at old screenshots Daryl is the majority publisher. Daryl, Edward you’re FB tagged @ this link: [link] along with Sean Reyes FBI media etc.

    • Daryl Acumen says:

      As I said, neither Sean Reyes, the FBI nor any news reporters are paying any attention to you or your posts. Just because you “tag” someone on Facebook doesn’t mean they’re watching.

      Grow up and get a life. You’re 50 years old, which means you’re too old now to be playing these sorts of childish games.

  • I will now ad this page screenshot to the Facebook link I provided Daryl, Ryion & Edward above & I will tag attorney general Sean Reyes & FBI. FYI- these guys did recive this 06.05.2018 court video link by email they are aware [link]

    • Daryl Acumen says:

      For the third and final time – nobody is paying any attention to you or your psychotic posting on Facebook except the prosecutor in your case. It is and has always been counter-productive for you to keep posting these psychotic rants, as it only serves to show the court that you don’t take these charges nor your obligation to make reparations payments seriously.

      You were told on September 4th that you need to make paying Ryion, Kyle and Chris back a priority in your life. Failing to do so will only land you back in jail.

      You are supposed to be an adult now. Panic attack bullshit aside, you need to start acting like a man, going to work and paying your financial obligations. Your family expects it and the courts demand it!

      Welcome to the real world Andy. This is not a video game…it’s life.

      • Daryl your full of it your just pissed because you have no ideas & your MOTHER … Remember you blogged I had … to Ron Kelsay liar. Now COMMENT at Facebook link, oh you removed it haha! Daryl wont post at Facebook link because later he will say “I never posted it was Ryion” please note Daryl removed link to Facebook I just provided.

        • Daryl Acumen says:

          Let’s be clear, Andy: I have no interest in bantering with you on Facebook and neither does anybody else.

          I will say it once again: GROW UP!!!

          You are 50 years old. You should have outgrown these childish games by now. This is serious, Andy. The Prosecutor made it VERY CLEAR to you on the 4th that it’s time for you to start taking these charges and your payments seriously. Posting psychotic bullshit on Facebook is NOT taking your charges seriously!

          What if Judge Connors saw what you just posted? What if on Tuesday, the Prosecutor handed him a screen shot of all these posts you’re making online while you haven’t taken a SECOND to draft a plan to pay Ryion, Kyle or Chris back? What do you think is going to happen to you?

          Would you like to find out?

          • Daryl Acumen I dare you to show at court on Tuesday and I just posted the editing job you did to my comment to Sean Reyes, that’s how you keep your minions manipulated. I’m done here Mr. Debater that won’t debate dumb old me on Facebook because he can’t edit there haha
            Oh and the old prosecutor that you had laughs with has been replaced that’s why you got it wrong this time when you posted “Andy was not present for this hearing.”

          • Daryl Acumen says:

            Andy, there is nothing to debate. You’re a convicted felon who’s facing jail time for not paying restitution as the court ordered…period! That’s pretty black and white, isn’t it?

            As for editing your posts – this is not a platform for your psychotic bullshit. This blog details your crimes and your punishment. If you want to post your plan to comply with the court’s orders that you repay your victims, fine. Otherwise, I’m not interested in your rants and neither is anybody else. I’m not posting actionable defamation on my server, nor links to your various cons.

            Speaking of “minions”, what ever happened to Allen Brady, Shar Jenkins, Steve Klemark, Ron Kelsay, and the rest of your drug-addicted followers? I see they’ve all abandoned you…or are they waiting for you in jail?

            Sooner or later everybody sees through your crap and walks away. It took my mother longer than most, but today she knows what a fraud you are.

            Go get started on that repayment plan now Andy. The Judge won’t give you any more extensions and talk is cheap.

  • Edward says:

    vertigo omg now that’s hilarious the family had a good laugh on that one.

  • Daryl Acumen says:

    ANDY: You have 24 hours.

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