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Andy Esquivel videos (complete list)

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Below you will find a complete list of Andy Esquivel’s hilarious scam videos…all 94 of them!  I tried to sort them from most to least ridiculous, but frankly my head started spinning so I gave up.  The best ones are at the top, but there are some gems towards the bottom as well.  We’ll try to post full reviews of as many as we can as soon as possible.

  1. Buzz/Wiser Frog Video – Andy Esquivel depicted as an animated frog claims to have sold Xtagged and to be launching a fake energy drink.
  2. Mariah Carey – Andy Esquivel in a drunken stupor pretends to launch the Buzz/Wiser energy drink while dancing in front of a screen projection of Mariah Carey.
  3. Toy Car – Andy Esquivel demonstrates the “prototype” of his ficticious ‘Wiser Car Cover’ on his daughter’s toy Mustang.
  4. Radioactive Fingernail Polish – Andy Esquivel demonstrates the Wiser Pad, which is an Android tablet he bought and then pretends to have retrofitted with radioactive fingernail polish activatedscreen
  5. Andy speaks from Jail – Andy Esquivel explains that he’s in jail by his own will and is being committed to a state mental hospital to prove he isn’t insane (even though any sane person would conclude the opposite on both points).
  6. Die-Google-Die part II – Andy Esquivel explains his Die-Google-Die campaign and how Smiley Heroes is going to save the world. new!
  7. Xooplay App “Live!” – Andy Esquivel shows off a background image on his Android tablet and pretends it’s a new sex app he’s developed.
  8. Andy Esquivel loses his mind – describes crazy apps that only a drug addict or a psychotic could imagine.
  9. Psychedelic Andy – Andy Esquivel releases a new psychedelic music video showcasing his new evidence.
  10. Andy’s Spy-cams – Andy Esquivel explains his spy-cams and rants about how the entire state of Utah has been “manipulated”
  11. Car cover-up – Andy Esquivel tries to explain his way out of being caught promoting a fake car cover.
  12. King Christ – Andy explains his King-Christ religious movement and the fake products and charities that support it
  13. Andy explains the fog – Andy Esquivel tries to talk himself out of the fraud documents posted on this website with his signature on them.
  14. Andy sells Xtagged to fix healthcare – Andy Esquivel claims to have sold Xtagged for $2.5 million dollars to the unemployed son of a police officer and to be using the proceeds to fix healthcare.
  15. People have died – Andy Esquivel rants about Scam.com thread and accuses me of everything from being a scam to killign people.
  16. The Kitchen – Shar Jenkins and Andy Esquivel show off lots of paper and try to defuse the fraud charges against Andy Esquivel.
  17. Andy tries to scam the fraud victims again – In this video Andy Esquivel tries to convince the Utah fraud victims not to cooperate with the fraud investigation in exchange for millions of dollars later
  18. Xooplay app demonstrated – Andy Esquivel shows a mock-up of his fake sex app.
  19. Jeff Parker – Andy Esquivel, desperate to prove to his followers that he isn’t about to go to jail for securities fraud, introduces his ‘original partner’ Jeff Parker.
  20. Andy talks to ORS – Andy tries to convince an agent with the Office of Recovery Services that his child support case is somehow part of a vast conspiracy against him. new!
  21. Steve Klemark as the next Steve Jobs – Andy Esquivel shows off a single “legitimate” Linked-In endorsement for Steve Klemark.
  22. Steve Klemark Speaks – In this video, Steve Klemark stumbles through a speech in which he claims to refute all the charges being leveled against Andy Esquivel online…it doesn’t work so well.
  23. Samsung Instinct – Andy Esquivel shows off a Samsung Instinct which he claims Sprint now ships with Xtagged software bundled.
  24. Paperwork for Kyle – Andy Esquivel tries to talk his way out of securities fraud charges
  25. Jail on Tuesday – Andy Esquivel spends hlf an hour trying to post evidence that supposedly would have put me in jail on “Tuesday.”
  26. 28 minutes with Andy – Andy Esquivel rants for half an hour about the UtahRaves.com thread and tries to refute some of it with the help of Social fuel.
  27. Backstage pass – Andy Esquivel shows off his new commercial for wiser e-cigarettes.
  28. Xtagged ain’t no scam – Andy tries to convince himself that Xtagged wasn’t a scam after all.
  29. Shar Jenkins at Playground – Shar tries to convince viewers that Andy used to own and is about to re-open Playground in Park City
  30. Andy Displays his various cons
  31. Andy tries to make a conspiracy theory out of being jumped
  32. Metal Bottle – Andy Esquivel shows off an aluminum water bottle with a Buzz/Wiser sticker on it and pretends it’s his new energy drink
  33. Car Cover rebuttal – Andy Esquivel tries to explain
  34. Andy 30-minute rant – Andy Esquivel rants for 30 minutes trying to explain why he’s not a fraud
  35. Daryl is Crazy – Andy spends three minutes tryign to convince himself that he’s not crazy, his critics are.
  36. Andy plays with plastic bottles – Andy Esquivel scribbled an “X” on some plastic bottles and pretends he’s invented a new recyclable product line.
  37. MrDDD – Andy Esquivel claims to have retired and sold Xtagged, but talks about his MrDDD portal.
  38. Thumb Scan – Andy Esquivel uses the CSI iPhone app to pretend he’s developed a fingerprint scanner that starts cars remotely.
  39. Zed is fake – Andy Esquivel tries to explain away his harassment mug-shot, admits that “Zed” the private investigator is fake, and tries to say he’s not a fraud.
  40. Street Brawl – Andy talks about his disorderly conduct conviction in Bountiful and tries to explain how a state-wide conspiracy was responsible for the altercation.
  41. Andy’s 10 minute 3 minute video – Andy Esquivel tries to explain Karma Cause in three minutes and ten minutes later succeeds in convincing you that he has a very vivid imagination.
  42. Andy claims he’s not a scam…again – Andy Esquivel talks about Occupy Denver, LinkedIn, and other things he claims prove he’s not a scam.
  43. Millionaire in Barbados – Andy Esquivel claims to be trying to buy Xtag.com from a millionaire in Barbados who’s threatening to sue Scam.com for because a user posted his domain on their website.
  44. Andy displays jealousy – Andy Esquivel illustrates how delusional he is by talking about taking over PartyUtah.com and displaying his jealousy.
  45. Kyle email – Andy Esquivel rants about an email he got from Kyle Cluff and claims he’s going to slam Kyle at his preliminary hearing
  46. Scam.com rants – Andy Esquivel rants about more posts on Scam.com and asks how he can be a scam if he gives away multimillion dollars apps for the good of humanity and claims he just lost $500k.
  47. Andy tries to explain where the money goes – Andy Esquivel claims Wiser Technology was sold and tries to explain who bought it and where the money from all the fake products goes.  It makes less sense after you watch it.
  48. Notarized – Andy Esquivel shows off notarized statements form friends that where they claim our blog made them decide not to invest thousands of dollars none of them had into companies that didn’t legally exist.
  49. Karma Cause water explained – Andy Esquivel claims his network is exploding with four churches and three restaurants already on-board!
  50. Andy discovers SEO – Andy Esquivel flips out because he finds the Wiser Technology LLC thread on Scam.com in a Google search.
  51. Watch video – Andy Esquivel shows off his E-Cigarette kits with Wiser stickers and a fake diamond watch.
  52. Big lot buyers – Andy Esquivel claims his big lot buyers were scared off by SCam.com thread that he probably posted himself.
  53. Post broken – Andy Esquivel complains that his post on Utah Raves didn’t post his message properly
  54. Count the E-cigs – Andy Esquivel is proud that he just bought a bunch of E-Cigarettes
  55. Why Andy took the plea deal
  56. Apartment Interview – Andy Esquivel stages an interview with Steve Klemark and some other guy
  57. iSafe video – Andy Esquivel brags about meeting with John King of iSafe.org and says the fact that he met with iSafe.org and offered them 40% of Xtagged proves he’s not a scam.  Unfortunately Andy neglects to mention the fact that iSafe.org almost sued him over his fraudulent claims.
  58. Daryl is going to jail – Andy Esquivel claims to have posted that I am going to jail
  59. Google Searches – Andy points out the Google searches that include threads about Andy’s scams
  60. Ron negotiates settlement – Andy Esquivel gets Ron Kelsay on camera saying he negotiated a settlement with Ryion Butcher but claims I’m in the way.
  61. E-Cigarette Commercial – Here’s the really stupid commercial Social Fuel created for Wiser e-cigarettes
  62. The Complaint – Andy Esquivel shows off a draft legal complaint which he never filed and which his attorney said he compiled only for illustrative purposes.  The complaint was so bad that if he he had filed it, we would have been able to counter-sue for damages.
  63. Die-Google-Die campaign – Andy Esquivel talks about his campaign against Google
  64. Andy emails Shae Peterson – Andy brags that the Facebook movie lawyers are taking Xtagged’s case and that the subsequent movie will make PartyUtah.com “Huge!”
  65. Andy and Steve try to post – Andy Esquivel and Steve Klemark spend half an hour trying to figure out how to post on Scam.com
  66. Jail on Tuesday – This is a 26 minute video of Andy Esquivel trying to figure out how to post on UtahRaves.com.  It begins with Andy’s claim that he’s got evicence that will put me in jail “on Tuesday,” which of course never happened.
  67. Remote Starter – Andy Esquivel pretends to start his car with a magic blue-tooth app (not the remote starter in his pocket).
  68. Updated thread – Andy Esquivel wigging out because I updated the UtahRaves main thread post with the latest information on his scams.
  69. Myspace Tagged – Andy Esquivel records himself browsing Myspace Tagged
  70. Linked In press release – Andy Esquivel claims the only reason to get his “press release” is to go on Linked IN…media only.
  71. Xtagged Powerpoint – Andy Esquivel goes through the powerpoint presentation about Xtagged
  72. Andy talks to his lawyer new!
  73. Andy tries to bargain with the prosecutor new!
  74. This is my apartment‘ – Andy brags that nobody knows where to find him
  75. Logged in – Andy Esquivel flipping out because I’m visiting Scam.com at the same time he is.
  76. Why did I drive – Andy Esquivel uses Google Maps to try to figure out how far I drove to his fraud hearing.
  77. Car lights – Andy Esquivel video of the neon lights under his car
  78. E-Cigarette samples from China – Andy Esquivel claims he’s getting e-cigarettes from manufacturers in China begging Andy to the Wiser logo on them.
  79. Andy Stalker – Andy Esquivel still flipping out about me visiting Scam.com at the same time he did…and waiting on the site until my cookie expires.
  80. Linked In – Andy Esquivel brags about all his ‘connections’ on linked In.
  81. Occupy Denver news – Andy Esquivel gets his sign in an image of Michael Moore at Occupy Denver and is excited.
  82. Xtagged redirect – Andy Esquivel talks about redirecting Xtagged.com to Bump.com
  83. Xtagged Quickie – Andy’s video tries to explain Xtagged.
  84. Youtube Offline – Andy Esquivel complains that his Youtube is offline
  85. Xtagged steals Nike logo – Andy Esquivel tries to explain how his software works using a spoofed Nike logo.
  86. Andy replies on YouTube – Andy Esquivel replies to a Youtube post.
  87. Towing video – Andy Esquivel shoots video of a car being towed and claims on camera that if they had used Xtagged, the website could have prevented it.
  88. The Gym – Shar Jenkins (as Wiserman) talks about E-Cigarettes at a gym.
  89. Bail recalled – Andy Esquivel talks about me taking a post down after his arrest warrant was recalled because he turned himself in.
  90. Xtagged receipts – Andy Esquivel makes the case that he wasn’t a scam because he has receipts.  Also admits Wiser E-Cigarette Colorado has closed down.
  91. Andy interviews Shar Jenkins – Andy Esquivel interviews Shar Jenkins online and Shar admits he paid Logan Laws back for his fake shares.
  92. Xtagged single and dating ring – Andy Esquivel announces the Xtagged single-and-dating ring.
  93. Packing E-Cigearettes – Andy Esquivel shows off his bulk order of E-Cigarettes
  94. How Andy created Buzz/Wiser – Andy Esquivel tries to explain how he came up with a fake energy drink
  95. No sound – Andy Esquivel films 2 minute rant without sound.
  96. Wiser Man interview – Shar Jenkins interviews gym owners
  97. LMW – Andy Esquivel confronts LMW, a user on Scam.com and tries to claim the car cover is for real and claims he’s going to court…just for the wrong reasons.  Repeats “court is coming”
  98. Andy gets Fox 13 post removed – Andy Esquivel brags that he gets a thread removed, and claims that I’m trying to steal Xtagged.
  99. Andy after Occupy Denver – Andy Esquivel talks about Occupy Denver outing.
  100. Andy claims he’s suing Scam.com – Andy Esquivel rants about his last post on Scam.com
  101. Youtube back up – Andy Esquivel brags that his Youtube account got reinstated.
  102. Social Fuel – The guys from Social Fuel walk through their plans for Wiser E-Cigarette website and commercial.
  103. Real Estate Video – Andy Esquivel records a Real Estate video to pretend that Xtagged is now a Real Estate app.
  104. Occupy Denver channel 4 – Andy Esquivel brags about Karma Cause box appearing on the news
  105. Andy replies on Scam.com – Andy Esquivel records himself trying to post a response on Scam.com
  106. Dani Jae – Andy Esquivel hires a spokesmodel (he paid her with stock in a fake company) to promote and explain Xtagged.
  107. “Wiserman” interviews a smoker – Here is Shar Jenkins as “Wiserman” (brie pause while I stop laughing) interviewing a happy Wiser E-Cigarette customer.
  108. Married Forever – Andy Esquivel shows off several Xtagged profile mock-ups.
  109. Email from your phone – Andy Esquivel shows off the most revolutionary feature of Xtagged.com…being able to send an email from your phone?
  110. E-Filing – Andy Esquivel posts a video of the efiling I made for the name “Wiser Technology LLC” when I realized he never bothered to register the company with the state.
  111. Xtagged walk-through – Another Xtagged walk-through by Andy
  112. Moving video – Andy Esquivel goes through old boxes before moving to avoid an arrest warrant.
  113. Xtagged hacked – Andy Esquivel blames me for everything, including his IT issues.
  114. Andy wants to buy a Mustang – Andy Esquivel walks through Xtagged and explains that Xtagged makes it easier to buy cars and makes it unnecessary to drag cans behind your car after you’re married.
  115. Downstairs in Andy’s mom’s house – walk-through of the location of the Mariah Carey video
  116. Kids paint sign – Andy Esquivel and his kids paint a Karma Cause sign for Occupy Denver
  117. Upstairs in Andy’s mom’s house – walk-through of the location of the Towing video
  118. Andy’s 15 minutes – Here’s the news feature on Fox 13 covering Andy’s SingleAndDating.info website.  Watch the whole thing because it ends with a warning from the Salt Lake Police Department AGAINST using Andy’s site.

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