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Andy has started paying his victims back…finally!

Posted on September 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

111701135-mugshot1Check the latest case log [link] for details of Andy’s status.  In a nutshell, Andy’s fate is now fully in the hands of the court, since AP&P dropped him like a hot potato.  His two 5-year suspended sentences are now on file and hanging over his head the minute he fails to follow the strict instructions of the court, which are to pay the $12,715 he owes in restitution and fees (plus interest) at a rate of $500 per month until the balance is zero.  That’s it, pure and simple, cut and dry.

Andy seems to be making payments (for now) in spite of the fact that he has no job.  He’s still making noise about this “Smiley Heroes” thing, but that doesn’t make much difference to the court.  Personally I’m just glad Andy finally settled on a scam that’s so goofy and ridiculous that no sane person would give him the time of day.  Some of the other scams Andy’s been pitching almost had a glimmer of plausibility (if you’re drunk) and so might have allowed Andy to steal more money from unsuspecting victims.  Little cartoon characters saving the web is so stupid that all you can do is laugh, no matter how intoxicated you are.

Bottom line, Andy’s starting to pay for his mistakes.  He has no choice if he wants to stay out of jail, but at least he’s starting to take responsibility for his criminal activity.  


Andy paid $450 in victim restitution and then gave up.  That’s not even one single full monthly payment that he agreed to, which is pretty pathetic!

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