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Andy’s girlfriend pays off restitution

Posted on December 2, 2020 in Uncategorized

Ok, it’ late and I’m tired, but quickly wanted to post that Andy finally admitted where the money came from to pay off his restitution. In the rambling Facebook post that follows, Andy explains that his girlfriend paid off his restitution for him…because after all Andy doesn’t make much if any money and can’t afford to do it himself.

According to Andy, she paid the final $7,000 after a warrant was issued for his arrest and officers went to his apartment to apprehend him. How sad (not).

Anyway, that’s the final word on case #111701135. Any of course still owes around $16,000 to the Utah Department of Securities for his illegal tock scam, but we all know he’ll never pay that. He still insists he’s innocent, so…

Rambling post follows in raw form:

This recording is

court secretary confirming 03.22.2019 Judge Connors terminating my case. FYI- I did not want my case terminated because I knew as long as I kept my case LIVE I would eventually get to speak to Judge Connors remember when I was my own attorney they made me look crazy to Judge Connors by sending me to a BS 90 day evaluation where I told corrupt Unit-4 director MIke Cox @Daryl Acumen. I told all employees at Utah State Hospital about wiser technology and then I told all AP&P officers but they kept pretending and passing me to another Probation officer I will post screenshots of AP&P cards in comments section asap. -> I didn’t want

Sindy Manzano

to pay off court $7,000 restitution Feb 2019 but she was scared because PO Hentish sent over two police officers to her apt to harass her and the kids so she would think AP&P was going to send me to prison if the money wasn’t paid Feb 2019 and she gets taxes for our girls so my girls went with mom and paid off court so I could terminate and Troy Rawlings couldn’t put Daddy back in jail with 13 fake probation violations that were ultimately dropped, my wife

Sindy Manzano

freaked when I told her

Davis County Sheriff’s Office

DA put me in a cell with a guy that had a swastika on back of his head so I can’t blame her for paying off court Feb 2019 without telling me but now I had to go see Judge Connors for the last time 03.22.2019 and new prosecutor, Arringtion, etc. threatened my wife’s Daca status if I tried to speak in court but I believed Judge Connors knew something was up because in 03.22.2019 court video you see Judge Connors say “Do you public Defender Arrington or new prosecutor have anything to say before I terminate this case” both Arrington & new prosecutor Troy Rawlings fit in looked down the whole time and said “No” they were scared I was going to explode and I should have exploded but I thought Judge Connors is noticing somethings wrong but NOTHING and seven days later Samantha Josephson was killed because she got in the car thinking it was her

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