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I’m going to use this page to post documents shared with this blog by Xtagged Inc.’s former CEO.  I say that tongue in cheek of course because as Xtagged Inc. never existed as a legal entity, there can be no former CEO – but we won’t bother with semantics right now.  Ansy Esquivel’s ridiculous Wiser technology tombstone website currently has the following teaser plastered across the front:

XTAGGED, Inc. CEO, Rebecca Dunn emailed warnings “XTAGGED IS NOT A SCAM”  May/2010 &  May/2011. avi 

What Andy fails to mention is that later in 2011 Rebecca Dunn (pretended CEO of Xtagged Inc., Wiser Technology LLC, and all Andy’s other fake companies) send over a slew of documentation in which she not only declared it all to have been an elaborate scam, but also exposes many of Andy’s lies.  I’m going to post most of those docs here.  It will take some time thought because  I need to convert them into an easily accessible Internet format.  We have of course forwarded all these documents to the prosecutor in Andy’s fraud case so we’re posting them here mainly for their entertainment value and for archival purposes.

7 thoughts on “Beckie Speaks”

  • Butcher says:

    Once again Andy looks like a dumbass! 🙄

  • JusticeBeaver says:

    Wow! I bet the Davis County prosecutors are having a lot of fun with this! I say lock this guy up and throw away the key. Through in some hooked on phonics, maybe first grade level. It will give him something challenging to work on hahahaha 😆

  • JusticeBeaver says:


    Look at me, I read enough of Andy’s emails and his lack of cognitive ability starts to become contagious.

  • Concerned for others says:

    Andy is scamming in Colorado too. Please let me know who I need to contact to make sure that he sees justice in Colorado too!!!!

    • Joe Berriel says:

      I see a lot of posts and noticed lenord Martinez was suppose to update after court and each charge carried five years. If right I saw Andy about 8 months ago and he was in Denver recently. II also saw a news report on Lenord martinez his office is gone is he till in practice ? Maybe we should check Lenords scams. People were scammed in Denver posted may 2012 under concern for others so really how many were scammed Mr Martinez? justice Beaver and concern for others do you have a real name?

      • Daryl Acumen says:

        I know Leonard temporarily lost his license to practice law because of some ethics complaint. Not sure what he’s up to now. Wherever he is, I’m sure he feels really stupid for agreeing to represent Andy for so long.

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