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Andy Esquivel case update

Posted on November 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

This is an update for those who are still following the case.  You’ve already heard the audio file form the last hearing in which Andy lied to the Judge about his daughter having a medical orthodontic emergency and got a two month reduction in his payments to $250 but here’s the official court minutes file:

Review Hearing [PDF]

You’ll also note we’re tracking all of Andy’s account balances in the upper left hand corner now.  Andy has been making his court ordered reparations payments regularly and has even started paying back child support.  His total balance is about to drop below $45,000.

We expect Andy to be out of trouble with the courts financially by around mid 2020.  At that point, only the $16,250 he owes theUtah Department of Securities will remain…unless of course we as blog administrators decide to alert the SEC again so that they can continue their investigation. Because Andy’s fraud crossed state lines, this case technically falls under federal jurisdiction.  Also, the $50,000 that Allen Brady helped Andy steal from his mother Georgia Brady makes this a federal crime.

…but we’ll see.

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