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Posted on March 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

111701135-mugshot1So just when you thought Andy couldn’t get any funnier or sink any lower, he surprises yet again…

The latest from Andy is that he’s being set up my his probation officer who he claims lied about something – not entirely sure what.  Anyway, while Andy was in jail, he launched  handful of new technology ventures, one of which is called JudgeCon.com.  The way this (fake) app works is judges load orders onto the website and then the cons (of which Andy is one) post their compliance via bluetooth or SMS text or something…or maybe they have their psychiatrists upload the reports, I don’t know.

Anyway, Andy then launched a follow-up app over the payphone in jail called “Cons Can Change (dot) com” which is probably a website devoted to the notion that convicted felons like Andy can straighten themselves out, stop lying, reform their sociopathic ways, get jobs, pay their child support, and move on.  Of course Andy is the living refutation of that premise, but I’m sure it sounded good to his friends in the Davis County lockup.

Here’s the full text of Andy’s latest rant:

Daryl Acumen & my Probation officer Hentish of 4 months of my 1 year & 4 months of being on probation, made up lies to have my probation violated, so I had to spend 14 days in Davis county, my attorney told Judge Connors “We deny all Hentish states Andres Esquivel’s employer Yakup Gungor of www.DrHouseUtah.com is not only here today he came last week also Sir, (FYI- secretary (lee) made an error so I had to wait an extra week) and Andy’s previous Forman from Royal Builders Jason Ted Hunt is here also to speak up for Andres along with his friends and Family Marcella Esquivel Sir” as I looked back they all were waving at me:)
Yakup had all my receipts from my monthly payments & Hentish said I never went to evaluation but I uploaded eval at www.WiserTechnology.com along with videos of PO Hentish & Daryl emailing each other. Judge Connors released me immediately and made new court date for March 08, 2016 you all think Daryl Acumen will be there, LOL. So I met many men in jail that wanted to change they said probation officers screw with people like that all the time, so I told them lets invent together in these two weeks & OH did we, www.JudgeCon.com will be an app where on one side you download Judges orders & the other side the Cons compliances, example you need to go to a class, well when its completed your instructor sends message to you (completed) via text or bluetooth, you see your probation officer can’t lie anymore, thank you God & then we founded www.ConsCanChange.org from Davis county jail payphone the correction officers as witnesses, they all knew about www.WiserTechnology.com & were very inspiring themselves, thank you all & it did not end there Patrick asked if I could buy the domain www.AddictsCanChange.org for his cause, of course I did and we invented more apps “The tree of Life”, “Drug myself” & “Pure”! So am I mad that Daryl & Hentish lied, would you not run into a burning building to grab all the technology data that would save millions of lives before the devil burnt them out of existence, I DID & thank you God in the name of your son Jesus Christ, who ate with the sinners & tax collectors for they were in need of your light, Amen”

Always the same old Andy – oh well…