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Andy Esquivel loses his mind…

Posted on April 30, 2013 in Andy Esquivel's Scams

Andy EsquivelToday Andy Esquivel posted the clearest evidence to date that he is either strung out on drugs or that he needs to be committed to a mental institution immediately. This 5 minute video posted on Youtube clearly illustrates the state of Andy’s mind and will immediately convince anybody watching that Andy is not only a fraud, but probably shouldn’t be on the outside of a padded cell.

The premise of this video is that Wiser Technology, Andy’s fake company with no employees, no office, no revenue, no capital, and no customers is somehow the world’s center of innovation and were it not for the interference of Andy’s fraud victims and the Utah justice system, Andy’s imaginary inventions could have saved lives at the Boston Marathon.

What inventions you ask? Well in this video alone, Andy claims to have invented an app that reminds you at regular intervals that today might end badly (this is not a joke – watch the video). In another portion of the video, Andy claims to be the source of the idiotic idea of training homeless animals (he specifically mentions ‘cats’) to be bomb-sniffing homeless animals.

It is clear from the content and tone of this video that Andy Esquivel has completely lost his mind. The timing couldn’t be worse for this onset of sudden and complete psychosis, as Andy’s final pre-trial hearing is scheduled for May 7th. Andy needs to detox before then so he can cope with the state’s motion to compel discovery.

In other news, Andy recently posted a cashiers check on his Diigo blog that he claims is a child support payment (the amount is obscured to avoid a more thorough inspection). Unfortunately for Andy, neither the Utah Office of Recovery Services nor the Colorado Department of Child Support Enforcement received any such payment, so Andy is still not in compliance with a recent court order that he begin paying $370 per month immediately.

7 thoughts on “Andy Esquivel loses his mind…”

  • Rbutcher says:

    It’s almost closing time for Andy’s Billion dollar empire!!! I can’t wait, It’s like Christmas morning. đŸ™‚

  • Hey guys I was scammed to by his clown and so were my girlfriends parents . Andy is such a loser and what sucks is my girlfriend and her parents are his real blood relatives as well. He took 10,000 from us and 10,000 from her parents , anybody want copies of the paper work I’m sending them to the prosecutor and judge in Utah give them my name and number I’ll drive down from Colorado where ever he is . He is still scamming people now in Colorado , And this clowns mom even stayed with me when she got out of prison with no where to go. He better sleep with one eye open ill be by don’t worry .

  • edward gonzales says:

    Can I get the link to the boston video, Thank you

    • Edward says:

      I showed my family and we all had pretty good laughs, thanks again cheee chooo hahahaah

      • Daryl Acumen says:

        Yea, “bomb-sniffing stray cats” is pretty hilarious if you ask me. Where does Andy come up with this stuff? I sure hope he shares some of his ideas with the Jury in October – that ought to be a riot! They’ll lock him up for sure.

  • cyruss77 says:

    WOW! I can’t believe how stupid some people are. Andy should be the leader of that group.

    I have some horses, I bet they can be trained too! Wait! Better yet, how about hamsters…….

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