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Andy Esquivel is in jail – again!

Posted on January 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Andy Esquivel - convicted felon

Convicted felon and serial con artist Andres “Andy” Esquivel is in jail tonight after a hearing to review the results of his court-ordered mental evaluation.  We’re still waiting for the clerks to update the notes on today’s hearing, but the net result is that Andy is in Jail, which is a good start.

As yu can see in this photo, Andy is getting fatter and still hasn’t found a solution for his acne problem.  That said, it must really suck to be the father of six illegitimate kids (one in diapers) who’s broke, unemployed and stuck behind bars.  We can’t share the results of Andy’s mental evaluation with you because they’ve been sealed by the court, but we can tell you that whatever was in those reports, it didn’t help Andy stay free today.  He was booked at 10:39am, immediately after his court hearing this morning.

I’ve lost count of the number of times Andy’s been to jail since we started exposing his scams to the world and encouraging victims to file charges.  My hope is that by the time Andy gets out he will have learned a lesson and will decide to become a contributing member of society rather than a leach.

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