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Competency Hearing for Andy Esquivel today

Posted on August 12, 2014 in Trial Updates

Today Andy Esquivel is appearing before Judge Connors for a review of his mental evaluation at the State Mental Hospital.  The results of the evaluation (which are confidential) were transmitted to the court yesterday.  There are two possible outcomes: either Andy will be found “crazy” and sentenced to more time in a state mental institution or he will be found ‘competent to stand trial’ and the felony securities fraud trial will commence.

Andy’s girlfriend posted on Wiser Technology recently that the evaluation cleared Andy for trial, so that’s most likely the case.  The real question is whether or not Andy will be released after spending most of this year in either prison or a padded cell.  Above is an illustration drawn by one of Andy’s fellow inmates depicting Andy ranting to other inmates while guards look on.  We can assume that this image is an accurate depiction as it comes from the inside and was drawn by a skilled caricature artist (who just happens to be in custody).  The sketch also matches images of the prison which can be found online.

I’ll post as soon as we know the outcome of today’s hearing for sure and after that I’ll be sure to also post audio of the hearing for everybody to enjoy.  In the meantime, stay tuned.

UPDATE:  Andy is still in the custody of the Utah State Mental Hospital.  He was not transferred to court today, although the court did receive his competency evaluation.  In that evaluation (the details of which are confidential) Andy was found competent to stand trial.  The hearing was continued until August 19th (next week) at which time the judge will determine whether to release Andy or to hold him in Davis County Jail pending trial.  Andy will remain in the custody of the State Mental Hospital until that hearing.

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