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Andy Esquivel and Xtagged on Fox 13 News

Posted on December 22, 2011 in Andy's Videos

Single And Dating on Fox 13

This is Andy’s Fox 13 interview for SingleAndDating.info, the precursor to Xtagged.com.  It’s a nice interview full of testimonials and such and Andy used it to con investors out of their money later on.  The thing that makes this video so funny (and the reason it makes our “dumbest Videos” list) is the SECOND part of the segment, which most people never bother to watch.


In the second part of the segment, Fox 13 interviews officials from the Salt Lake Police Department who warn about the DANGERS of using Andy’s dating website!

They correctly point out that:

  1. There are actually no safety mechanisms built into SingleAndDating.info
  2. Posting pictures of your license plate online is not really a good idea
  3. Using Andy’s “Single And Dating” stickers on your car is actually NOT safe, especially for women, because it advertises that you’re alone and vulnerable and predators watch for things like that.

The police department does not mention that Andy didn’t have the permission of the Utah DMV to use license plate images on his website, but that’s an important consideration also.


3 thoughts on “Andy Esquivel and Xtagged on Fox 13 News”

  • butcher says:

    Another one of Andy’s lies is, that Xtagged is a site that will keep you safe from internet predators and from people making up fake profiles and the truth is it does neither. Xtagged never made the internet safer and anyone could still make a fake profile, just like you can on any other site. Andy never had backing from the F.B.I or the D.M.V just more lies.

  • cyruss77 says:

    He even made it on the news and it still went nowhere! Wait! it did, it changed to xtagged which then was sold in the game of Monopoly for 2.5 million! That’s the only place it could have been sold.

  • Law101 says:

    Lol… 😆 😆

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