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Two more hilarious videos from Andy Esquivel

Posted on June 22, 2012 in Andy's Videos

Andy Esquivel shows off his fake products

Here are Andy’s newest videos.  These brainless rants were forwarded to so called “supporters” over the last few weeks and came to us because of a ‘fatal flaw’ in Digital Internet DNA technology which we were able to discover with the help of friends we have inside the CIA.

The first video is Andy Esquivel showing off many of his very fake products.  It’s actually quite hilarious!  Among the “inventions” he displays are the ridiculous “car cover” which is really a length of bubble wrap with an orange rope threaded through it.  Noticably absent is the black 2012 Hyundai Veloster anti-spy wrap which Andy took a picture of and claimed was a prototype undergoign high-speed testing in Arizona.

Andy also displays an aluminum water bottle with a Buzz/Wiser sticker on it (the only one of it’s kind in the world).  Once again absent is a sample ‘case’ of the energy drink which Andy claims to have sold thousands of.  Notice how Andy keeps the water bottle in a protective case.  This is to protect the only example of this fake energy drink every produced.

Andy also spends some time showing off the Samsung Galaxy tablet he purchased because he couldn’t afford an iPad.  This time he doesn’t bother to don the magic fingernail polish however to show off the touchless typing capability.

Finally Andy shows off the e-cigarettes he bought in bulk from China and had private labeled.  Again absent are the laser attachments which Andy pretended to have displayed at a grand launch in a casino with the imaginary supporter “Gary Thebus” looking on in amazement.

Andy Esquivel explains conspiracy behind fight in Bountiful

The second video is Andy trying to explain how a fight in Bountiful (which he plead guilty to disorderly conduct charges for) was actually part of a grand conspiracy theory involving shady characters in the Davis county government, or the FBI or something like that.  It’s pretty funny too, especially the part where Andy claims he is too good to pay for his own bail and so was morally compelled to have Ron Kelsay and Alan Brady pay it for him.

Andy’s a pretty funny guy, but even funnier are brainless minions like Alan Brady and Ron Kelsay who follow him around as if he were Jim Jones.  Hopefully Andy keeps posting videos like this because they’re helping prove what an idiot he is.  Soon felony fraud charges will also show the world what a con he is on top of it.

2 thoughts on “Two more hilarious videos from Andy Esquivel”

  • Butcher says:

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  • X-Ex-Xtagger says:

    I’ve been following this whole Xtagged thing for a few years (I worked for a company that was approached to use the Xtagged system). I just have to wonder:

    Andy, we all know that you read this blog, why don’t you just explain, in very simple terms, these two questions:

    a) When was Xtagged registered as a LEGAL Business entity in the state of Utah?

    b) When did YOU (Andres “Andy” Esquivel) become legally capable to sell securities/promissory notes/stocks/what-ever-you-want-to-call-it on behalf of Xtagged, to investors??

    As amusing as all the other “products” you claim to be selling/making “wiser”/demonstrating are, I just would like the answer to those two questions.


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