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Xtagged Trial update (case#111701135) – Securities Fraud

Posted on March 23, 2012 in Trial Updates Xtagged

Xtagged Trial update (case#111701135) – Securities Fraud

Andy EsquivelI’ll have more updates once I review the audio transcripts, but on Wednesday Andy’s attorney tried and failed to get Andy’s charges reduced through a plea bargain.  First he offered to get the investors their money back within an hour in exchange for reduced charges, but Andy was unable to come up with the money.  Next he tried to get Kyle’s 2nd degree felony charge reduced, but the Judge and prosecutor would have none of it.

All three victims testified on Wednesday as well as Adam Sweet of the Utah Department of Securities and his Director.  The case against Andy was made clear and little room for discussion was left after the expert testimony.  Andy’s minions were not present in the courtroom as the Judge issued an exclusion order removing them from the court-room.

A pre-trial hearing has been set for April 24th, after which Andy will go to trial for securities fraud.  A case update can be found here [PDF].

Andy also released this hilarious video in which he makes a slew of new allegations and shows off the hidden cameras he supposedly used over the last several years to document his persecution by the state of Utah.  Andy also talks about his new Wiser memory card with amazing new features to impress his friends.  It’s fascinating how easily Andy Esquivel slips from one lie to the next without skipping a beat and without realizing his lies are contradicting other lies he told previously.  It’s very entertaining to watch a mindless sociopath at work.

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