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Pathological Liar and Con Artist Andy Esquivel Alleges Perjury

Posted on March 29, 2012 in Andy's Threats Karma Cause Trial Updates

Pathological Liar and Con Artist Andy Esquivel Alleges Perjury

As a goofy twist to a story that’s getting so tiresome and repetitive that it’s almost not worth posting about anymore, Andy Esquivel now claims that the witnesses who testified at his March 21st preliminary hearing are all guilty of perjury.  Here’s the evidence:

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Look how Ryion signs off!

Ryion Butcher
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World Peace!

…boy, nobody saw that coming.

Andy EsquivelForget for a moment that a pathological lying idiot like Andy Esquivel accusing anybody of “perjury” is like Jack the Ripper accusing somebody of assault and consider the futility of posting an accusation of ‘perjury’ online.  Wouldn’t those accusations be more appropriate for his attorney to raise in court?  If the accusations had any merit whatsoever, wouldn’t his attorney have raised questions about the given testimony during cross examination already?  If you were an attorney for the defense and you were holding out for trial to raise questions about witness testimony, would you advise your client to post your allegations on the web for everybody including the prosecutor to see weeks in advance?

It’s amusing to me to see how much more desperate Andy’s posting become the closer he gets to trial.  First there were no charges.  Then the police were going to testify in a counter suit.  Then the charges had been thrown out.  Then Allen Brady was supposed to be negotiating with the DA to have the case dismissed.  Then there was going to be a change of venue to Colorado.  Then there was this box of evidence that Andy was going to use to beat the case.  Then Andy was going to have all his friends testify in his defense.  Then Andy was going to reveal all the details of this huge three year conspiracy in court.  Now there’s perjury.  Next Andy will claim he was framed or that his appeal will exonerate him.  Finally Andy will say it was all staged for a documentary about how an innocent man can get charged with fraud with an insider’s look at life behind bars.

No intelligent human being can watch the events of the last three years and conclude anything less than the obvious: Andy Esquivel is a pathological lying idiot who can’t find  a job and who survives by conning mentally incompetent sidekicks like Allen Brady into paying his legal bills.

Thankfully the drama is almost over.

Xtagged Trial update (case#111701135) – Securities Fraud

Posted on March 23, 2012 in Trial Updates Xtagged

Xtagged Trial update (case#111701135) – Securities Fraud

Andy EsquivelI’ll have more updates once I review the audio transcripts, but on Wednesday Andy’s attorney tried and failed to get Andy’s charges reduced through a plea bargain.  First he offered to get the investors their money back within an hour in exchange for reduced charges, but Andy was unable to come up with the money.  Next he tried to get Kyle’s 2nd degree felony charge reduced, but the Judge and prosecutor would have none of it.

All three victims testified on Wednesday as well as Adam Sweet of the Utah Department of Securities and his Director.  The case against Andy was made clear and little room for discussion was left after the expert testimony.  Andy’s minions were not present in the courtroom as the Judge issued an exclusion order removing them from the court-room.

A pre-trial hearing has been set for April 24th, after which Andy will go to trial for securities fraud.  A case update can be found here [PDF].

Andy also released this hilarious video in which he makes a slew of new allegations and shows off the hidden cameras he supposedly used over the last several years to document his persecution by the state of Utah.  Andy also talks about his new Wiser memory card with amazing new features to impress his friends.  It’s fascinating how easily Andy Esquivel slips from one lie to the next without skipping a beat and without realizing his lies are contradicting other lies he told previously.  It’s very entertaining to watch a mindless sociopath at work.

General Case updates

Posted on March 6, 2012 in Trial Updates

We’ve just uploaded the minutes of Andy Esquivel’s sentencing hearings form case numbers 101101321 (Digital Harassment – ‘no contest’) and 091800357 (Disorderly Conduct – ‘guilty’).  Full minutes are linked below:

Digital harassment ‘Non Contest’ plea minutes [PDF]

Disorderly Conduct ‘guilty’ plea minutes [PDF]

Andy’s attorney also filed a motion to forfeit a portion of Andy’s bail to satisfy the fine.   A copy of the motion to forfeit part of the $500 bail Allen Brady paid to satisfy Andy’s fine can be found here [PDF].