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Posted on September 13, 2012 in Wiser E-Cigarettes

Many moons ago, Andy Esquivel, Steve Klemark, and Alan Brady claimed to have staged an e-cigarette launch event at a casino in Colorado.  They made a lot of noise about filming an infomercial at the casino and even created a fictional character called Gary TheBus (Gary the Bus Driver – get it?) who “blogged” his entire experience at the event, which included a laser beam demonstration.  The ‘Gary TheBus blog’ was one of the clearest examples of Andy Esquivel’s psychosis ever posted online and also illustrated how stupid Steve Klemark and others were in continuing to follow a person whom they knew to be crazy! Unfortunately, Andy deleted the blog several months ago to avoid it’s use in the courtroom as evidence of his mental incapacity.

I have searched the web for cached versions of this blog, but for the life of me I can’t find it.  It’s one of the few examples of Andy’s craziness that I did not bother to save offline.  I’m therefore sending out the call from this moment for anybody who has a saved copy of Andy’s ‘Gary TheBus blog’ to come forward and share it with me.  The super-secret federal agency that is funding this website solely to foil Andy’s efforts to save the world has authorized me to offer a $50 reward to anybody who can furnish an authentic transcript of that blog for us to re-post online.

Update: we’ve taken over and have turned it into a mirror of this blog website.  If we can’t have the gruesomely incriminating original text, at least we can use the domain to further our cause of exposing Andy’s crimes to all who will listen.

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