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Andy Esquivel fraud trial eminent

Posted on January 18, 2013 in Trial Updates

There was little (really nothing) to report from Andy’s final pre-trial hearing on January 15th.  The hearing was short and to the point – no resolution as yet (duh, Andy can’t afford to pay the victims back as would be required by a plea agreement), so trial will proceed on February 27th as planned.  Case updates as always are available exclusively right here at Xtagged.co.  You can go to one of Andy’s stupid, ranting little blogs, but all you’re going to find there is a lot of nonsense about BYU professors, Bump and death threats against Google.  Only Xtagged.co consistently provides you accurate, up-to-date reporting on what has proven to be the most colorful and hilarious fraud case in recent memory.  From indictment to conviction, nobody covers this case like we do!

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