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Andy Esquivel’s Disorderly Conduct case update (#091800357)

Posted on February 7, 2012 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel Disorderly Conduct case update (#091800357)

Andy EsquivelAndy’s attorney successfully negotiated a plea deal with Bountiful City in case #091800357.  Andy plead “Guilty” to one charge of “Disorderly Conduct” and the “Fail to Appear” charge was dropped.  As noted earlier, Andy was ordered to pay a $300 fine on the disorderly and given three months to pay.  The full case update with final disposition may be found here [PDF].  The fine in this case was the same one John Steer was forced to pay by Utah state “Gotcha check” when he filed his tax returns in 2010 [PDF].  John also plead “Guilty” to a single count of “Disorderly Conduct” in 2009 [PDF].

There is no record of Andy “suing” the city for “racism” or anything else which Andy has claimed over the years.  In the end, all Andy’s stories about Bountiful city came to naught.

Case closed.

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  • cyruss77 says:

    Now that is funnnnnny! It’s so awesome to finally see the fullness of Andy’s bull shit! Now it’s not just blogging but more in the subject of true predictions. I can’t wait to see how he’ll be served up with the fraud case! :mrgreen:

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