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A busy week for Andy Esquivel

Posted on January 8, 2013 in Trial Updates

Next week will be a busy one for Andres “Andy” Esquivel Jr. (DOB 9/8/1970).  Andy has two court hearings to contend with.

The first on January 11th at 9:01am with Judge Marianne Marshall Tims at the Colorado District Court room 2f relates to the fact that Andy has made no effort to repay the nearly $20,000 in back child support he owes for two of his soon to be six children (all conceived and born out of wedlock).  Andy will presumably attempt to present evidence that he once paid his ex $5,000 (which he never reported to ORS) as reason to reduce the amount he owes from $20k to the still substantial sum of $15k.  Since Andy has no means to pay either the $15k or the $20k, the question is of course moot.  He will likely be asked whether he has attempted to find work in order to meet his paternal obligations, to which he will have to respond negatively.  It is likely that the court will mandate that Andy take steps to become a contributing member of society by seeking gainful employment or face sanctions.

The second hearing on January 15th  at 8:45am in courtroom 5 with Judge David Connors will be the final pre-trial hearing for felony securities fraud case #111701135.  Unless Andy faces the music and agrees to a plea bargain in which he agrees to pay his victims back their investments with interest, this hearing will simply be a formality in which the defense and prosecution advise the court as to whom they intent to call as witnesses at the trial on February 27th.  Since Andy’s attorney has no witnesses to call, the hearing should be a short one.  Andy continues to post online that he intends to call a host of witnesses to his defense, but since Andy has an attorney now and his attorney has yet to notify anybody besides Andy that they need to prepare to testify, the odds of that are slim.

As usual, we’ll post details about both hearings as soon as the information is made available to us by the courts.

6 thoughts on “A busy week for Andy Esquivel”

  • Allen Brady says:

    Why don’t you talk about yr mother Daryl

    • Daryl Acumen says:

      Actually Allen (I mean Andy), there’s an entire section of this website devoted to my mother. Here’s the link since you obviously missed it on the main menu.

  • Allen Brady says:

    Evidence12/21/11 Owner of PartyUtah bust Daryl.avi


    • Daryl Acumen says:

      Thanks for the link Andy, but as you can see we already have a copy of that video in our archive [link].

      What I find hilarious is that after all this time, you still have no idea who I sold Party Utah to and why there was so much confusion about the Xtagged.co redirect. Shae Peterson may be the administrator of PartyUtah.com, but he is only an ’employee’ of the company that acquired the Party Utah network. I sold Party Utah with the stipulation that Cody Cooke be retained as administrator of UtahRaves.com, which is where the redirect was located. Shae Peterson disagreed with Cody’s decision to implement a redirect to this website and was able to convince the actual owner of Party Utah to close down UtahRaves.com and to release Cody as a consequence.

      Shae Peterson is a nice kid, but he has little experience dealing with pathological lying sociopaths like you so it’s easy to understand why initially he would have been impressed by your garbage. Clearly he thought that appeasing you would make you go away. Unfortunately, as I found out, the only way to make you go away is to press criminal charges against you.

      That reminds me – isn’t it a violation of your “probation” or something for you to be posting on my website?

  • JusticeBeaver says:

    It doesn’t really matter if I address this to Allen or Andy, I mean lets be honest the two share the same brain. Ones a psycho and the other is a parrot for the psycho.

    Be a pal and don’t post on this forum… grown ups are talking on here! Keep you and your husband off the site. Learn to entertain yourself, I mean in prison that is all you are really going to have.

    If my dog was as ugly as Andy or for that fact Allen, I would shave it’s butt, and make it walk backwards.

    Andy, when you are in prison…. Don’t drop the soap homie!

    • Daryl Acumen says:

      Thanks Justice for that colorful commentary, LOL!!!

      That was Andy posting. You can tell because he made one post prior as himself with the same IP address. Most of what’s new online regarding Xtagged these days is from Andy, or Andy pretending to be somebody else. He has three fake Diigo profiles, four fake LinkedIn profiles and I don’t know how many Facebooks and Twitter accounts, but you can always tell that it’s Andy because of the rambling, incoherent, repetitive tone and lack of grammar check or proper punctuation.

      I don’t think Allen, Steve, or even Shar and Ron post online anymore. They’ve probably all grown tired of watching Andy march slowly but surely to trial while all his lies unravel one by one on the way. Personally I’ve enjoyed seeing how extreme and psychotic Andy’s claims have become as he gets more and more desperate. The latest claims about an Xtagged movie and million dollar lawsuits against Bump, pursued by a guy who can’t even afford a criminal attorney to defend him against fraud charges or a civil attorney to plead his side in a simple child support hearing, are especially hilarious!

      Trial on the 27th should be especially entertaining. I wonder who Andy is going to blame when he cops a plea this time? He’s already used the “I was tricked into it by my attorney” line twice with no effect. Maybe he’ll blame it on a statewide conspiracy to steal his millions and sabotage the movie rights so Hollywood can make millions after he’s proven innocent in 10 years…something like that.

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