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More letters from jail…

Posted on April 10, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel jail photo

Andy keeps writing letters from jail.  Here are the latest two.  They’re pretty sad and pathetic, but also kind-of funny.  In these latest letters Andy pulls out all the stops to convince the judge to let him out.  “Mental institution, misdemeanors, anything but jail you honor!”

He even tells the judge that he’s got him on YouTube and and that the North Salt Lake Chief of Police is his father-in-law (which is a lie because Anyd’s never been married).  Pretty sad the lengths to which a con-man will go to get out of a bad situation.

[Letter #2]   [Letter #2]


One thought on “More letters from jail…”

  • JHill says:

    The deterioration in Andy’s handwriting is a little disturbing. He’s gone from more or less legible to quasi-cuneiform.

    Yes, I sincerely believe that he (one day)will go on to be found guilty of securities fraud but it is also abundantly clear that he is in need of mental health care. After all it would hardly be sporting to punish him for something until he is rational enough to appreciate just how much of a prick he’s made of himself.

    And after we (collectively speaking) have shown him enough human compassion to diagnose, treat and hopefully cure what ever may be afflicting this man we can then and only then, lock him up and punish him for his misdeeds. Which may in fact reverse any progress he would have made toward mental health but by that time it wont be our problem any more.

    Life’s a bitch when you’re a con man.

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