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Andy Esquivel still lobbying to get sent to Mental Institution

Posted on April 17, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel jail photo

Our friend Andy Esquivel is currently wasting away in Davis County jail waiting to be sent to a padded cell at the Utah State Mental Hospital.  He’s apparently not enjoying his stay very much because he’s lobbying through his girlfriend to be moved sooner rather than later.  It sounds as if Andy thinks he’ll get better treatment in the mental hospital than he is currently receiving in jail.  Here are the court notes on the most recent exchange:

04-16-14 Note: Clerk received a call from DEF’s spouse and family member
asking why DEF was not transported to the Utah State
Hospital yet. Clerk informed them that the prosecutor’s
office was advised by the jail that DEF is on the waiting
list, but he is #20 on the list. Therefore, has not been transported to the State
Hospital yet.

Poor Andy.  It apparently still isn’t sinking in that he’s criminally insane and that society has no further use for him.  Maybe he thinks he can con a psychiatrist into letting him go home early.  Whatever is going on inside that warped brain of his, I’m glad it’s happening in jail instead of out on the street.

More letters from jail…

Posted on April 10, 2014 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel jail photo

Andy keeps writing letters from jail.  Here are the latest two.  They’re pretty sad and pathetic, but also kind-of funny.  In these latest letters Andy pulls out all the stops to convince the judge to let him out.  “Mental institution, misdemeanors, anything but jail you honor!”

He even tells the judge that he’s got him on YouTube and and that the North Salt Lake Chief of Police is his father-in-law (which is a lie because Anyd’s never been married).  Pretty sad the lengths to which a con-man will go to get out of a bad situation.

[Letter #2]   [Letter #2]


A Letter from a Davis County Jail

Posted on April 8, 2014 in Andy Esquivel's Scams Trial Updates Uncategorized Wiser Technology Xtagged

Andy Esquivel jail photo

You guys will think this is funny: here’s a copy of a letter which Andy Esquivel wrote while in jail in Davis County.  In this letter, Andy complains about both the prosecutor and his newest public defender.  He also compares himself to Martin Luther King and brags that he marched around the jail yard all day on Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Here’s a copy of the letter [PDF].

It’s pretty sad and pathetic.  I’d write more about it, but I’m really busy this week.