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Final, final pre-trial hearing set for 9/17/2013

Posted on September 10, 2013 in Trial Updates

After begging Judge Connors to let him have a public defender again, Andy Esquivel got his wish and was assigned C. Markley Arrington. His temporary defense attorney was Albright while the court found someone who was actually willing to take the case. Andy claims he’s ok with a public defender (and no longer thinks there’s a conspiracy within the PD office to conspire with this blog and put him in jail) as long as they stop trying to talk him into taking a plea deal.

The bottom line is that Andy has a public defender again (he’s too broke to afford a private lawyer in spite of his repeated proclamations over the years that he has dozens of corporate attorneys between Denver and LA) and that attorney is under strict instructions from Andy not to entertain any pleas of ‘Guilty’ no mater how damning the evidence stacked against him.

Arrington, who represented Andy briefly while the court sought out Albright for his defense, asked the court on September 3rd to postpone the final PTC until September 17th, presumably to give him more time to formulate a defense or negotiate a guilty plea with Lyon. My guess is that next week Arrington will petition the court for another trial extension to give him more time to convince Andy to plead ‘Guilty’ and to give Andy more time to raise the money he’d be required to pay back to his victims as a certain condition of such a plea.

I’m not sure Judge Connors would go along with such a plan as he’s beginning to lose patience with Andy’s courtroom antics and stall tactics, but it’s the safest bet. Otherwise we’ll all be in court on October 16th for the quickest and most entertaining trial in recent memory. Unfortunately Andy won’t be able to call all the ‘witnesses’ he promised and almost certainly won’t be allowed to testify himself. It’s a shame Andy did such a piss-poor job representing himself – we were all looking forward to watching Andy make a complete idiot of himself at trial.

3 thoughts on “Final, final pre-trial hearing set for 9/17/2013”

  • SRD says:

    I’ve heard that they moved the trial date yet again. Any word on that?

    • Daryl Acumen says:

      Yea, they moved it to February because Andy’s new public defender said he needed more time to prepare a defense. There’s going to be another pre-trial on 10/22. I’ll post a trial update when I get the audio from the 10/22 hearing.

      • SRD says:

        They should make that guy sleep in the bed he made for himself! The idea that they gave into this guy’s stalling tactics makes me kinda angry. The judge even admonished Andy for not following the court’s rules and the prosecutor even spelled out that this is exactly what Andy was doing. How do they expect Andy to act any differently with THIS lawyer than he did with the previous two? It’s infuriating.

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