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“Scam.com” user on Scam.com was always Andy…

Posted on April 12, 2012 in Andy's Threats

Scam.com user was Andy Esquivel

Andy Esquivel pleads guilty to Disorderly ConductThis won’t come as much of a surprise to anybody here, but there’s new evidence that the “Scam.com” user on the Scam.com website was in fact Andy all along.

We all knew it because Andy copied the tagline from out UtahRaves.com thread and made it the tagline of the user, but was too stupid to realize that the tagline got truncated (something any sane person would have seen right away). The “Scam.com” user always posted the most mindless and zombie-like things, and although they were all critical of Andy, they usually only repeated things many of us had already posted or simply agreed with what we said.  The user never offered a fresh perspective of Andy’s scams (as a real user would have) and was usually so obnoxious that even those of us who were busy exposing Andy’s scams were annoyed by it’s posts.

Andy used to bash the “Scam.com” straw-man and say that the user was an illustration of the tactics we were using to expose him.  Those of us who really did work to expose Andy saw through the ruse and rolled our eyes, but I’m sure the performance earned Andy a few brownie points among his mentally incapacitated followers.

Well just in case anybody on this blog still doubted who “Scam.com” was, the final proof is in: Andy changed the users profile name to read “Bannedddddd”.

The first obvious give-away that this is Andy and not a real user is that when the administrator of a vBulletin message board bans somebody, their username remains the same, but their tagline changes to reflect the new status.  Sometimes the username appears with a line through it to make the point clear.  Changing the username to “banned” would be silly because every “banned” user would have the same name…a condition frankly not even allowed by the VB database.

Second and even more obvious giveaway is Andy’s use of a string of d’s in the name.  Andy is obsessed with strings of d’s because he fell in love with a skit by a comedian named Carlos Mecca a few years back that featured the him in a chicken costume singing a “deedeedee” song.  Most of us here never got the joke, but Andy cracks himself up with it all the time so he references the skit any time he gets really excited.  I’m sure many of you have heard Andy say “I got you now you DDDs.”  It’s the kind of humor only a drug addict could understand.

Andy must have gotten bored waiting for trial and so decided to play with one of his sock-puppets over at Scam.com to amuse himself.

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