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Harassment Trial update

Posted on January 19, 2012 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel just posted the following on his Wiser Scam website:

January 17, 2011 American Fork prosecutor offers Andy plea bargain (NO jail and one year probation). Andy said no thank you. WHY? because Andy is innocent! 

Hmmm…so it looks like Andy is holding out for a better plea deal than “NO jail and one year probation.”  What’s he expecting, no jail and six months probation?  Maybe he really does want this case to go to trial.

One thought on “Harassment Trial update”

  • cyruss77 says:

    I’m not surprised. Andy is so prideful he will do anything to make sure he goes against what anyone says. Why do you think there is a harassment case in the first place? Because Andy always has to have the last word and is to stupid to SHUT UP!

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