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Why does Xtagged.com redirect to Bump?

Posted on February 8, 2012 in Andy Esquivel's Scams Xtagged

Why does Xtagged.com redirect to Bump?

Is anyone else still wondering why Xtagged.com still redirects to Bump.com in spite of the fact that the Bump people have made it clear numerous times that they have absolutely no affiliation with Xtagged.com, Andy Esquivel, Wiser Technology, Karma Cause, or any other scam Andy is running?  I’m just curious what Andy thinks he’s accomplishing by linking to a company that doesn’t know or care that he exists and that he claims to be suing.

Seem retarded to anyone else?

BUMP has NO affiliation and NEVER has had any affiliation with Xtag, BUMP is not being sued by xtag.
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