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What is Xtagged.com?

Posted on January 27, 2012 in Xtagged

Xtagged.com was a social media dating website assembled by Andy Esquivel that used license plate numbers as the primary identifier. I claimed to make the Internet safer by employing advanced technologies like facial recognition and API links to law enforcement databases (like child molester registries) and the DMV to authenticate user identities.

Unfortunately the entire system turned out to be an elaborate scam and Andy Esquivel was subsequently charged with three felony counts of securities fraud for selling stock in the holding company (Xtagged LLC or Xtagged Inc depending on the day of the week) which never legally existed.

The case is now before a district court judge in Davis County and Andy faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted – 15 for one 2nd degree felony count and 5 years for each 3rd degree felony count of securities fraud.  The Utah case number is 111701135.

Xtagged.com no longer exists and is being redirected to Bump.com, a legitimate website based on the same concept. Andy current;y contends that Bump.com stole his idea and claims to be suing them over it, though no evidence of such legal actions exists and there would be no basis for one if it did.



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