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Andy still without attorney

Posted on May 24, 2012 in Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel still without attorney

Andress "Andy" EsquivelAfter a week, it appears that Andy Esquivel still remains without legal representation.  This is a dangerous situation for him since he has a a pre-trial hearing on less than a month.

As most of you already know, Andy’s own attorney quit when he realized that (a) Andy Esquivel is guilty of fraud and has no hope of winning a trial and (b) Andy can’t afford to accept a plea bargain because it would require him to pay back the Utah victims immediately.  So far the court has not been notified of Holje’s replacement.

Andy’s next hearing will likely be very entertaining.  The main question is whether or not he will be able to scam someone out of enough money to pay Ryion, Kyle and Chris back or whether he will accept the help of a public defender.  Whatever Andy decides, it is clear he has only two choices: pay the Utah victims back immediately or start packing his bags for an extended stay in Utah state prison.

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