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Andy Esquivel gets desperate!

Posted on February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Andy Esquivel shows off this fake blogger post which he pretends is from me

Andy Esquivel is getting really desperate ahead of his pre-trial hearing on Tuesday.  He showed off his desperation over the weekend when he posted ‘smart-phone’ photos of a screen shot of what he supposes to be a post from me in which I allegedly tell him, Leonard Martinez and my mother to “go to hell”.  The image is obviously fake and I had a lot of fun picking the image apart this morning before work.  Here are some things to notice which prove the image was concocted by Andy, not a legitimate post by yours truly:

  • First of all , the design of the fake post is meant to resemble the template of my GaryTheBus.Blogspot.com site, but differs in some important ways:  (a) the date is in a black bar at the top of the page, not in a tag in the upper left corner like my template (b) there are no social media icons below the tags section like in my template, and (c) the blog title has a purple underline like in a Word document, unlike my template on Blogger.
  • The date of the post is February 14th.  Unfortunetaly for Andy, I didn’t launch my blogger site until February 22nd.  Do your homework, buddy.
  • The grammar and sentence structure of the post are both horrible, which is typical of Andy Esquivel, but would be very unusual for me. “Rebecca Dunn can go to hell.  She hates my wife Shirley Acumen that’s why she helps Andy the con artist” sounds like it was written by an infant.  At the very least you need to hyphenate “con-artist”.  The second sentence is comprised of two independent clauses, so they need to be separated by a period or at least a comma.  The vocabulary is adolescent and needs to be brought up to college level.  …it’s just plainly obvious that I didn’t write this.
  • The tags at the bottom of the post include things I would never bother to tag: “Bump.com is” – is what?  Why do I care about Bump.com?  “Cody” – why would I add a tag for my old administrator?  He’s a nice kid, but he’s moved on and is doing quite well.  Besides that, he has nothing to do with this Xtagged drama.
  • The people I’m supposedly telling to go to hell are folks I barely know and/or would never bother condemning on a public blog post:  I have no idea who Andrew Couch and Mitch Thrower are.  I exchanged one email with Andrew Phipps, who promptly asked me never to email him about Andy or Xtagged again.  I’ve only met John Richards twice in my life; once for lunch and again at a GOP fundraiser for Mitt Romney.  John is a nice guy, so why would I tell him to “go to hell”?  My mother doesn’t support Andy anymore and has in fact provided us with a wealth of background information on Andy’s scams, so why would I still accuse her of “[helping] Andy the con artist”?  As for Leonard Martinez, as far as I’m concerned he can go to the Devil, but he’s a legitimate lawyer and not a “scam”, so why would I post otherwise?  As for Andy, well he actually can go to hell…

It’s interesting that Andy has become so desperate only days before his pre-trial hearing on the 26th.  I’m kind-of curious what’s causing him to panic so.  Trial won’t be for at least another month, so he’s got plenty of time to pack before prison.  What is he so riled up about?

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