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Posted on May 28, 2019 in Uncategorized

The three victims that wee the inspiration for this blog have all been paid back in full. I’ve confirmed that they all received their restitution checks in April.

Andy Esquivel is apparently working and has filed a petition to have his charges reduced (see link below).


It is not likely that Judge Connors will grant this request baed on Andy’s reasoning though. Andy states in his official request letter that “…your courtroom is corrupt by racist attorneys & prosecutors I have chronicled everything at WiserTechnology My private $500 an hour lawyer Holje said ‘Don’t f**k with the brotherhood’ Allen Brady has recordings of Holje, Albright, Arrington, etc…”

Allen Brady is basically homeless. He’s been squatting on homes in Arizona and defrauding the owners while he moves form place to place. I’ll post details later when I have time. It’s almost as sordid a story as Xtagged.