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Court to decide if Andy Esquivel is CRAZY!!!

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At the pre-trial hearing on October 22nd, Andy Esquivel’s defense counsel asked for a continuance of the proceeding until January 7th to give the court time to ascertain whether Andy is clinically INSANE!!! If Andy is found to be CRAZY and therefore unfit to stand trial, he could be sentenced to time in a Utah mental institution.

At the request of defense counsel, this matter is continued to
1/7/2014 to allow the defendant to have a mental health evaluation
completed to determine if defendant is competent to stand trial.
The State will prepare the order.
The trial date will remain in place.

Irony: this is EXACTLY what we’ve been trying to say for years! Yes, Andy Esquivel is mentally insane and so is his chief accomplice Allen Brady. Both need to be institutionalized for their own safety and for the safety of others.

I’ll post audio of the pre-trial haring soon, but for now the trial date last set stands pending the mental health review.

I think that pretty much closes the case on Andy. When your own defense attorney states in court for the record that you’re nuts, it’s time to pack up shop and go home.

3 thoughts on “Court to decide if Andy Esquivel is CRAZY!!!”

  • SRD says:

    That’s pretty amazing.

  • Edward Gonzales says:

    When does being a tweak r make you unfit for trial its just another one of his ploys. Its just the meth that’s making him think that he is an inverter.

    • Daryl Acumen says:

      I dunno man, he seems pretty crazy to me! Maybe with the right (legal) medication, Andy can begin to live a normal and productive life for once. You know – get a job, stop having illegitimate kids, pay child support, move out of his parents’ houses…be a MAN for a change. I for one am rooting for Andy here. Maybe two or three years in a padded cell would do him some good. Afterwards he can rejoin society and take responsibility for all the money he stole.

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