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Ronald Dean Kelsay (Andy’s “documentary film-maker”)

Posted on December 6, 2011 in Ron Kelsay

I’d been trying to figure out why Ron Kelsay, Andy’s “documentary film-maker” was so willing to believe everything a convicted felon like Andy Esquivel who sold fake shares in non-existent companies told him instead of law abiding citizens who’s money got taken or who tried to expose the scam. It was confusing to me that I could post all the facts that were about to hang Andy Esquivel on a message board thread with supporting evidence and yet Ron completely ignored those facts and choose to be blind to the evidence that was right in front of his face. I found the answer a while ago and I had resisted posting it out of courtesy, but then quite frankly I grew tired of seeing someone like Ron  pretending to be the same caliber of person as the victims of Andy’s frauds.

The reason that  Ron Kelsay is so blind to Andy Esquivel’s faults, his lies, and his criminal history is because Ron and Andy are two of a kind.

Let’s start with Ron’s education. Ron learned how to ink tattoos on a “jailhouse rig” when he was 12. Juvenile records are sealed so I have no idea how he got his hands on a jailhouse rig, but I can guess. He then went to the Colorado Institute of Art, but couldn’t afford to finish paying for his education, so they slapped him with a $1,200 judgment which he eventually satisfied in 1995 with the help of his attorney James J, Standley. After that it gets interesting!

January 12, 1990 he was convicted of theft, conspiracy, 1st degree criminal trespass, and cited for having two or more such offenses within a six month time-frame [Case#1990F73].

On February 7, 1990 he was at it again! Theft, conspiracy, 1st degree criminal trespass and again he was cited for having two or more such incidents within a six month period [case#1990cr147]. What was he, on a crime spree trying to pay for college? Why didn’t he just get a job like the rest of us? There were actually ten counts in that case, but I’m going to be summarizing his criminal history for brevity. Unlike Andy, he actually had the good sense to hire an attorney named Seth Jeremy Benezra.  Seth convinced him to plead GUILTY in exchange for a reduced sentence just like Andy Esquivel is about to do.

After that second charge, Ron took a few years off from his “criminal mischief” to be a cable repairman for Comcast, which I have nothing but respect for! It was good, honest work and nobody can fault him for those years…but then something went wrong!

On November 12, 2003 Ron was convicted of criminal mischief but released on $1,500 bond [case#2003m3974]! What happened? After that he got a DUI in February 2004 [case#2004t1214], and then in 2005 he was back to his old tricks.

On September 12, 2005 Ron was charged with criminal mischief again, but this time the amounts were much higher and all three counts he faced were felonies [case#2005cr1585]. Ron’s Public Defender, Yasmin Sandra Forouzandeh, got him work release and 18 months probation.  I wonder why that light sentence didn’t teach Ron a lesson?

On July 17th, 2006, six months after his wife Shannon was charged with CHILD ABUSE [case#2006m264] and two months after she received her second DUI [case#2006t3130], leading me to believe she was driven to alcoholism and divorced Ron because of his criminal relapse, Ron was charged with the most telling of his criminal offenses and the one Andy was first charged with in 1988…BURGLARY!!! [case#2006cr1040] This time they held Ron on $10,000 bond (like Andy) because the charges were much more serious than before. Burglary of a dwelling, harassment by striking or kicking his victims (who were probably home in bed or watching television when Ron broke in), criminal mischief, criminal trespass, etc.

Who does Ron think he is going online pointing fingers at good, law abiding citizens who’ve worked their entire lives, taken care of their families, and always tried to do the right thing when all he has to show for his life is an ex-wife who’s teeth rotted out from Meth use, a son who sings gangsta rap and who Ron produces videos for that glorify drug use and are filled with naked women, a bunch of tattoos and a con-artist buddy who’s a convicted felon (like him) and is about to go on trial for fraud?

I read Ron’s accusations and ridiculous excuses for Andy Esquivel’s criminal activity and it just makes me sick! Ryion Butcher, Kyle Cluff, Ladd Quayle and Chris Engelbrecht are good people with families and lucrative careers or legitimate businesses…well, maybe not poor little Kyle who’s still in school and trying to find a wife, but he’ll get there.  Ron Kelsay has got a lot of nerve spouting his continuous string of senseless accusations and assorted crap online. The victims of Andy’s frauds have the courts on their side, and they have the law. All Ron has are the loaded conjectures and bold-faced lies of a convicted felon who’s been charged with FRAUD and is about to be put on trial for it.

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