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Pre-trial scheduled for November 13th

Posted on October 12, 2012 in Trial Updates

Andres “Andy” Esquivel’s securities fraud jury trial, which was previously scheduled to proceed on October 24th, has been cancelled and another pre-trial hearing has been set for November 13th.  This will give Andy’s public defender time to prepare a defense if the case does go to trial (Andy’s public defender was only recently assigned) or to negotiate a plea bargain in the event that Andy decides to stop fighting the charges against him.  We think a plea bargain is the likeliest outcome of the November 13th proceeding, especially since Andy is so clearly guilty of fraud and no attorney in his right mind would go into trial with evidence as damning as what the prosecution has against Andy Esquivel.

The updated minutes were not available as of this posting, but we will have the links updated with the latest file once it is available.

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