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Andy posts secret mental evaluation video

Posted on February 3, 2014 in Trial Updates

Before he was incarcerated Andy Esquivel posted this Youtube video which supposedly captures his mental evaluation for his supporters.  The video is a hidden link and not available without a direct link.  We have sources who were able to find the link so that we can share it here with you now.

This is about as silly as it gets.  The person in the video who’s pretending to be Andy’s psychiatrist asks if Andy thinks this is all the result of a conspiracy.  Andy repeats his lunatic refrain that it is in fact a conspiracy carried out by a bunch of bloggers (Kyle, Chris, Ryan, his ex girlfriend, etc., most of whom don’t blog) and “former employee” Daryl Acumen (who never worked for Andy).  The voice essentially says “ok, I’m good” and then wraps up the interview.

If the video were in fact a recording of Andy’s actual evaluation (which is is not), then it would explain why Andy was subsequently thrown in jail so that the court could get a second, more thorough evaluation.  of course, the video is staged and the second evaluation was required only to make sure both psychiatrists were impartial.

Fun times.

One thought on “Andy posts secret mental evaluation video”

  • SRD says:

    Who exactly did Andy think he was fooling? I love the falsetto and the raising of the volume on the voice of the “doctor” right as he/she says “ALRIGHT I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED!” And Andy ONLY posts the part where he says he thinks he is the target of a conspiracy. SO can’t wait for the audio from the January 7 hearing 🙂

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