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Andy Esquivel’s attorney asks to be removed from email correspondences

Posted on June 19, 2012 in Andy Esquivel's Scams Trial Updates Xtagged

This crazy email exchange between Andy Esquivel and his attorney was forwarded to Xtagged “supporters” recently as evidence that Andy was framed.


From: “Karma Cause” <karmacause@ymail.com>
Date: May 23, 2012 3:38 AM
Subject: Re: Sorry Mr. Holje but we had good reasons.
To: “Michael Holje” <mike@brownbradshaw.com>
Cc: “leo” <lmartinez@denverlegalteam.com>, “law firm” <info@denverlegalteam.com>, “info@brownbradshaw.com” <info@brownbradshaw.com>, “Steve K” <legal@wisertechnology.com>, “Alll” <allengbrady@gmail.com>, “John Steer” <xtagme@gmail.com>, “shar” <bossmarketing2011@gmail.com>, “chue berriel” <chueberriel@yahoo.com>, “Daris Garner” <garndari@gmail.com>, “Jobita B” <cogotavon@gmail.com>

I just got back in town I will now removed you from my email Mr. Holje, just as you should have removed Chris E. from the case simply because it was Melissa that signed the paper but here is a better one I have watch video of you telling me over & over I could be found guilty just because I signed, your exact words “Andy don’t you read what you sign man, take the plea” 
I also have a bill statement sent to me from your firm billing me four hours $800.00 for you to research the same paper!
Mr. Holje nobody knew what a security was that’s why I was bringing Melissa Garr on board until Ryion lied about degree.
I told you that we wanted Chris & Kyle back because Daryl tricked them & it makes our intellectual property civil suit have a much bigger payout, did you help us with that no! Look all new evidence now shows corporate espionage period.    
Allen told you they all are going to file civil suits that you agreed they would win but you told Allen to wait until I took the plea and this trial was over and that’s not fair to Chris & Kyle remember Daryl tricked them!!! Kyle helped me for 2 yrs man I can’t just abandon him (Yeah Chris & Kyle get money back when I take plea of No jail-time & two years probation & it don’t affect our Xtagged civil suit & we owe Kyle & Chris nothing because they are paid back you said that I have watch cam video of it) but what about Chris & Kyle when they finally see that they are now getting sued by all owners Sylvester & Shar alone are seeking $400,000 in Damages, what then for Kyle & Chris I’m confused because that don’t sound right at all, Taylor will testify that I have been trying hard to save Kyle & Chris from Daryl.

I also have your statement at pretrial when you offered plea before the plaintiffs took the stand and I said no and then you replied “Well Andy I think its time to severe our relationship” all because I would not take plea & I told you that you could release me and you then did 360 & said never mind and went forward with pretrial but did not ask Adam Sweet why? 
You & Bountiful prosecutor are very good friends that’s a conflict of interest Allen should have told me what kc said to him.

FYI Chris E. contacted me it made us all very happy & Relia exposed Daryl Acumen, my old federal attorney is going to babysit the case here forward he is retired but I trust him! Oh relia brought John Richards into the picture.

Daryl has already posted his bull I attached screenshot I just wanted to let you know why Sylvester, Allen & I decided to let you go with good reason not Daryl’s bull crap Leonard Martinez sent first cashiers check from my car settlement I have copy, please send the balance of what I owe you Thank you

You now are removed from email list God bless you.    

(All Media Bcc) Mr. Holje is no longer my attorney. This will go to trial 100%  
Andres Esquivel KarmaCause CEO:
Sent with my Xraza-phone
Confidential Information – This email is for use by the intended recipient (s) and may contain privileged, confidential or copyrighted information. Unauthorized use, copying or distribution of this e-mail, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. If you should not be an intended recipient of this e-mail, please notify the sender by return e-mail and delete this e-mail.
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From: Michael Holje <mike@brownbradshaw.com>
To: Karma Cause <karmacause@ymail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 10:39 AM
Subject: RE: Shar great job. Relia exposes Daryl on John Richards!

As I am no longer representing Andy, please remove me from your email list.  Thanks.
Michael T. Holje
Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat, LLP
10 West Broadway, Suite 210
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
(801) 532-5297 (tel)
(801) 532-5298 (fax)

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