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Andy Esquivel introduces Jeff Parker

Posted on February 27, 2013 in Andy's Videos Trial Updates

Andy Esquivel introduces Jeff Parker at pre-trial

Andy has released a new video introducing Jeff Parker, a former investor in the Xtagged scam who is either not smart enough to recognize the fact that Andy is about to be convicted of fraud or who simply doesn’t care.  This video was shot (by Andy because apparently Ron Kelsay has given up on his documentary featuring Andy and has stopped following Andy to Utah every other week) yesterday immediately after court.  It includes claims by Andy that the court refuses to tell him who asked for a delay in the trial (which is a matter of public record), and that Albright never interviewed Jeff Parker who he claims is an essential witness in his defense.

Anyway, Andy goes on to talk about Dakota Iverson, who has recently learned about these criminal proceedings from this blog and has started attending the pre-trial hearings out of curiosity.  Andy attempts to dilute Dakota’s testimony that Andy ripped him off of wages at Xtreme Sushi by accusing Dakota of “stealing” his “$2,000 basketball.”  I personally think that’s one of the funnier claims that Andy has made in his defense.

A $2,000 basketball Andy?  Seriously?  Maybe you should include that in yoru courtroom testimony…see how that impresses the judge.

3 thoughts on “Andy Esquivel introduces Jeff Parker”

  • edward says:

    That was so funny sounds like a little kid that didn’t get his way, What a nut grow up bro. hahaahah He sure sounds desperate. Take a second and take a breath of that clean free air while you still have a chance.

  • JusticeBeaver says:

    Ha ha ha what a chunky fat kid he has become. Andy do you not own a razor, you and you home boy look homless. As for Jeff, ya he definitely looks like someone I would trust. The man didn’t say more then one word. Here’s a lawyer tip for Andy. When you bring in witness’ for the trial: 1 Make sure they speak English, and 2 Make sure they have more then a 10 word vocabulary.

    No charge on the advice. Lets face it, I wouldn’t get paid if I charged you anyway.

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