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Andy Esquivel doesn’t know when to shut up…

Posted on September 30, 2012 in Uncategorized


Andy Esquivel

Andy Esquivel just doesn’t know when to shut up!  Here is a guy who’s literally about to go on trial in just a few more weeks for felony securities fraud and he’s still posting brainless garbage all over that supports the case against him.  Every month or so for the last several years Andy has claimed “this is my last post, email, video, etc. before court.”  Back then he usually meant some mythical civil lawsuit he pretended he’d already filed someplace, but now of course he really is facing an eminent court date and he still makes the same claim.  A few weeks ago Andy pretended to “sign off” of his Diigo account until court, when in reality he just created a shadow account in the name of Allen Brady.  Now he’s posted again on his own Xtagged Diigo account with this apparent apology for not being able to stay offline while his public defender reviews his case:

Sorry I know I signed off but you all had to see this screenshot! Now I will sign off until trial 10/24/2012!

The bottom line is, Andy will never stop posting about his various criminal activities.  I expect that in the next week or so Andy will plea guilty to the charges against him, and then will go on a posting spree claiming that he was forced into the plea by his public defender who somehow corrupted by the evil corporate forces that want to steal his now defunct Xtagged portal from him.

It’s endless fun to read Andy’s rants so I’m not complaining.  Frankly the more Andy posts, the more he discredits himself.  I’m curious to see how much of Andy’s online garbage actually makes it into the trial (provided Andy public defender isn’t able to convince him to plead guilty first).  The more the better!  It should make for a hilarious transcript.

Almost as hilarious is the endless string of people Andy continues to claim are going to be making special appearances at his fraud trial.  It’s funny that his lawyer is still reviewing the case, yet Andy is bragging that everyone and his mother is going to be called to testify – a decision his defense attorney won’t make until (duh) after he’s finished reviewing the case.  We’re still waiting to see all  the “media” who are supposed to be covering this case make an appearance.  So far not a single reporter has shown up to cover it, much less the movie directors who are supposed to be basing a Hollywood thriller on the whole affair.


One thought on “Andy Esquivel doesn’t know when to shut up…”

  • Edward says:

    Andy is all ways talking about karma. His trial date is on October 24- 26 and my mom another family victim of Andy, birthday is on October 25 I guess that’s true what they say karma is a bitch.

    che cho this is for you watch out for the big homies.

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